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zakim, this will be wai_u
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ok, AllanJ; I see WAI_UAWG()2:00PM scheduled to start in 33 minutes
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Chair: Jim Allan
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Title: UAWG call
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 82941 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), jeanne
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WAI_UAWG()2:00PM has now started
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18:00:25 [jeanne]
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agenda+ Regrets, agenda requests, or comments to the list
18:01:33 [jeanne]
Agenda + choose a scribe
18:01:49 [jeanne]
agenda + Surveys: Printing and UAAG and @alt
18:02:16 [jeanne]
AllanJ or Jim, am I on the wrong call?
18:03:05 [Zakim]
18:03:15 [jeanne]
agenda+ Keyboard access controls visibility.
18:04:21 [jeanne]
agenda + Summer Schedule for Meetings
18:04:40 [jeanne]
regrets: Jan Richards, Simon Harper
18:06:25 [Zakim]
18:07:09 [jeanne]
zakim, [Microsoft] is Kelly Ford
18:07:09 [Zakim]
I don't understand '[Microsoft] is Kelly Ford', jeanne
18:07:41 [jeanne]
zakim, [Microsoft] is Kelly
18:07:41 [Zakim]
+Kelly; got it
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next agenda
18:11:19 [jeanne]
JA: we were expecting Alan Cantor this week.
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scribe: jeanne
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next agenda
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see jeanne, AllanJ, Kelly, Judy
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On IRC I see judy, jeanne, RRSAgent, Zakim, AllanJ
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next item
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close agenda 2
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next item
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18:18:02 [AllanJ]
Jim suggests preamble: A User Agent's purpose is to present author supplied content (including alternative content) written in a markup language to a user in a human readable form.
18:19:38 [jeanne]
KF: Wording is consistent with the rest of documents.
18:20:33 [AllanJ]
JS: makes sense, is needed
18:25:38 [jeanne]
Resolved: Accept the Jan phrasing with the addition proposed by JA above.
18:27:04 [jeanne]
next item
18:27:44 [jeanne]
open agenda item 3
18:28:24 [jeanne]
resolved: accept language for printing to the working draft
18:30:47 [jeanne]
JA: reviewed keyboard proposal history, there is a proposal that was written on keyboard
18:31:15 [Zakim]
18:32:38 [AllanJ]
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18:33:15 [AllanJ]
18:37:05 [jeanne]
JS: This proposal doesn't include the items we discussed last week: exposing the keyboard shortcuts, allowing users to remap shortcuts, shortcuts are persistent from session to session, remapped shortcuts can be imported and exported.
18:37:39 [jeanne]
JB: There should not be an assumption that keyboard users are using assistive technology
18:38:47 [jeanne]
KF: The discussion back in April, was JB satisfied with the technique used Office 2007 ribbon?
18:39:39 [jeanne]
JB: the way that Microsoft was doing the visual indicators was good.
18:40:12 [jeanne]
KF: We need to find the right language to guide people to the behavior that we want.
18:40:43 [jeanne]
JB: Is this 4.1.1 supposed to include the visual indicator issues?
18:40:50 [jeanne]
JA: No.
18:41:23 [jeanne]
JB: So does 4.1.1 do what it should?
18:41:44 [jeanne]
JA: The keyboard can be used for everything except drawing.
18:42:10 [jeanne]
resolved: the wording of 4.1.1 will be put into the draft
18:42:30 [jeanne]
JB: What's the status on the language for visual indicators
18:42:32 [AllanJ]
18:44:33 [jeanne]
JA: All the words with asterisks are supposed to be defined in the glossary.
18:45:47 [AllanJ]
18:46:36 [jeanne]
Above link is a list of keyboard commands and definitions
18:46:44 [Zakim]
18:47:14 [Zakim]
18:47:53 [jeanne]
JB: There are a lot of links in the agenda mail.
18:48:02 [jeanne]
JA: These are the same links.
18:48:48 [jeanne]
KF: Propose that we revisit the whole keyboard section in order to insure quality.
18:49:26 [jeanne]
KF: Collect all the information, put it up on the list, and have people commit to reading it so we can have a meaningful discussion.
18:50:07 [jeanne]
JB: Can someone make a new proposal for next week? I will commit to commenting on-line.
18:50:17 [jeanne]
...Or we can discuss it the following week.
18:51:09 [jeanne]
KF: Can commit to delivering it to the meeting on the 26th.
18:51:31 [jeanne]
JA: Not available for 3 weeks for vacation.
18:51:57 [jeanne]
JB: Participation is down, and this is an issue that has generated interest in the past.
18:53:17 [jeanne]
JB: more discussion on the list will result in increased quality of the language.
18:54:09 [jeanne]
ACTION: jeanne will write a proposal, review it with Judy, and circulate it to the list.
18:54:40 [jeanne]
s/proposal,/proposal for keyboard,
18:55:29 [jeanne]
JA: will miss Jun 19, 26, and Jul 3rd meetings.
18:56:14 [jeanne]
JB: Do we have any other major issues?
18:56:25 [jeanne]
JA: Video and DOM issues
18:56:50 [jeanne]
JB: In the CG meeting it was discussed that the DOM issue was timely.
18:57:28 [jeanne]
JB: Will follow up with Rod Sinclair of AIA on contributing. He is a liaison between AIA and W3C.
18:58:02 [jeanne]
ACTION: Judy will follow-up with Rod Sinclair of AIA.
18:59:08 [jeanne]
JA: We want some contribution of expertise from the ARIA group. How the javascript writes to the DOM and repair.
18:59:57 [jeanne]
JB: Let's skip next week, as both JA and JB are unavailable. That gives time to make a focused proposal for keyboard shortcuts.
19:00:48 [jeanne]
...then we can work on keyboard shortcuts on the next meeting.
19:01:00 [jeanne]
JB: Have to finalize the charter.
19:01:15 [jeanne]
JB: Harmonization of glossary with ATAG.
19:01:29 [jeanne]
JB: Test Suite
19:03:42 [jeanne]
KF: What do we have to do to update the dates on the new charter?
19:04:04 [jeanne]
JB: It is helpful to have an up-to-date forward view of timeline.
19:04:35 [jeanne]
...they can be adjusted as they go forward, but it should strive to be accurate.
19:05:16 [jeanne]
...Once it is done in the WG, then they are sent to W3M for review, then it goes to ??? for a month of review.
19:05:30 [KFord]
can we put a link to our current charter in the meeting notes?
19:05:57 [jeanne]
19:06:50 [jeanne]
JB: JS will work on the proposal for keyboard language. JA will assist.
19:07:54 [jeanne]
JB is reviewing the charter information and will be giving feedback next week.
19:08:16 [jeanne]
JA will be available until Thursday 19th.
19:09:26 [jeanne]
JB: no meeting on 19. 26th meeting will have discussion on Keyboard proposal. Proposal is placed on the list no later than 23.
19:10:07 [jeanne]
... tentative meeting on 3. Finish the entire keyboard discussion on July 10.
19:10:22 [jeanne]
... will run by the Access Board.
19:10:50 [jeanne]
... the DOM discussion is more timely than video. We should restart discussion on that in parallel.
19:11:06 [jeanne]
Start it on July 10 with material prepared before the meeting.
19:11:13 [jeanne]
Jim is back on the 7th.
19:11:38 [jeanne]
JB: There is still recruitment we need to do before that. The video isn't as timely.
19:11:59 [jeanne]
JA: We got all the input we needed on video. We did a lot of work on it already.
19:12:45 [jeanne]
JB: Keyboard issues will be primary on the agenda until it is complete. We can have video as a secondary issue.
19:12:59 [jeanne]
...then we can focus on DOM.
19:13:14 [jeanne]
JA: Should we be working on TEchniques?
19:13:49 [jeanne]
JB: We need to look at all the deliverables, techniques, test suite, etc, and prioritize.
19:14:31 [jeanne]
KF: Propose that by July 24 we have a clear list of all the work that needs to be accomplished and the dates in which they should be delivered.
19:15:49 [jeanne]
JB: the charter doesn't list all the other deliverables that we are responsible for.
19:18:13 [jeanne]
...look at SCope: Test Materials should be called "Test Suite". It needs to be in the Milestones.
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s/AllanJ or Jim, am I on the wrong call?/
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WAI_UAWG()2:00PM has ended
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Attendees were jeanne, AllanJ, Kelly, Judy
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