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Meeting: SOAP-JMS WG teleconference
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Zakim, list
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I see VB_VBWG()10:00AM, XML_ET-TF()11:00AM, SW_SWD()11:00AM, Team_(rif)12:50Z, SW_HCLS(Bio-Ont WG)11:00AM active
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also scheduled at this time are SW_HCLS(Chairs)12:00PM, WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM, SW_RIF()11:00AM, SW_DAWG()10:30AM, Team_(rif)08:00Z, WS_SAWSDL()12:00PM, MWI_TSWG()11:00AM
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Zakim, thgis wiil be WS_SOAP-JM
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I don't understand 'thgis wiil be WS_SOAP-JM', RolandMerrick
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Zakim, this will be WS_SOAP-JM
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ok, RolandMerrick; I see WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM scheduled to start in 11 minutes
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WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM has now started
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Chair: Roland
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Zakim, IBM is Phil
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+Phil; got it
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+ +0196270aaaa
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Zakim, aaaa is MarkPhillips
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Zakim, Sun is Bhakti
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Zakim, IBM is Phil
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06zakim, who is on the phone?01
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06Zakim, who is on the phone?01
16:05:55 [Roland]
06Scribe: markPhillips
16:07:01 [markphillips]
TOPIC: Draft spec
16:07:52 [markphillips]
roland: A couple of updates to make
16:08:46 [markphillips]
1. The namespace needs to be updated
16:09:34 [markphillips]
philippe: Recommend using ns namespace so that dates do not need to be updated
16:10:09 [Roland] ?
16:10:19 [plh]
16:13:52 [Roland]
16:13:54 [plh]
16:15:23 [markphillips]
The undated namespace would be the final namespace (for use at the CR stage). In the interim we should use a dated namespace for each draft of the spec.
16:17:39 [plh]
16:24:43 [plh]
16:25:10 [plh]
16:27:53 [plh]
16:29:00 [markphillips]
RESOLUTION: First working draft will use the year and month namespace (e.g. ""). The final recommendation will be undated ( "")
16:30:21 [markphillips]
TOPIC: Testing conformance
16:31:00 [markphillips]
roland: How should we construct a test plan?
16:35:17 [plh]
16:35:55 [markphillips]
plh: No best practices per se. For WSDL 2 an interchange format was used to capture the WSDL component model and testing was performed by comparing the interchange formats created by different implementations
16:36:26 [markphillips]
For wire formats they defined a canonical representation of SOAP messages described by WSDL then compared to the wire format messages generated by different implementations
16:41:35 [markphillips]
PhilAdams: Do we need to specify the API calls used to construct messages? If so we need to document them in the spec.
16:43:07 [markphillips]
alewis: The spec implies the calls which are necessary. The only thing we have in common is the API.
16:47:41 [markphillips]
PhilAdams: The test suite could act as the receiver (or producer) for messages and validate them
16:49:11 [markphillips]
alewis: The advantage of the WSDL model is that a declarative and correct representation of messages can be produced and validated in isolation
16:50:31 [markphillips]
roland: could we write up the different proposals for discussion
16:51:22 [markphillips]
ACTION: PhilAdams to write up a test proposal due next week
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trackbot-ng, status
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ACTION: Amelia to write up a test proposal due next week
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Created ACTION-6 - Write up a test proposal due next week [on Amelia Lewis - due 2008-06-03].
16:52:15 [plh]
ACTION: Phil to write up a test proposal due next week
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Created ACTION-7 - Write up a test proposal due next week [on Phil Adams - due 2008-06-03].
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Attendees were alewis, Roland, Phil, Peter, Plh, Derek, +0196270aaaa, MarkPhillips, Bhakti
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zakim, bye
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