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08:32:56 [ericP]
08:33:06 [ericP]
scribe: ericP
08:33:31 [ericP]
ivan: we shoudl not discuss throwing away and starting again
08:33:45 [ericP]
... should be backward compatible
08:34:48 [ericP]
orri: Virtuoso program manager
08:34:59 [ericP]
... clustered query processing
08:35:45 [ericP]
... we would not dream of changinthe SPARLQL spec
08:35:50 [ericP]
... have extended it
08:36:00 [ericP]
... have fedration interests
08:36:31 [ericP]
... can't have SPARQL be less expressive than SQL
08:37:00 [ericP]
... added expression slselects
08:37:04 [ericP]
have aggregation and group by
08:37:45 [ericP]
uri: also OpenLink
08:38:19 [ericP]
ivan; mix of CAD nd translators
08:38:58 [ericP]
... i deal with XML XSL...
08:39:29 [ericP]
chris B: have a php SPARQL impl
08:39:45 [ericP]
... working on database to RDF mapping via SPARQL/SQL rewriter
08:39:55 [ericP]
..... currently working on benchmarks
08:40:15 [ericP]
steveH: garlic, built a couple SPARQL enginnes
08:40:27 [ericP]
Tom Heath: interestd from the user perspective
08:40:36 [ericP]
Ivan: built one in pyuthin
08:41:05 [ericP]
08:41:17 [ericP]
fabien: INRIA has a SPARQL impl
08:41:25 [ericP]
... in terested in aggregation
08:41:56 [ericP]
simonCh: view mechanism for RDF
08:42:05 [ericP]
... did work on SPARQL semantics
08:42:11 [ericP]
... defined some extensions
08:42:26 [ericP]
... would like extensions for aggregation
08:42:38 [ericP]
08:42:47 [ericP]
DennyV: philospher
08:42:56 [ericP]
... developer of semantic media ikik
08:46:22 [ericP]
[insert 1]
08:46:46 [ericP]
Andy: SPARQL postponed 12 issues
08:46:55 [ericP]
08:47:26 [ericP]
... don't want to get tied to a toolkit
08:47:44 [ericP]
... counting
08:47:57 [ericP]
... service description -- lot's of different issues
08:48:26 [ericP]
ivan: whirled peas
08:48:52 [ericP]
andy: all impls have extensions
08:49:28 [ericP]
... what are the few important things that a WG could address
08:50:02 [ericP]
... people ask me what the plan is
08:50:11 [ericP]
... W3C reacts to events like this
08:50:25 [ericP]
ivan: [W3C process overview]
08:52:30 [ericP]
... charter work at end of the year not unrelalistic
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08:54:27 [ericP]
ericP: implement, specify, cooperate -- these help you get your interests get met
08:55:16 [ericP]
andy: compatibility is important, but not if it hurts people forever
08:55:32 [ericP]
steveH: i think we bit off more than we could chew
08:55:38 [ericP]
... don't put many featurs in the charter
08:56:04 [ericP]
... we ruled out some extensibility in the syntax
08:56:15 [ericP]
... e.g. no commas between selects
08:56:38 [ericP]
... we were generally anti-comma in the spec
08:56:51 [ericP]
... not fond of default graph/named graph
08:57:36 [ericP]
chris: S tries to meet both groups' needs
08:58:08 [ericP]
orri: we have use cases of querying across UNION in a DB
08:58:18 [ericP]
... expect to extend FROM
08:58:47 [ericP]
... update is fine as andy spec'd it
08:59:42 [ericP]
andy: i documented the SPARUL that i understood the community wanted
08:59:54 [ericP]
... it's not a general purpose graph conversion
09:00:08 [ericP]
... i ran away from transactions
09:00:29 [ericP]
... needs seem to be replicating OLTP
09:01:17 [AndyS]
One update proposal:
09:02:09 [ericP]
... what needs do you see?
09:02:18 [ericP]
chrisB: free text search
09:03:41 [ericP]
orri: search engine and SQL world have CONTAINS
09:03:48 [ericP]
... is not a regex
09:04:01 [ericP]
andy: you get ranked matches
09:07:12 [ericP]
Chris: was frustrated by the lack of free text search
09:07:38 [ericP]
ivan: implemented as a boolean
09:07:48 [ericP]
... not a generator
09:14:04 [ericP]
Simon: re page by rank - would be nice to bind cvars by filter functions
09:14:04 [ericP]
ericP: [generator vs. filter]
09:14:04 [ericP]
orri: ... fourth place in the triple pattern
09:14:04 [ericP]
andy: var bindg happens in the pattern
09:14:17 [ericP]
... accessing lists wasn't so useful
09:14:17 [ericP]
... only atomic types frustrates people
09:14:17 [ericP]
ivan: get list querying feedback
09:14:17 [ericP]
... i have seen graph pattern languages
09:14:17 [ericP]
andy: the sparql/inference interaction isn't clear to many people
09:14:43 [ericP]
ivan: user wants to know if an engine can do, say. RDFS inferencing
09:15:13 [ericP]
orri: might have a pragma for enabling
09:15:55 [ericP]
... we do some backward chaining
09:17:19 [ericP]
andy: OWL folks are working on a profile that works on ...
09:17:33 [ericP]
ivan: also one over SQL
09:17:50 [ericP]
Angi: should be in the QL or the system
09:20:19 [ericP]
???: two different URIs for the two different levels of inference?
09:20:27 [ericP]
Danny: what about in the query?
09:20:52 [ericP]
Andrew: folks wanted control when creating the query
09:21:19 [ericP]
... wanted controled inference over ranges of the class hierarchy
09:21:31 [ericP]
... partOf in a cell is ginormous
09:28:52 [ericP]
Ivan: we have use cases for SELECT-COMPLETE-BUT-NOT-SOUND
09:30:25 [ericP]
[migrate to query federation]
09:31:05 [ericP]
[told BNodes]
09:31:55 [ericP]
AndrewN: give the BNode with a CBD
09:32:26 [ericP]
chrisB: radical folks in the community who would like to dispense with BNodes
09:33:04 [ericP]
[fabien's list]
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09:35:10 [ericP]
andys: negation. does this pattern NOT match?
09:35:23 [ericP]
... gets logicians involved
09:35:44 [ericP]
... used for syntax checking a lot
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09:36:53 [ericP]
salut, FabienG, ca va?
09:38:20 [ericP]
Jun (... of Oxford): want to traverse an RDF graph with a defined path
09:38:24 [ericP]
09:39:11 [FabienG]
group by and count ;
09:39:11 [FabienG]
effective cardinality and counting occurrences of properties and using that count ;
09:39:11 [FabienG]
path variables, expressions, path length ;
09:39:11 [FabienG]
return expressions in the select ;
09:39:11 [FabienG]
direct:: deactivate raisonning for answers ;
09:39:12 [FabienG]
distinct on the binding as a set not a list ;
09:39:14 [FabienG]
DISPLAY RDF return the RDF/XML instead of SPARQL binding;
09:39:16 [FabienG]
MERGE all the results in one graph;
09:39:18 [FabienG]
Type operators in filters ;
09:39:20 [FabienG]
control the namespaces used to answer ;
09:39:39 [Ivan]
merci FabienG
09:40:10 [ericP]
Jun: re service desc: liked darq; it describes what kinds of data are at a source
09:40:31 [FabienG]
for more see
09:40:34 [ericP]
... want to know what anchor holds the data
09:41:50 [ericP]
09:42:51 [ericP]
ivan: would like to ask a sparql endpoint to pick from multiple endpoints
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