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Scribe: Jan
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17:55:30 [Jan]
Meeting: WAI UA
17:55:38 [Jan]
Chair: Jim Allan
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zakim, [Microsoft] is really KFord
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This is just an FYI that Marc from IE will be joinging us today but he will be a couple minutes late. He's here to talk about the ARIA document and represents us in PF.
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zakim, ??P8 is really Jan
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18:07:42 [Jan]
Topic: 1. Charter review
18:07:53 [Jan]
18:08:05 [Jan]
JA: Says what we are going to do for a couple years
18:08:14 [Jan]
JA: Which will mostly be UAAG2
18:08:30 [Jan]
KF: Question about success criteria....
18:08:51 [Jan]
KF: Success criteria don't include testing materials...should they?
18:09:12 [Jan]
JA: Don't know
18:09:19 [Jan]
JR: Sure let's add it
18:09:29 [Jan]
KF: Other than that it looks ok?
18:10:09 [Jan]
18:12:25 [oedipus_laptop]
what about a UA Support For... type document which is maintained to document conformance / support?
18:12:59 [Jan]
JR: I was following WCAG's kead on how to fill in charter
18:13:20 [oedipus_laptop]
yes JR
18:13:34 [Jan]
KF: So an implementation summary?
18:13:44 [Jan]
KF: How all browsers have done
18:13:49 [oedipus_laptop]
yes, 1.0 does, but it hasn't been updated since 2003 - i have an action item to update it
18:14:08 [Jan]
JA: Right and that's part of the CR process - Implementation report
18:14:21 [KFord]
I'd be willing to help with this update, at least for IE.
18:15:30 [Jan]
JR: Sometimes there is a lack of manpower to do a wide effort at conformance testing
18:15:42 [Jan]
JA: OK we can focus a bit more on that after we get to Rec
18:16:07 [Jan]
AL: Charter not a lot of detail
18:16:13 [oedipus_laptop]
18:16:26 [oedipus_laptop]
18:16:42 [Jan]
AL: Felt requirements document is more useful (
18:16:59 [Jan]
AL: I'd be willing to provide feedback on the Req document
18:17:10 [Jan]
JAL Good! We'd like feedback!
18:17:20 [Jan]
JA: Anything else?
18:17:25 [Jan]
AC: Mission...
18:18:06 [Jan]
AC: Should Mission also include statement that support documents will be created to the guideline.
18:18:28 [Jan]
JA: Right but maybe that's just duplicating too much.
18:18:49 [Jan]
AC: Interesting how repetitive the document is
18:19:28 [oedipus_laptop]
18:20:13 [Jan]
JR: These charters are very high level
18:20:58 [oedipus_laptop]
q+ to ask that Access Module issues be added to agenda
18:21:44 [Jan]
JA: We'll vote next week...then we need to go through Judy
18:21:47 [oedipus_laptop]
ack me
18:21:47 [Zakim]
oedipus_laptop, you wanted to ask that Access Module issues be added to agenda
18:23:17 [Jan]
GR: Acces module is important piece - is it ok if cross posts coninue?
18:23:24 [Jan]
JA: Yes cross posts ok
18:23:31 [KFord]
Marc is on his way to my office.
18:23:49 [oedipus_laptop]
must activate be boolean?
18:24:16 [oedipus_laptop]
redefining keys and user control cascade:
18:24:28 [Jan]
2. Discuss/review ARIA UA Implementors Guide
18:24:32 [oedipus_laptop]
(both XHTML Access Module Issues)
18:24:48 [Jan]
AL: Introduces self...
18:25:07 [Jan]
AL: Works on Firefox, WAI-PF, ARIA
18:25:25 [oedipus_laptop]
18:25:33 [oedipus_laptop]
18:25:37 [oedipus_laptop]
18:25:41 [oedipus_laptop]
18:25:52 [Jan]
Marc Sibley Arrives
18:26:11 [Jan]
18:26:33 [Jan]
MS: Introduces self, works on IE and ARIA with WAI-PF
18:26:55 [Jan]
MS: So has been working with Simon and AL on this best practices guide
18:27:06 [Jan]
JA: Would like to throw it open
18:27:21 [Jan]
AL: My question is UA working group...
18:27:32 [oedipus_laptop]
platform specifics
18:27:41 [Jan]
AL: How deep is UA going to get into platform specifics
18:27:42 [oedipus_laptop]
thought we were platform agnostic
18:27:55 [Jan]
JA: In the past, not deep....
18:28:01 [oedipus_laptop]
spec should be platform agnostic, techniques were to address
18:28:10 [Jan]
JA: Gave some examples, but pretty agnostic
18:28:20 [Zakim]
18:28:30 [oedipus_laptop]
s/techniques were/techniques where
18:28:37 [Jan]
AL: Right...from talking to other browser vendors...but majority of our work is platform specific....
18:28:55 [Jan]
AL: WHat we really need is help coordinating between platforms
18:29:12 [Jan]
KF: I don't see that in Guidelines doc it's in tech guide
18:29:19 [Jan]
AL: Don't care about names of documents
18:29:29 [Jan]
AL: Just care about practical
18:29:54 [Jan]
KF: But our first mission on UA is to be general this is what browser needs to do
18:30:00 [oedipus_laptop]
first, do no harm...
18:30:09 [Jan]
KF: These are not UA reqs on platform A
18:30:29 [Jan]
AL: OK if not you, then say that and someone else can do it
18:30:49 [Jan]
AL: Should I be doing it...implementors guide for ARIA...
18:30:54 [oedipus_laptop]
18:31:05 [Jan]
AL: This is the kind of thing HTML should have done....
18:31:49 [Jan]
GR: I think the UAWG is trying to work directly with other working groups eg HTML5....
18:32:07 [Jan]
GR: e.g. on the User Agent guidance from HTML45
18:32:10 [Jan]
GR: e.g. on the User Agent guidance from HTML5
18:32:28 [Jan]
GR: So we are giving feedback back to others
18:32:56 [Jan]
AL: So ARIA implementors guide....not really best practices
18:33:03 [Jan]
GR: Right that's what developers need
18:33:20 [Jan]
AL: Then I'm told go to UA group who should be writing this
18:33:37 [Jan]
AL: Then WAI-UA responds that's not where are bread is buttered
18:33:52 [Jan]
GR: We want to work with ARIA best practices...
18:34:10 [Jan]
GR: See ARIA as standard W3C way of feeding in to APIs...
18:34:20 [Jan]
GR: THen they can look up the mapping
18:34:28 [Jan]
AL: Where do they look them up?
18:34:46 [Jan]
GR: In appendices of ARIA Best Practices doc
18:35:12 [Jan]
AL: Ok but doesn't map to the platform specifics
18:35:36 [Jan]
AL: OK it's developed....too big for best practices, not for authors
18:35:46 [Jan]
AL: Do you see my problem?
18:36:08 [Jan]
MS: OK so you see these don't fit in Web developers doc...
18:36:11 [oedipus_laptop]
18:36:15 [Jan]
MS: My opinion...
18:36:43 [Jan]
MS: I think as groups like HTML start to develop specs, must be a best practices implemention guide...
18:37:03 [Jan]
MS: I think HTML5 guide should be very developer-centric
18:37:22 [Jan]
MS: I don't think UA could do implementation guides for all of the formats
18:37:45 [Jan]
MS: UA is more consultants to all the different groups...but they need to do theri own
18:37:59 [oedipus_laptop]
aria to msaa mappings: (based on moz dev)
18:38:20 [Jan]
MS: Since no one else doing ARIA, WAI should do it
18:38:36 [oedipus_laptop]
18:38:52 [Jan]
JA: This is very detailed stuff having to do with browsers...UAWG always stayed at high level...
18:38:57 [oedipus_laptop]
18:39:11 [Jan]
JA: Implementation "on top" specified (in the past).
18:39:24 [oedipus_laptop]
aaronlev, do you want something more akin to
18:39:31 [Jan]
JA: The members of the working list aren't at this level
18:39:44 [Jan]
AL: Good admission...I don't think you are ready for this
18:39:55 [Jan]
JA: Well all the people left to work on ARIA over there
18:40:17 [oedipus_laptop]
q+ to say UA members need to become more familiar with ARIA and its implementation STRATEGIES
18:40:17 [Jan]
JA: Applies direcly but my concern is how many platforms are we going to do? Mobile other OS etc.
18:40:26 [Jan]
JA: How far does it go?
18:40:30 [Jan]
AL: Pretty far
18:40:42 [Jan]
KF: Unless we expand charter
18:40:48 [Jan]
KF: We don't cover this
18:41:02 [Jan]
KF: ARIA hot now, but something else will be hot in 5 years
18:41:30 [Jan]
KF: At that time they should be able to go to UAAG and found out what they need to be able to do with their format
18:41:55 [Jan]
18:42:07 [Jan]
AL: Not just me, take Opera developers
18:42:16 [Jan]
AL: CMN was on user agent before
18:42:47 [Jan]
AL: But what they really need is list of all HTML attributes etc.
18:43:04 [Jan]
AL: Since it's not there they'll reverse engineer FF etc.
18:43:06 [oedipus_laptop]
18:43:14 [oedipus_laptop]
(UAAG 1.0 test suite)
18:43:24 [Jan]
AL: I look at top level stuff for a but, but then focus on low level
18:43:44 [Jan]
AL: Maybe you could be more of a host for a community to work on things
18:44:08 [Jan]
GR: Well the mappings should be standard and Access API dependent
18:44:26 [Jan]
KF: So....not in charter now....
18:44:48 [oedipus_laptop]
ARIA provide standard calls to accessibility APIs
18:44:49 [Jan]
KF: But middle ground could be to facilitate coordination between browser developers
18:45:26 [Jan]
AL: We put our wiki on ???...because it is neutral
18:46:01 [Jan]
KF: So I'd be comfortable with facilitation....vs. we the user agent does the deep dive...
18:46:09 [Jan]
KF: But needs charter changes
18:46:34 [Jan]
AL: Ultimately I'd like to have software tools to know if things are done correctly or not
18:46:37 [oedipus_laptop]
hyper-specific documents are a danger - people often implement off of a table or checklist rather than understanding the logic and structure, which leads to "dumb" implementations
18:47:21 [Jan]
KF: But you the ARIA group would be responsible for the validators
18:48:27 [Jan]
GR: My concern is that in hyper-specific documents...people implement of table but not necessarily ....understand concepts
18:48:59 [Jan]
GR: ARIA is there in the middle and it is APIs to move to it
18:49:25 [Jan]
AL: Access APIs are rich enough...but the APIs per platform are different
18:50:09 [Jan]
MS: Totally agree .... each group developping technology needs to think end to end...
18:50:23 [Jan]
MS: So this is why I think it should go along side the other ARIA docs
18:51:07 [Jan]
GR: We are talking about access to ARIA developers not responsible end to end....because APIs have role
18:51:28 [Jan]
AL: We do want to try to ensure that the user agents do things the same on the various platforms
18:51:43 [Jan]
GR: Violent agreement...
18:52:36 [AllanJ]
JR: PF says it doesn't want to host. UA could host, non-rec track items. There is some presedent
18:52:53 [AllanJ]
JR: Why UA space and not PF space
18:53:24 [Jan]
GR: Are we then responsible?
18:53:42 [oedipus_laptop]
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18:53:47 [Jan]
GR: Is this stuff formally coming out of ARIA best practices
18:53:51 [Jan]
AL: Yes
18:54:25 [Jan]
MS: Fine with UA, but as we make changes to ARIA....will change ARIA implementation guide
18:54:45 [oedipus_laptop]
q} to say that aria is the abstract the DHTML style guide is the where the abstract meets hardware
18:54:53 [Jan]
AL: So...accessibility needs to be living breathing documents
18:55:14 [Jan]
AL: Take live regions for example, we'lll learn a lot
18:55:48 [Jan]
GR: Right so PF defines abstract but let's DHTML style guide to define details
18:56:02 [Jan]
KF: we are inagreement I think....
18:56:38 [Jan]
KF: To me PF working group still responsible for technologies they develop
18:56:55 [Jan]
KF: We can consult but can't be experts on all formats
18:57:11 [oedipus_laptop]
strong plus one to KF's last statement - work in liaison with other WG to advise and counsel UA conformance/implementation/requirements
18:57:28 [Jan]
KF: So we could expand charter to host best practices for other formats...
18:57:42 [Jan]
KF: But not being experts in them
18:57:54 [Jan]
AC: So we are just high level things
18:57:59 [oedipus_laptop]
also need to address ARIA for those without assistive technology (native UA support)
18:58:20 [Jan]
KF: THink so....value of high level base requirements
18:58:23 [Jan]
JA: Right
18:58:36 [Jan]
MS: Driving key accessible principles into different techs
18:58:45 [oedipus_laptop]
18:58:48 [oedipus_laptop]
18:59:00 [oedipus_laptop]
the second URI is generic test assertions
18:59:08 [Jan]
EJ: (Earl Johnson) in Linux foundation...we callled them generic test assertions due to differences across platforms
18:59:28 [Jan]
EJ: Can you said it this range, can yout turn on/off beep
18:59:53 [Jan]
EJ: Then up to UA developer to figure out how they will meet that test
19:00:25 [Jan]
JA: That's how we've operated....
19:00:46 [Jan]
JA: UAAG doesn't get down to platform, programming languages...
19:00:58 [oedipus_laptop]
detailed work on wiki?
19:01:09 [Jan]
JA: But what I'm hearing today is that UAWG could provide the space
19:01:17 [oedipus_laptop]
precedent: EO working on ARIA educational materials
19:01:27 [Jan]
19:01:49 [Jan]
GR: Think EO is working on educational stuff for ARIA
19:04:09 [Jan]
Action KF, JA, JR: Think about charter change to take into account user agent link to HTML5 or publishing note as in ARIA
19:04:59 [Jan]
JA: Marc and Aaron, we've reached end of you want to come back?
19:06:13 [Jan]
AL: So we are pushing format groups to produce user agent implementation techniques
19:06:19 [Jan]
GR: Yes
19:06:37 [Jan]
AL: So the requiements don't get down to APIs
19:07:17 [Jan]
AL: Guess I could come in, but would prefer just to review text, emaiols etc
19:07:59 [Jan]
MS: I could prob come back thurs but will talk to Kelly
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19:08:07 [Zakim]
19:08:11 [Zakim]
19:08:15 [Zakim]
19:08:57 [Jan]
19:12:28 [Jan]
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Zakim, bye
19:12:46 [Zakim]
leaving. As of this point the attendees were KFord, AllanJ, Jan, Cantor, Aaron_Leventhal, Gregory_Rosmaita, Earl_Johnson
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RRSAgent, bye
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