UWA Working Group
10 Apr 2008


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Dave, Rotan, Kevin




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Draft agenda:

1. Approval of last telecon minutes from 3 April

for publication, see [a]

2. Publishing next version of DC Ontology

3. Any other business

a. http://www.w3.org/2008/04/03-uwawg-minutes.html

b. http://www.w3.org/2007/uwa/editors-drafts/DeliveryContextOntology/2008-03-01/DCOntology.html

We wait a few minutes for Jose to join ...

Dave asks Kevin about what practical steps he wants to follow on the idea of expanding the potential for using XSLT for content adaptation.

Kevin: this would allow authors to use their own markup prior to adaptation and this would lower the barrier for people interested in delivery to mobile devices.
... the delivery context workshop could be a good opportunity for further discussion on this.

Dave asks Kevin about specific practical steps, e.g. work on XAF2?

Kevin: I will think about that and get back to the WG later


Approval of last week's minutes

No objections.

Resolution: to publish minutes from April 3.

Publication of DC Ontology

Any formal objections to publishing the current editor's draft?

No objections.

Resolution: to publish the current editors draft of the delivery context ontology

Any other business

Dave reminds everyone to fill out the questionnaires as linked from the agenda.

With regards to the workshops, Dom (Dominque Hazaƫl-Massieux) has suggested that we defer the workshop on delivery context/device APIs until after the security workshop.

The security workshop's scope includes access control, something that is very important for device APIs.

Philipp Hoschka suggested that we may want to consider merging the two workshops.

I am pressing Thomas Roessler to provide me with the draft call for papers for the security workshop, but he is currently travelling.

Please respond to the thread on the delivery context workshop with any thoughts you may have on the matter.

Any further topics for today? No.

Dave notes that he is travelling to Beijing for the W3C AC meeting and WWW2008 conference on Friday 18 April, and isn't sure whether he will be able to chair the call on 24th April.

scribe: end of meeting ....

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]