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13:25:19 [Christophe]
Zakim, this will be tsdtf
13:25:19 [Zakim]
ok, Christophe; I see WAI_TSDTF()9:30AM scheduled to start in 5 minutes
13:25:38 [Christophe]
13:25:56 [Christophe]
Meeting: TSD TF
13:26:12 [Christophe]
Chair: CarlosV, Christophe
13:26:29 [Christophe]
Agenda+ Next steps for current repository content
13:26:44 [Christophe]
Agenda+ Review of test samples
13:26:56 [Christophe]
Agenda+ Naming convention and test suite ID in metadata
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WAI_TSDTF()9:30AM has now started
13:31:56 [Zakim]
13:31:57 [shadi]
zakim, code?
13:31:57 [Zakim]
the conference code is 8783 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), shadi
13:32:11 [Christophe]
zakim, ??p9 is Christophe_Strobbe
13:32:11 [Zakim]
+Christophe_Strobbe; got it
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13:34:51 [Christophe]
Regrets+ CarlosV
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13:37:17 [MichaelC]
scribe: MichaelC
13:37:27 [Christophe]
zakim, take up agendum 1
13:37:27 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Next steps for current repository content" taken up [from Christophe]
13:39:05 [MichaelC]
cs: checking in on status from last meeting
13:39:28 [MichaelC]
... have there been diffs from last WCAG draft to current one?
13:40:11 [MichaelC]
mc: haven't done anything, waiting to offer assistance
13:40:43 [MichaelC]
cs: decision about updating test cases was dependent on that
13:42:33 [MichaelC]
mc: can work with someone
13:42:48 [MichaelC]
... straightforward diff off XML might not give you just what you need
13:43:05 [MichaelC]
... should do a "strategic" diff
13:43:26 [MichaelC]
saz: suggest action remain with BenToWeb person as they'll know what's needed
13:45:47 [MichaelC]
mc: will send source files to Carlos
13:47:09 [MichaelC]
cs: need to know which SC have changed substantively, and then need to estimate how much time needed to update test samples
13:48:07 [MichaelC]
saz: estimate how much needs to change, and understand which requirements seem to be stable (focus on them first)
13:49:17 [Christophe]
zakim, take up agendum 2
13:49:17 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Review of test samples" taken up [from Christophe]
13:50:03 [MichaelC]
cs: Tim's review of test samples
13:50:14 [MichaelC]
... further discussion in previous calls and on list
13:51:19 [MichaelC]
saz: naming and ID for next agendum
13:52:08 [MichaelC]
cs: question about versioning
13:53:01 [MichaelC]
mc: is an issue, though perhaps now not so much since significant changes not expected unless WCAG bounces back to WD again
13:53:43 [MichaelC]
saz: ID does indirectly indicate the version
13:53:54 [MichaelC]
cs: techniques also have dated references
13:54:57 [MichaelC]
saz: does date appear in HTML view generated from metadata of tests?
13:55:27 [MichaelC]
cs: yes for Bentoweb tests, but not sure for TCDL
13:55:52 [MichaelC]
saz: implementing that would help in the future
13:56:41 [Christophe]
13:57:43 [shadi]
13:59:16 [MichaelC]
saz: looking at examples above, finding references to dated versions
13:59:58 [MichaelC]
... maybe we need date to be visible, however
14:03:02 [MichaelC]
mc: if we have test samples against several dated versions would be important, otherwise not
14:03:29 [MichaelC]
saz: if WCAG opens techniques documents, could cause date versions to become relevant
14:05:09 [MichaelC]
mc: both latest version and dated version will be available, we can use which we want
14:05:37 [MichaelC]
... suggest we use dated version
14:05:53 [MichaelC]
... and WCAG process for updating techniques would need to include a trigger to review test case(s)
14:05:53 [Zakim]
14:08:05 [shadi]
14:08:28 [MichaelC]
saz: this case might affect our directory structure and naming conventions
14:08:36 [shadi]
14:08:48 [shadi]
14:09:25 [MichaelC]
saz: suggest adding datespace to the repository structure, as shown above
14:09:37 [MichaelC]
cs: is it necessary? hard to separate versions
14:13:31 [MichaelC]
cs: wonder about extracting SC titles from an external doc
14:13:36 [MichaelC]
mc: suggest using WCAG source itself
14:13:41 [MichaelC]
cs: need to use back-dated versions sometimes
14:13:54 [MichaelC]
mc: can pull them out of CVS and run locally
14:15:48 [MichaelC]
... it's possible to get a URL to a particular CVS version as well, though that might be Team only feature
14:15:55 [MichaelC]
... can provide dated version on demand
14:16:12 [MichaelC]
s/can/Michael can
14:17:06 [MichaelC]
tb: next issue - information about user environment needed to execute test
14:19:02 [MichaelC]
mc: prefer just to identify the technology used, and you assume you have software that supports it
14:19:19 [MichaelC]
... could be chicken-and-egg with respect to "accessibility supported"
14:19:44 [MichaelC]
tb: satisfied as long as user has information needed to construct the test environment
14:20:52 [MichaelC]
mc: it should be case that users can find accessibility support information if needed
14:21:13 [MichaelC]
... would only need to check if there was a problem executing test in a given UA
14:22:22 [MichaelC]
cs: we assume user has environment needed to execute tests, is that ok?
14:23:09 [MichaelC]
tb: just want user to be able to find what they need
14:23:23 [MichaelC]
mc: a MIME type should be sufficient, and people able to run tests should know info needed
14:24:31 [Christophe]
14:25:17 [MichaelC]
cs: do see in above example, video relied on but video format not listed in metadata
14:25:29 [MichaelC]
... should add that info
14:25:57 [MichaelC]
saz: we're focusing on developing test samples based on test procedures for techniques
14:26:40 [MichaelC]
... some issues might be relevant, e.g., <embed>, but that info should be in test procedure
14:28:15 [MichaelC]
... we should be careful not to interpret in a way that adds restrictions
14:29:18 [MichaelC]
mc: suggest adding MIME type(s) to test case metadata should be sufficient
14:29:26 [MichaelC]
14:30:44 [MichaelC]
saz: updated TCDL document, please let me know if comments
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14:30:53 [Zakim]
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14:30:57 [Zakim]
WAI_TSDTF()9:30AM has ended
14:30:58 [Zakim]
Attendees were Christophe_Strobbe, Shadi, Cooper, Carlos_Iglesias, Tim_Boland
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zakim, bye
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