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Using the Mobile Web in Development

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Using the Mobile Web in Development

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Stéphane Boyera

Workshop on Building an International Community: Designing Interactive Systems for/ with Communities in the Developing World - DIS 2008

Cape Town, South Africa, February 23rd 2008

W3C: Leading the Web to its Full Potential

Founded by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee in 1994 ...

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  • 1994: Creation of W3C for standardization and interoperability of Web technologies
  • 1997: Creation of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI): To make the Web Accessible
  • 2005: Creation of the Mobile Web Initiative (MWI): To Access the Web from Mobile Phones

Mobile Web for Development

a child with a fake mobile phone
(Photo Source : The Economist )

ICT to sustain development

An Indian Monk with a mobile phone Primary Goal: offer a scalable and affordable platform to develop and deploy eServices:
  • Government Services
  • Education
  • Health
  • Banking
  • Communities services
  • Business
  • ...
(Photo Source: Der Spiegel)

How to provide access to ICT?

Today: SMS Applications

sms based system to get the market price for goods
  • Successful Mobile Applications
    • Banking
    • NGOs-run SMS based system: e-gov, business (market poll), health, ...
  • But few problems:
    • Interoperability problems
    • Discoverability of services
    • limited interaction
    • costly/inappropriate infrastructure
    • no standardized development kit
(Photo Source: Vodafone)



Next Steps

W3C to launch a new group to in April/May 2008:

W3C to organize a workshop on the Potential for Mobile Technology to Foster Development in Rural Communities

Joining the work now


This work is part of the Digital World Forum project supported by the European Union's 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7)

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