The aim of INdT's Community Group participation in the "Workshop on the Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social Development" would be to learn from the speakers and other participants on the event, plus present the project described bellow:

Mobile Knowledge for Social and Environmental Benefits - - A Web Knowledge Base. is an online community and wiki for sharing ideas on how to use mobile communications for social and environmental benefits.
This project collects a number of case studies on selected social project areas: civic engagement, economic empowerment, education, environment, health and safety, humanitarian relief and other. Also, a set of how-to articles is available, about how to use mobile technolgy with the selected areas. is available on the web. An alternative interface is optimized for cell phone browsers, providing a quick and mobile way to access the knowledge base.
The site is facilitated by a team of ambassadors and Nokia Technology Institute (INdT) in Brazil, which is a non-profit R&D center created by Nokia, based on Informatics Law, in Brazil. Read more on their website was created with support from Nokia and Vodafone, but belongs to the growing global network of individuals and organizations that use this virtual gathering place to communicate - and collaborate.
The idea for came from Ndidi Nwuneli, founder and CEO of LEAP Africa, a Nigerian NGO dedicated to nurturing a new generation of African leaders.
"Groups like ours would really benefit from a resource that shows us how to use mobile technology to carry out our work more effectively," said Ndidi at a Nokia stakeholder event of NGO and corporate leaders. was created in response to Ndidi’s request.
Any feedback from the program committee on this project in greatly appreciated.

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Jackson Dinajar Saraiva Feijó Filho
Software Developer - INdT

Carlos Eduardo Marques Rosas
Communications Specialist - INdT