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Meeting: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 19 February 2008
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scribe: pauld
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ok, no problem!
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 3294 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), pauld
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+ +0791888aabb
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zakim, aabb is me
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+pauld; got it
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zakim, aaaa is Jonc
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+Jonc; got it
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see George_Cowe, Jonc, pauld
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On IRC I see JonC, gcowe, Zakim, RRSAgent, pauld, trackbot-ng, Yves
15:03:59 [pauld]
Topic: Administriva
15:04:11 [pauld]
minutes from the last telcon approved
15:05:49 [pauld]
Topic: Missing Examples?
15:06:34 [pauld]
Jonc: we're down to the last 17 patterns
15:06:56 [JonC]
List of patterns without example: AttributeFormQualified
15:07:11 [pauld]
pauld: I felt that as far as Basic was concerned, we're done!
15:08:25 [pauld]
gcowe: I've been checking and putting them into CVS on Jon's behalf
15:09:18 [pauld]
pauld: how do we know which ones we can't write examples for?
15:09:33 [pauld]
jonc: formqualified is hard one to hit
15:09:56 [JonC]
AttributeFormQualified,ComplexTypeAnyAttribute, ElementFormUnqualified, ExtendedSequenceLaxAny, ExtendedSequenceLaxOther, ExtendedSequenceSkipAny ExtendedSequenceSkipOther ExtendedSequenceStrictAny ExtendedSequenceStrictOther ExtendedSimpleContent MixedComplexContent QualifiedLocalAttributes SequenceAnyStrict SimpleContentAnyAttribute UnionSimpleAndMemberTypes UnionSimpleTypes UnqualifiedLocalElements
15:10:35 [pauld]
pauld: unqualified we can probably ignore, except I know the WSDL 2.0 test suite used them. Nobody in the wild does, and they're not BP
15:11:54 [pauld]
gcowe: we can't really prove unqualified elements, without adding a default namespace
15:12:19 [pauld]
pauld: unless the default namespace is "" it's not a valid test
15:13:50 [pauld]
pauld: at this point, I'm not worried about running the tests, but good examples in 6/09 would be, er, good
15:14:40 [JonC]
15:16:00 [pauld]
this example looks easy to write an example for?
15:17:02 [pauld]
pauld: can't we add a flag to an example to fill in a default namespace
15:20:01 [pauld]
ACTION: downeyp to enhance the explode_examples.xsl to add a default namespace
15:20:01 [trackbot-ng]
Sorry, couldn't find user - downeyp
15:20:12 [pauld]
ACTION: pdowney to enhance the explode_examples.xsl to add a default namespace
15:20:12 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-128 - Enhance the explode_examples.xsl to add a default namespace [on Paul Downey - due 2008-02-26].
15:23:02 [pauld]
if it's elementFormDefault="unqualified" (the default), then you need a flag to switch that off in the generated WSDL/Schemas.
15:24:03 [pauld]
pauld: I'll have a think about supporting these and other xs:schema attibutes
15:24:55 [pauld]
jonc; last issue is the ExtendedSequence etc
15:25:04 [pauld]
15:26:10 [pauld]
jonc: exploding into lots of separate patterns
15:26:18 [pauld]
pauld: how do we know when we're done?
15:26:44 [pauld]
.. want to be driven by the collection
15:26:53 [pauld]
jonc: I'm prepared to do the work
15:29:00 [pauld]
pauld: at this stage we'll accept patterns, so long as they don't make "Basic" "Advanced"
15:29:14 [pauld]
.. i.e don't bu993r it up :)
15:29:49 [pauld]
gcowe: gday, gyear, gmonth, are simple, but don't involve timezones
15:30:17 [pauld]
jonc: it's all paul's fault - wanted to keep it simple as possible!
15:30:25 [pauld]
pauld: *dunk*
15:31:21 [pauld]
gcowe: .NET and others have issues for non-timezone instances
15:31:49 [pauld]
s/ACTION: downeyp to enhance the explode_examples.xsl to add a default namespace//
15:32:47 [JonC]
G pattern <xs:pattern value="--10|--11|--12"/>
15:34:02 [pauld]
pauld: does timezone qualified make sense here?
15:34:53 [pauld]
gcowe: yeah, looks fine as we are
15:35:08 [pauld]
pauld: thanks so much for all this work!
15:35:15 [pauld]
Topic: Collection
15:38:04 [pauld]
pauld: I'm still working on the collection, in particular annotating the schema with patterns detected. turns out to be computing intensive.
15:38:12 [pauld]
.. will continue to work on this
15:38:22 [pauld]
15:38:47 [pauld]
we hope to use this to drive patterns
15:40:28 [pauld]
15:41:18 [pauld]
15:42:00 [pauld]
15:42:38 [pauld]
pauld: some sites, you have to sign up, in which case I've taken a snapshot, but that's member-visible
15:43:45 [pauld]
jonc: I see lots of pendings in the report
15:45:45 [pauld]
pauld: jonc, you need to push me to work on the collection!
15:45:56 [pauld]
gcowe: is the collection report upto date?
15:46:03 [pauld]
pauld: rebuilding, now ..
15:46:54 [pauld]
pauld: ah, Origo are all Advanced! cool!
15:50:38 [pauld]
jonc: list looking good
15:52:06 [pauld]
gcowe: will add some more Origo schemas
15:52:48 [pauld]
pauld: if you know of other schemas, let us know!
15:52:55 [pauld]
Topic: Test Suite
15:53:17 [pauld]
gcowe: not been running it, waiting until we clear the missing examples list
15:53:26 [pauld]
pauld: sounds absolutely fine!
15:56:09 [pauld]
Topic: Meeting
15:56:36 [pauld]
pauld: not planning on meeting again. sounds fine?
15:57:21 [pauld]
s/meeting/meeting F2F/
15:57:30 [pauld]
next telcon in three weeks time
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