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Meeting: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 01 February 2008
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try again... Looking at GoogleBase xsd and sequence/any patterns being excluded because they have finite maxoccurs. Pattern seems to exclude this: //xs:sequence/xs:any[@processContents = 'lax' and (not (@minOccurs) or @minOccurs = '1' or @minOccurs = '0') and (not (@maxOccurs) or @maxOccurs = '1' or @maxOccurs='unbounded') and @namespace = '##targetNamespace']/ (., @processContents, @minOccurs, @maxOccurs, @namespace)
08:46:16 [JonC]
plus also fails because it has a specific google namespace assignment. simplify Pattern? all advanced anyway...... unless we are going to permit unbounded wildcards into basic at some point we could radically cut this to: .//xs:sequence/xs:any[@processContents = 'lax' ]/ (., @processContents, @minOccurs, @maxOccurs, @namespace)
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10:59:16 [pauld]
Topic: lc-haas-1 "Difficulty to read patterns as expressed with XPath 2.0"
10:59:53 [pauld]
pauld: Hugo correctly points out XPath 2.0 isn't well understood by some of our readership
11:00:02 [pauld]
.. suggest a primer
11:00:18 [pauld]
george: not well understood by me, either :)
11:01:27 [pauld]
pauld: suggest looking at our patterns. We could write an appendix or a primer
11:01:56 [pauld]
pauld: seems like a lot of work to me for us at this stage
11:02:14 [pauld]
jonc: appendix with "worked examples" should be enough
11:02:39 [pauld]
george: shouldn't be too long
11:02:47 [pauld]
pauld: any volunteers?
11:03:22 [pauld]
.. god way to understand it is to document it :)
11:03:34 [JonC]
should be me then...
11:04:05 [pauld]
pauld: seems like a very slippery slope
11:09:36 [Yves]
11:23:48 [pauld]
pauld: suggest finding the idioms used in patterns.xml, enumerate them, then write one sentence on each referencing XPath 2.0 spec
11:25:46 [pauld]
ACTION: calladij to write an appendix on XPath idioms used in the specs
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11:26:55 [pauld]
ACTION: jcalladi to write an appendix on XPath idioms used in the specs
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Created ACTION-127 - Write an appendix on XPath idioms used in the specs [on Jonathan Calladine - due 2008-02-08].
11:27:20 [pauld]
s/ACTION: calladij to write an appendix on XPath idioms used in the specs//
11:28:27 [pauld]
RESOLUTION: accepted lc-haas-1 XPath patterns primer to appear in Basic and Advanced as an appendix
11:29:09 [pauld]
Topic: Roundup
11:30:25 [pauld]
pauld: so we think Basic is mostly done, pending Jonc's appendix
11:30:47 [pauld]
.. a rerun of some of the toolkits would be nice to go to PR with
11:31:09 [pauld]
george: can look at that, the ones I can run at least
11:31:13 [pauld]
pauld: monday?
11:31:46 [pauld]
pauld: coverage is still a concern
11:32:16 [pauld]
pauld: will work on my annotated schema report for the collection, and add patterns this avo as a result
11:32:34 [pauld]
pauld: patterns detection service?
11:33:14 [pauld]
george: made a command line version, and a serverlet version
11:33:36 [pauld]
.. stylesheet is now separate
11:33:59 [pauld]
yves: will try to get that running monday
11:35:06 [pauld]
pauld: command line is useful, but service is going to drive adoption
11:37:56 [pauld]
OK, telcon on Tuesday to move both documents to Last Call
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