IRC log of databinding on 2008-01-30

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Meeting: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 30 January 2008
09:25:27 [pauld]
Topic: Context Switching
09:25:47 [pauld]
scribe: pauld
09:25:50 [pauld]
chair: pauld
09:25:58 [pauld]
09:26:20 [pauld]
need to review where we are, fresh pairs of eyes helps!
09:27:03 [pauld]
I want to make sure the WG page is more understandable
09:27:28 [pauld]
couldn't find a link to the detection service - it exisits?
09:27:46 [pauld]
09:28:43 [pauld]
that page should point to the schematron, stylesheet the online and command line versions
09:28:56 [pauld]
yves: I'll work on fixing the online version
09:29:32 [pauld]
pauld: concerned how quickly we can redeploy that when we change / add patterns
09:30:04 [pauld]
pauld: goal for this week is to publish LC WDs of Basic and Advanced!
09:30:28 [pauld]
.. so we can stop cleaning this vendor toilet :)
09:32:21 [pauld]
procedurally, we don't need to answer our own last call comments because we're going for another LC!
09:33:37 [pauld]
we've processed all our LC issues, but there is one we haven't processed
09:33:52 [pauld]
yves: Adrian ran most of our tests, can we re-run
09:34:52 [pauld]
pauld: it's in CVS, but he's not available and has rebuilt his environment, so would have to reinstall WCF etc
09:35:06 [pauld]
george: can take a quick look
09:35:39 [pauld]
pauld; OK, I don't want to lose this meeting to re-running tests for Advanced, or low-priority Basic patterns
09:36:25 [pauld]
09:36:40 [pauld]
george: testing can always be done offline
09:37:02 [pauld]
pauld: want to review specs, and hunt for patterns in the wild
09:39:10 [pauld]
yves: we need a command line version
09:40:37 [pauld]
pauld: OK, so you guys work on the detection service, make the online service link to our page which will have source code, stylesheet, etc, etc
09:42:01 [pauld]
pauld: we need to answer one LC comment - lc-haas-1 on making the XPaths understandable
09:43:02 [pauld]
pauld: need to incorporate Jon's examples:
09:46:44 [pauld]
pauld: want to hunt for more patterns 'in the wild' from our collection
09:46:57 [pauld]
.. no link to from WG page!
09:47:34 [pauld]
.. that page is missing this output:
09:48:24 [pauld]
.. I'll work on making the report more credible, Jon will want to help there too, no doubt
09:51:22 [pauld]
pauld: we need to review
09:52:09 [pauld]
.. am concerned that xs:date etc aren't "Advanced" we need to remember why and give a non-normative one-line explanation
09:54:14 [pauld]
.. think it's OK for Basic to be N/A, but Advanced should explain
09:54:28 [pauld]
george: for all of them?
09:54:34 [pauld]
pauld: just the types
09:55:00 [pauld]
pauld: I'll do that work and the WG can review it
09:57:57 [pauld]
pauld: it might be nice to rerun the tests, at least for the kits we can
09:58:07 [pauld]
george: can run 12 or so
09:59:38 [pauld]
yves : will make sure we communicate the difference between not running a test because we didn't run it, and not running a test because the tool barfed
10:01:30 [gcowe]
patterns detector source code can found in - this contains the .war file
10:06:48 [pauld]
pauld: is there a process for generating that - an ant file?
10:08:16 [pauld]
gcowe: that includes `
10:09:14 [pauld]
.. an old stylesheet - can remove that
10:10:12 [pauld]
pauld: can we make an ant task to generate that, command line and war together?
10:10:38 [pauld]
.. OK to include a stylesheet if it's regenerated when we change patterns.xml
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15:18:10 [pauld]
Topic: ISSUE-12: identifying a conformant schema
15:18:26 [pauld]
george: built a command line version of the patterns detector
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15:19:07 [gcowe]
15:20:48 [gcowe]
contains java executables for detecting patterns in schema or WSDL and can be run on client machine
15:36:17 [pauld]
pauld: looks great, can we add a link to the detector page, and fix the service?
15:36:52 [pauld]
discussion of a version number for the stylesheet in the report.
15:37:34 [pauld]
pauld: sounds like a lot of work to add it, and of little value given each pattern reported is uniquely named and versioned
15:37:50 [pauld]
george: will add a link on the collection page
15:47:40 [Yves]
***** NoTargetNamespace [pending]
15:47:40 [Yves]
***** AnySimpleTypeElement [pending]
15:47:40 [Yves]
***** HexBinaryElement [pending]
15:47:40 [Yves]
***** HexBinaryAttribute [pending]
15:47:40 [Yves]
***** UnionSimpleDateString [pending]
15:47:41 [Yves]
***** PrecisionDecimal [pending]
15:47:43 [Yves]
***** SOAPEncodedArray [pending]
15:47:45 [Yves]
***** AttributeGroup [pending]
15:47:57 [Yves]
pending... basic? advanced? removed?
15:58:37 [pauld]
we should review the status of patterns as a whole, tomorrow afternoon. Let's just work on coverage for now
16:24:29 [pauld]
16:29:49 [gcowe] now contain information on running the client side executable jar to carry out detection of patterns in schema and WSDL
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