IRC log of mwts on 2008-01-15

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logging to
15:53:48 [dom]
RRSAgent, make log public
15:53:48 [dom]
Zakim, this will be TS
15:53:48 [Zakim]
ok, dom; I see MWI_TSWG()11:00AM scheduled to start in 7 minutes
15:53:48 [dom]
Meeting: MWI Test Suites Working Group teleconf
15:53:56 [dom]
15:54:00 [dom]
Chair: Dom
15:54:03 [dom]
Regrets: Wilhelm
15:54:36 [Zakim]
MWI_TSWG()11:00AM has now started
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MWI_TSWG()11:00AM has ended
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Attendees were
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Attendees were
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16:00:32 [dom]
zakim, code?
16:00:32 [Zakim]
the conference code is 8794 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), dom
16:01:45 [dom]
Present: Carmelo, Jenise, Dom
16:01:56 [Carmelo]
Wilhelm, There?
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16:03:45 [dom]
-> Charter extension
16:04:20 [dom]
Topic: OMA licensing agreement
16:05:26 [dom]
Topic: WCSS to CSS MP2.0 Test suite
16:05:48 [dom]
ACTION: Wilhelm to analyse the wcss modules: css2_ext [recorded in] [DONE]
16:05:54 [dom]
16:06:02 [Zakim]
restarting in 2 minutes to recover bridge state
16:06:21 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to review the CSS MP 2.0 test cases submitted by NIST [recorded in] [PENDING]
16:06:42 [dom]
ACTION: Carmelo to get corrected WCSS test cases to match the changes in CSS MP 2.0 [recorded in] [PENDING]
16:07:07 [dom]
Carmelo: had unfortunately sent the data to the wrong person (!)
16:07:25 [dom]
... this has delayed this a bit, but hopefully this is on good track now
16:07:39 [dom]
Topic: NIST contribution on XHTML Forms
16:07:54 [dom]
ACTION: Carmelo and Jenise to update the XHTML Forms test cases based on the group feedback [recorded in] [DONE]
16:08:05 [dom]
16:08:41 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to review the NIST XHTML Forms test cases
16:08:52 [dom]
Topic: Dom's submitted test cases on CSS Media Types
16:09:03 [dom]
ACTION: Wilhelm to review the CSS Media Types test cases [recorded in] [PENDING]
16:09:17 [dom]
Topic: SVG Tiny 1.2 Test suite coverage
16:09:30 [dom]
ACTION: Dmitri to map OMA test requirements 001 to 013 back to SVG spec sections [recorded in]
16:09:49 [dom]
-> SVG test suite coverage analysis
16:10:09 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to send Carmelo the data on the existing SVG coverage analysis [recorded in] [DONE]
16:10:20 [Zakim]
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16:10:30 [dom]
ACTION: Carmelo to make a mapping between OMA ETR and SVG test suitecoverage based on the collected data [recorded in] [DONE]
16:12:01 [dom]
ACTION: Carmelo to send a request to review the svg test suite coverage analysis to,, CC and
16:12:29 [dom]
zakim, who's on the call?
16:12:29 [Zakim]
sorry, dom, I don't know what conference this is
16:12:32 [Zakim]
On IRC I see Jenise, RRSAgent, Carmelo, wilhelm, dom
16:12:33 [dom]
zakim, this is MWTS
16:12:34 [Zakim]
sorry, dom, I do not see a conference named 'MWTS' in progress or scheduled at this time
16:12:39 [dom]
zakim, this is TS
16:12:39 [Zakim]
ok, dom; that matches MWI_TSWG()11:00AM
16:12:40 [dom]
zakim, who's on the call?
16:12:44 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Carmelo, +1.301.975.aaaa, ??P35
16:13:29 [dom]
Topic: Mobile Acid Test
16:13:40 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to send feedback on Wilhelm's proposal for mobile acid test [recorded in] [PENDING]
16:13:59 [dom]
ACTION: Carmelo to send feedback on Wilhelm's proposal for mobile acid test [recorded in] [DONE]
16:15:12 [dom]
ACTION: Wilhelm to set up a demo of a first subset of these tests would work [recorded in] [DONE]
16:15:26 [dom]
-> Demo for mobile acid test
16:16:28 [dom]
Present+ Dmitri
16:16:42 [dom]
Topic: WICD Mobile Test suite review
16:16:56 [dom]
ACTION: Carmelo to review the mobile wicd test suite to include in the matrix of reviews [recorded in] [DONE]
16:17:09 [dom]
-> Carmelo's review of wicd test suite
16:17:51 [dom]
16:18:34 [Zakim]
16:18:37 [Zakim]
- +1.301.975.aaaa
16:18:38 [Zakim]
16:18:40 [Zakim]
MWI_TSWG()11:00AM has ended
16:18:42 [Zakim]
Attendees were Carmelo, +1.301.975.aaaa
16:18:45 [dom]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
16:18:45 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate dom
16:18:49 [dom]
Zakim, bye
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