15 Jan 2008

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Don: not likely to get patient data from Pubmed publications

<LeeF> (discussion of patient data, not obtainable from pubmed)

Don: Go the Hospitals and LMR and get the data from those folks

Vipul: Reporting tthat he has 1 dummy patient from a colleague

Don: Asks Vipul to send him a link for that data so that he can clean it up.

Rachel: Variation of Patient Data whith the way the terminology is being made

<ericP> apologies for tardiness

<ericP> SPARQL Published!

Vipul: Make a consistent choice for terminologies that are used... Map our patient data for our choice of terminology data

Rachel: We need to anticipate the variability ...

<ericP> public-hcls-coi

<ericP> aa

<ericP> moderators: vipul, ericP

Eric: The mailing list will be operational in 4 days

<ericP> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-hcls-coi/



<JyotiPathak> Good bye!

Summary of Action Items

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