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This page represents the EL profile of test cases, and thus it corresponds to the element imported from::test:EL. Together with test:QL and test:RL it is one of the possible values of the property test case profile.

Test cases

{{#ask: test case profile::Test:EL | ?has author = author | ?test case description = description | ?test case syntax = syntax | ?Category:InconsistencyTest = I | ?Category:ConsistencyTest = C | ?Category:PositiveEntailmentTest = P | ?Category:NegativeEntailmentTest = N | limit = 1000 | intro=The following test cases belong to this profile (refresh view){{#info:Query results are cached with wiki pages for some time, even if the data changes. This link purges a page's cache to get the most recent results.}}

| default=No test cases currently use this profile. | format=broadtable }}