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Call in details

If joining late please don't identify yourself verbally; instead, Identify Yourself to ZAKIM on IRC


  • ADMIN (20 min)
  • Issues (40 minutes) - Address as many as possible during allocated time
    • Proposals to Resolve Issues
      • Issue 85 Behaviour of "Optional"/MIN 0 restrictions and retrieval of fillers of existential restrictions, per Ian's email
    • Other Issue Discussions (continued from last week)
      • Issue 97 Add GRDDL to OWL/XML Syntax (who has the action?) Related - RelaxNG schema for OWL XML Serialization.
      • Issue 111 User intent signalling (other than via mime type) see Sandro's email
    • Other Issue Discussions
  • Additional other business (5 min)

Next Week(s)


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