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Round 5

Important Dates

No later than Wednesday 25th March, 2009 Editor's drafts ready for reviewing
No later than Tuesday 7th April Reviews due
15th April, 2009 Publish as Last Call

Documents and Reviewers

Document Status Reviewer 1 Reviewer 2 Reviewer 3 Comments addressed
Document Overview Ready to review pfps Ivan Ian
SS&FS Ready to review (modulo xsd:dateTimeStamp and CURIEs) Bernardo Ivan N/A (OK)
RDF Mapping Ready to review Michael Schneider Markus Krötzsch N/A (OK)
Direct Semantics Ready to review Michael Schneider Thomas Schneider N/A (OK)
RDF-Based Semantics Ready by 27th March Ivan pfps Zhe Wu
Conformance and Test Cases Ready to review Allen Ruttenberg pfps Review N/A (OK)
Profiles Ready to review Achille Fokoue Jie Bao N/A (OK)
New Features and Rationale Ready 18 March (maybe) Elisa Alan Ruttenberg pfps
Quick Reference Guide Ready 11 March pfps Preliminary Bernardo
Ivan Herman
Christine Golbreich
Bijan Parsia
XML Serialization Ready to review Rinke Hoekstra Kendall Clark/C&P N/A (OK)
Manchester (note) Ready to review Alan Ruttenberg Mike Smith N/A (OK)
N-ary Extension (note) Almost Ready (numeric datatypes) Boris Michel Dumontier
rdf:text Almost Ready (as of 26th March) pfps Alan Ruttenberg N/A (OK)

Round 4


Dates for initial set of Reviews

No later than 25th August Editor's drafts ready for reviewing
8th September Reviews due
15th September Publish as Public Working Drafts
23rd October Transition to Last Call

Dates for reviews of Manchester Syntax

Due 8 October

Documents and Reviewers

Document Reviewer 1 Reviewer 2 Reviewer 3 Comments addressed
Syntax Mike Smith DONE Vojtech Svatek DONE Bijan Parsia DONE YES
Direct Semantics Michael Schneider DONE Thomas Schneider DONE Markus Krötzsch DONE YES
RDF-Based Semantics Jie Bao DONE Peter Patel-Schneider DONE Zhe Wu DONE YES
Mapping to RDF Alan Ruttenberg Uli Sattler DONE Evren Sirin DONE YES
Profiles Jim Hendler DONE Ian Horrocks DONE Jeff Pan DONE YES
XML Serialization Rinke Hoekstra DONE Achille Fokoue DONE Kendall Clark DONE YES
Test and Conformance Bernardo Cuenca Grau DONE Mike Smith DONE Michael Schneider DONE YES
Manchester Syntax Rinke Hoekstra DONE Mike Smith DONE Alan Ruttenberg
Quick Reference Peter Patel-Schneider DONE Ivan Herman DONE Uli Sattler DONE
Boris Motik I'll be happy to provide another review of the Quick Reference before next publication
Requirements Elisa Kendall DONE Ivan Herman DONE
MOF-Based Metamodel Elisa Kendall
N-ary Data predicates Boris Motik DONE Bernardo Cuenca Grau DONE Markus Krötzsch DONE
Primer Boris Motik I'll be happy to provide a review before next publication