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The mission of this Working Group is to produce a W3C Recommendation that refines and extends OWL, the Web Ontology Language

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The OWL Web Ontology Language is designed for use by applications that need to process the content of information instead of just presenting information to humans. OWL facilitates greater machine interpretability of Web content than that supported by XML, RDF, and RDF Schema (RDF-S) by providing additional expressive power along with a formal semantics.


W3C Proposed Recommendation (22th September, 2009)
Document Overview
Structural Specification and Functional-Style Syntax
Mapping to RDF Graphs
Direct Semantics
RDF-Based Semantics
New Features and Rationale
Quick Reference Guide
XML Serialization
rdf:PlainLiteral: A Datatype for RDF Plain Literals
Public Working Drafts (11th June, 2009)
Manchester Syntax
Data Range Extension: Linear Equations

See Documentation Roadmap for more details


  • See Reviewing for details of the review schedule, documents and assignments


Group Membership and Joining

The group meets weekly and have 2-4 face-to-face meetings each year. Teleconferences are weekly at 1PM Boston time.

If you want to be involved without joining the Working Group, you are encouraged to review and comment on the Working Drafts as they become available. Feedback from people actually implementing the specifications is especially valuable.

Charter, Meeting Records, and History

  • The OWL Working Group Charter shows what the W3C has asked this working group to do.
  • Meeting minutes and agendas are recorded here.
  • History
    • Group formed September 2007
    • First Teleconference October 10, 2007
    • First F2F Manchester, U.K., 6-7 December 2007
    • Second F2F Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, 3-4 April 2008
    • Third F2F Boston, MA, USA, 28-29 July 2008
    • Fourth F2F Mandelieu, France, 23-24 October 2008
    • Fifth F2F Cambridge, MA, USA, 23-24 February 2009

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