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Errata title (with URI) Errata author Document(s) involved Type (editorial, technical) Status
Typo in the full OWL/XML example in the Primer Kaarel Kaljurand Primer Editorial Handled by editors; Accepted
errata in Bob Morris Primer Editorial Pending
Errors in the OWL Primer
(see also add-on nr 1 and add-on nr 2)
Michael Wessel Primer Editorial Pending
Disjoint classes - Error in example syntax? Simon Reinhardt Features Editorial (error in example) Pending
OWL2 Primer Functional is inconsistent Michael Wessel Primer Undetermined. Part of a non-normative document Pending
Superfluous statement in OWL2 RL grammmar Stefan Langenmaier Profiles Undetermined, but essentially editorial (leftover from the time when reflexive properties were still part of OWL RL) Pending