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Meeting: Weekly Forms WG Teleconference
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Chair: John
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Scribe: Leigh
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scribenick: klotz
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Regrets: MarkB, Charlie, Steven
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zakim, who is on?
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I don't understand your question, wellsk.
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On the phone I see John_Boyer, [IBM]
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the conference code is 36767 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), Roger
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John, you are all static
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Topic: Access Control WD Review
16:11:10 [John_Boyer]
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16:11:37 [Nick]
klotz: It will affect us, it solves security problems with GET, PUT
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16:12:35 [Nick]
klotz: Lets you configure what resources can be reached from this resource, using HTTP headers and PI's
16:13:24 [Nick]
klotz: It looks a bit weak, and will not enable mashups, because these others URI's need to specify what is allowed
16:13:40 [Nick]
klotz: We could ask if they use XForms as a test case
16:14:13 [Nick]
klotz: I want some input from implementers, bcz I'm not a real expert on this
16:14:38 [Nick]
klotz: They are moving forward fast, so the time to respond is limited
16:16:15 [Nick]
klotz: the problem is that the client checks the security, no tickets, tokens, so it is weak
16:16:37 [Nick]
john: how can they increase their security
16:17:03 [Nick]
klotz: I don't want to comment on this, it seems that this is what they want to solve
16:18:06 [Nick]
klotz: XForms implementations should check if they could implement it and give feedback
16:18:19 [Zakim]
16:18:22 [Nick]
klotz: explains how it works
16:19:43 [Nick]
klotz: before a POST you do a get to check security
16:21:03 [Nick]
john: what if the server doesn't implement the GET
16:21:15 [Nick]
klotz: then you can not access this resource
16:21:49 [Nick]
john: do they only check if you try to cross a domain boundary
16:21:58 [Nick]
klotz: yes indeed
16:24:07 [Nick]
John: If we implement it we should do a GET before a POST
16:24:52 [Nick]
John: So we need to consider it in a future version in the submission model
16:25:49 [Nick]
klotz: we need ensure that if it is done, we can incorporate it
16:27:15 [Nick]
John: Do you want to post your e-mail
16:27:30 [Nick]
klotz: I want an implementer to look at it
16:28:01 [Nick]
klotz: I think MarkB or Aaron should look at it
16:28:31 [Nick]
John: We could ask Aaron to join a future call
16:29:05 [Nick]
klotz: I will send a response and say that we are working on it
16:29:23 [Nick]
john: Would you cross post it to www-forms
16:29:50 [Nick]
klotz: What I have small points not appropriate for ww-forms
16:31:42 [John_Boyer]
16:31:48 [John_Boyer]
Topic: Future Features
16:32:33 [klotz]
ACTION: Leigh Klotz to post updated message on access-control to comments list, and indicate that we continue to study the isssue.
16:32:33 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-436 - Klotz to post updated message on access-control to comments list, and indicate that we continue to study the isssue. [on Leigh Klotz, Jr. - due 2007-12-19].
16:33:07 [klotz]
Thanks, Nick.
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17:01:37 [jturner]
schnitz here, belated regrets, and happy X-mas
17:02:50 [klotz]
RESOLUTION: We add something like "simplify and provide use cases for UI events and model events" on the list of five things for XForms 1.1.
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s/XForms 1.1/XForms 1.2
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zakim, who is here?
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Attendees were John_Boyer, wellsk, Nick_van_den_Bleeken, unl, Leigh_Klotz, +34.91.2.aaaa, +49.308.3.aabb, jturner, ebruchez, Rafael, Raman
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ACTION: Leigh Klotz to post updated message on access-control to comments list, and indicate that we continue to study the isssue. [1]
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