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zakim, this will be ert
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ok, shadi; I see WAI_ERTWG()8:30AM scheduled to start in 1 minute
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meeting: ERT WG
13:29:42 [shadi]
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chair: Shadi
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WAI_ERTWG()8:30AM has now started
13:30:10 [shadi]
agenda+ Content-in-RDF title
13:30:11 [Zakim]
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zakim, klaus is really Johannes
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+Johannes; got it
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agenda+ DOM-in-RDF
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- +49.715.aaaa
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+ +49.715.aaaa
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zakim, aaaa is really Shadi
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+Shadi; got it
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zakim, johannes.a is really CarlosV
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13:41:01 [shadi]
scribe: Shadi
13:41:08 [shadi]
zakim, take up agendum 1
13:41:08 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Content-in-RDF title" taken up [from shadi]
13:43:52 [shadi]
topic: WCAG 2.0 publication announcement
13:44:18 [shadi]
13:45:48 [shadi]
SAZ: WCAG 2.0 published as a last call working draft
13:48:55 [shadi]
...important milestone, please read it
13:49:07 [shadi]
...hopefully it meets your expectations
13:49:13 [shadi]
zakim, take up agendum 1
13:49:13 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Content-in-RDF title" taken up [from shadi]
13:49:32 [shadi]
13:52:18 [shadi]
CV: missing content of _what_
13:52:32 [shadi]
...maybe "content of resources"?
13:53:04 [shadi]
JK: "Web resources" is too narrow
13:53:15 [CarlosV]
Resource: a network data object identified by a URI [RFC3986]. This definition is adapted from the definition of resource in [RFC2616].
13:54:20 [shadi]
CV: "Resources Content Representation in RDF"
13:54:58 [shadi]
JK: this definition restricts to objects identified by URIs, this is not always the case
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13:55:09 [EtnaRosso]
hi all
13:56:53 [shadi]
CI: reminds me of last meeting, it's about the definition of content
13:57:17 [shadi]
...agree with johannes, don't like the URI restriction
13:59:04 [shadi]
CV: data objects?
13:59:15 [shadi]
CI: sounds more formal but not much clearer
14:00:52 [shadi]
CV: title doesn't reflect what the document says
14:01:33 [shadi]
SAZ: what does this document say?
14:01:53 [shadi]
CV: describes some resources and data objects
14:03:17 [shadi]
CI: attempt to find several kinds of representations of content we can find on the Web
14:04:27 [shadi]
...title can't say it all, document should be explanatory
14:04:48 [shadi]
JK: like data objects, if can get rid of URI restriction
14:06:12 [shadi]
SAZ: "Representing Data Content in RDF"
14:06:35 [CarlosV]
Title: RDF Representation of Resources Content
14:07:48 [shadi]
JK: wouldn't use "resource", RDF is already a resource description
14:08:02 [shadi]
...using the same word twice but with different meaning is tricky
14:08:43 [shadi]
SAZ: "Representing Objects in RDF"
14:09:38 [CarlosV]
Title: Data Objects' Content in RDF
14:09:49 [shadi]
CI: as an object-oriented progaramer it is confusing
14:10:24 [shadi]
SAZ: "Content of Data Objects in RDF"
14:10:39 [shadi]
SAZ: "Representing Content of Data Objects in RDF"
14:13:18 [shadi]
SAZ: who cannout live with "Representing Content in RDF"
14:13:34 [shadi]
SAZ: who cannot live with "Representing Content in RDF"?
14:15:08 [shadi]
CV: don't like verb at the beginning
14:15:16 [shadi]
SAZ: what about "Content Representations in RDF"?
14:16:36 [shadi]
JK: like the verb better
14:19:23 [shadi]
SAZ: propose to use "Representing Content in RDF" for now, and start filling out the document
14:19:51 [shadi] should be narritive, and explain the different ways in which content can be represented in RDF
14:20:23 [shadi]
...we may be able to get EOWG to look at our doucments before publication, and review them editorially
14:20:53 [shadi]
...this does however mean delaying publication until the documents are reviewed
14:22:29 [shadi]
RESOLUTION: accept "Representing Content in RDF" as the title
14:23:14 [shadi]
JK: if a different name is proposed, this could replicate changes throughout the document
14:23:23 [shadi]
...for example the class names etc
14:24:05 [JohannesK]
CV: we could publish as editor's draft
14:25:29 [shadi]
SAZ: can publish as editor's or internal draft, but need more consensus within the group before we should publish on /TR
14:26:22 [shadi]
zakim, take up nexz
14:26:22 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'take up nexz', shadi
14:26:24 [shadi]
zakim, take up next
14:26:24 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "DOM-in-RDF" taken up [from shadi]
14:26:28 [shadi]
14:27:49 [shadi]
JK: this is the DOM Core, there are others in the suite of specification
14:28:00 [shadi]
CV: are we sure we want to go down this road?
14:28:34 [shadi]
...DOM core may not be that hard, but would be incomplete without the rest
14:28:53 [shadi]
CI: is this dom level 3?
14:28:59 [shadi]
JK: yes, should be
14:30:20 [shadi]
CI: was hoping for something more basic, maybe just a placeholder
14:30:36 [shadi]
...not necessarily the whole DOM here
14:30:50 [carlosI]
just a basic set
14:30:52 [carlosI]
14:30:56 [carlosI]
14:31:02 [carlosI]
14:31:09 [carlosI]
14:31:14 [carlosI]
14:31:22 [carlosI]
and dom:text
14:32:10 [shadi]
CV: inclined to say no, don't go down that path
14:32:39 [shadi]
JK: think of the use cases
14:34:10 [shadi]
SAZ: first question, is what is the effort required?
14:34:25 [shadi]
secondly, do we need to do it now vs in a later version?
14:35:01 [Zakim]
14:35:02 [Zakim]
14:35:18 [shadi]
third, will these features be implemented by the group?
14:35:38 [shadi]
SAZ: think about it, we'll talk more about it next week
14:35:43 [Zakim]
14:35:57 [shadi]
zakim, drop carlosi
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Attendees were Klaus/Johannes/Thomas, Johannes, +49.715.aaaa, Shadi, CarlosV, Carlos_Iglesias
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zakim, bye
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