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Many in the W3C community — including staff, chairs, and Member representatives — present W3C work at conferences and other events. Below you will find a list some of the talks. All material is copyright of the author, except where otherwise noted.

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September 2014

  • 2014-09-27 (27 SEP)

    The explosion of video-enabled connected devices, the explosion of social networks on the Web, and the possibility - at long last! - to consider videos as first-class citizens on the Web thanks to the HTML5 tag, provide both an incentive and a valuable stack of technologies for the TV industry to progressively switch to IP and turn their eyes to the Web.

    The convergence of Web and TV takes different forms and names depending on the region: HbbTV in Europe, Ginga-NCL in Brazil, Hybridcast in Japan, etc. From a Web perspective, the Web and TV Interest Group at W3C has been working with browser vendors and others on specifying and implementing APIs that are particularly relevant to TV over the last few years.

    This talk explores the technical challenges and solutions of a global Web-friendly ITV system.

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