19 Nov 2007

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MikeSmith, +44.789.107.aaaa, Carsten, bijan, Alan_Ruttenberg, uli, jjc



ok, seemed to just need the zakim invite to open things up

<uli> jeremy

<bijan> alanr

<uli> do we have an agenda?

Agenda at http://www.w3.org/2007/OWL/wiki/DataType.Telecon.2007.11.19/Agenda

mike: introduces agenda, rqmts for in-line, external data types

<bijan> http://protege.stanford.edu/plugins/owl/xsp.html

alanr: innteresting to hear what the motivation is for in-line datatypes. what would go wrong with just external?

bijan: people don't like having definitions in external file, experience from Protege 3.x
... avoid overhead for always naming types

alanr: is there an argument that necessitates a separate syntax for RDF/OWL?

bijan: the argument is that its not clear tools could find XML Schema syntax in-line
... some argue its more familiar for people from RDF background


jjc: unnamed datatypes are advantageous, use-case for in-line user defined datatypes
... issue with serialization of XMLLiterals in RDF/XML, particularly qnames in attributes

acks next

acks uli

uli: issue with XML schema types is closely related to using other types in OWL

<bijan> http://www.w3.org/TR/xml-c14n#NoNSPrefixRewriting

<bijan> I can almost define rationals in xml schema

<bijan> Definiteately in XML schema + an additional constraint

acks alan

<uli> bijan, ...i see - but will they look like the "true" xml schema types?

<bijan> yep

acks bijan

<Zakim> bijan, you wanted to reply to uli

alan: concern over defiing, e.g. owl:rational

bijan: owl extensibility requires URIs. owl:rational could be defined, doesn't seem to be a big deal
... clarifying Uli, Alan, are you saying reusing XML Schema syntax might put burden on future datatypes

uli: concern was that other datatypes look like native types

bijan: yes, I believe that they would
... we could use a relax ng type syntax as an inline syntax

acks jjc

jjc: take it that XML Schema types are a given, largely b/c OWL 1.0 supported XML Schema types
... query about how the value space mapping for rational could work

discussion of representation of rational as pair of integers

discussion of XSCD, what they offer, are needed

jjc: the rqmt for us, is less than all of XSCD. we could take less of a solution if it provided re-usable URIs

a query has been sent to the XML Schema WG chair on the status of XSCD

alanr: can we say that if URI is present you can reference external
... suggest we move forward with that proposal, on Wed telecon

<uli> bye

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