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+1 (might be useful to post a link here)
17:34:09 [JeremyCarroll]
previous minutes agreed
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minutes approved
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17:35:16 [JeremyCarroll]
regrets Bijan and Jim
17:35:20 [alanr]
calling in now
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actually no
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zakim, who is on the call?
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On the phone I see Conrad, Vipul_Kashyap, JeremyCarroll, MartinD (muted), DebMcG, pfps (muted), Alan
17:37:33 [alanr]
some scribing?
17:37:38 [alanr]
17:37:39 [JeremyCarroll]
Vippul takes the hot seat
17:37:48 [alanr]
will do
17:38:21 [JeremyCarroll]
Vipul: goal is increase acceptance and adoption of standard
17:38:30 [JeremyCarroll]
present spec to enahnce proabablity of use
17:38:44 [JeremyCarroll]
tap into wider audience
17:38:50 [alanr]
Evan says: Our standard needs to be useful to both those who build OWL tools
17:38:51 [alanr]
and those who author OWL content. Since these are two different audiences
17:38:53 [alanr]
and the documents aimed at them have different goals, it makes a lot of
17:38:54 [alanr]
sense to break the work product of this WG into different documents or
17:38:56 [alanr]
document sets split along these lines. This is what WebOnt did and
17:38:57 [alanr]
what the deliverables in our charter reflect.
17:39:01 [JeremyCarroll]
agree with evan's email
17:39:13 [alanr]
17:39:24 [JeremyCarroll]
content providers will drive use cases and requirements
17:39:33 [JeremyCarroll]
tool vendors will build tools around content
17:39:55 [JeremyCarroll]
one way of writing is to start with UC and functional reqs
17:40:03 [JeremyCarroll]
and then move to technologies
17:40:15 [JeremyCarroll]
when presented to users likely to have higher acceptance
17:40:28 [alanr]
maybe one more audience - people who want to deeply and securely understand *exactly* what the specification says. This is very important and one of the current strengths of the OWL effort
17:40:32 [JeremyCarroll]
Content of specs remains the same
17:40:36 [ewallace]
agree with jeremy that UC is a good place to start
17:40:39 [pfps]
document content is not the same as technical content
17:40:43 [JeremyCarroll]
it is to do with presentation
17:40:53 [JeremyCarroll]
(Jeremy is reporting Vipul not my own pov)
17:41:29 [alanr]
Users: Clinical modelers, bioinformatics people,
17:41:29 [JeremyCarroll]
"owl 1.1 supports path expression" may be meaningless to medical person
17:41:49 [JeremyCarroll]
but domain specific example using path expressions will
17:41:53 [Zakim]
17:42:06 [JeremyCarroll]
some specific example that I didn't understand
17:42:47 [JeremyCarroll]
ability to locate fractures seems to me to be maybe too possibly misleading
17:42:56 [JeremyCarroll]
jeremy: noted food and wine from OWL 1.0
17:42:56 [alanr]
better: Can locate fracture, and from positions of fractures, classify "multiple fractures"
17:43:09 [alanr]
17:43:23 [Zakim]
17:43:37 [JeremyCarroll]
Alan: talks about expressivity
17:43:56 [JeremyCarroll]
a distinguishing factor in OWL is what you can infer in OWL
17:44:02 [JeremyCarroll]
not what you can represent
17:44:07 [dlm]
17:44:22 [Elisa]
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17:44:22 [JeremyCarroll]
(feel free to interrupt - but I will fo ryou)
17:44:41 [Conrad]
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17:44:56 [alanr]
17:45:05 [JeremyCarroll]
alan: what sort of computations are needed in UCR
17:45:15 [Conrad]
+q Conrad
17:45:18 [Zakim]
17:45:27 [pfps]
17:45:34 [JeremyCarroll]
in overview 1.0 each construct had one sentence describing it, and one sentence describing computation
17:45:53 [Zakim]
17:46:04 [alanr]
phone ran out of battery
17:46:06 [JeremyCarroll]
deb wants to see style of overview and guide updated, and likes having additional docs for new areas of users
17:46:44 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul OWL 1.1 allows you to say same things 9about fractures) more intuitively than OWL 1.0
17:47:09 [alanr]
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17:47:28 [JeremyCarroll]
ack dlm
17:47:48 [alanr]
which audience is the overview aimed at
17:47:54 [alanr]
17:47:59 [JeremyCarroll]
ack Conrad
17:48:14 [JeremyCarroll]
Conrad: concur with Vipul about goals
17:48:36 [alanr]
-1 to leaving it *only* to the market
17:48:39 [JeremyCarroll]
Conrad: while we could have UFD done by market, it is important to community to have approved W3C docs that are UF
17:48:49 [JeremyCarroll]
to give coherence and momentum
17:48:59 [JeremyCarroll]
Conrad: I found owl-ref most useful UFD
17:49:03 [alanr]
vipul: q+
17:49:31 [JeremyCarroll]
17:50:08 [Elisa]
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17:50:20 [Conrad]
17:50:20 [JeremyCarroll]
peter: on behalf of bijan: if we have too many ufds we will be rushing off in too many directions
17:50:35 [JeremyCarroll]
peter: I hear unwarranted praise of owl-ref
17:50:47 [alanr]
I used the reference document first too, but I'm not representative
17:50:48 [JeremyCarroll]
peter: users are not going to look at RDF/XML, not real users
17:51:08 [JeremyCarroll]
peter: my colleagues would tar and feather me if I made them read that
17:51:29 [JeremyCarroll]
alan: I find it useful when file editing
17:51:38 [alanr]
peter, unfortunately you are wrong. It is even worse. People use literal java APIs that mimic the syntax
17:51:49 [pfps]
zakim, mute me
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17:51:50 [alanr]
What would be good to give them something better
17:51:53 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul: ----
17:52:26 [pfps]
a user API that mimics the RDF/XML syntax? scary!
17:52:27 [alanr]
then I went to syntax and semantics
17:52:44 [JeremyCarroll]
dlm: I saw usage of overview, guide and ref, and then went to more technical docs
17:53:00 [JeremyCarroll]
dlm: do we have a charter onbligation to update guide ref overview?
17:53:01 [alanr]
Best advice for my development was practically, from peter, to stop looking at RDF/XML and only use the functional syntax
17:53:02 [JeremyCarroll]
jjc: no
17:53:13 [pfps]
it would be *very* rare for any user-facing document to be normative
17:53:18 [alanr]
And it was disappointing that the parser/generators didn't work
17:53:23 [alanr]
validators didn't work
17:53:30 [alanr]
tools still, in some ways, don't work
17:53:35 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul: question about normatiuve vs informative
17:53:53 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul: agree with danger of too many docs
17:54:26 [pfps]
there is large utility in having a single tutorial domain across all user-facing document
17:54:51 [alanr]
again, from my experience, pizza didn't engage me, though I hear that it worked for others
17:55:00 [Elisa]
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17:55:31 [vipul]
The value of the pizza ontology is not clear to a clinical informatician or a biomedical informatician
17:55:39 [alanr]
I think a key is to choose a specific target person that you are writing the document towards. Pick that person carefully.
17:56:25 [JeremyCarroll]
owl normative docs do not include summaries etc
17:56:48 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul: i see value in UFDs having same distribution channel to normative docs
17:56:50 [alanr]
informative is easier, but because of this, it can be more damaging when wrong, and more likely to be wrong because inadequate scrutiny given by WG, given importance of normtive
17:57:23 [pfps]
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17:57:30 [alanr]
17:57:35 [JeremyCarroll]
pfps: owl 1.1 overview is short
17:57:49 [JeremyCarroll]
(peter please put pointer)
17:58:03 [JeremyCarroll]
question who is the target reader? (Alan asks)
17:58:30 [alanr]
Guide: For people who know nothing about OWL
17:58:38 [JeremyCarroll]
Conrad: an overview is aimed at people who know nothing about the lanaguge, and should be index into other docs.
17:58:40 [alanr]
17:58:55 [alanr]
17:58:55 [pfps]
OWL 1.1 overview is at
17:59:04 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul: are OWL 1.1 overview readers knowledgeable about OWL 1.0
17:59:15 [JeremyCarroll]
answer: maybe, maybe not
17:59:37 [Elisa1]
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17:59:56 [JeremyCarroll]
two readers identified - those who know OWL 1.0 and those who don't
18:00:01 [vipul]
18:00:06 [pfps]
zakim, mute me
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18:00:15 [JeremyCarroll]
Alan: suggest writing a bit about target audience, agreemenet form peter
18:00:21 [JeremyCarroll]
18:00:41 [JeremyCarroll]
Alan: OWL 1.1 overview seems to be for someone who knows about OWL 1.0
18:00:49 [MartinD]
imho, it would be useful to separate the two = "owl 1.0 diff" vs. "(motivation for using) owl (1.1)"
18:00:51 [JeremyCarroll]
(peter do you agree with Alan here?)
18:01:11 [pfps]
18:01:30 [pfps]
zakim, unmute me
18:01:30 [Zakim]
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18:01:45 [alanr]
In OWL 1.1 a name (such as Person) can be used as any or all of an individual, a class, and a property. The computational problems that would arise if this were treated as in RDF are avoided by ensuring that no aspect of the use of the name as an individual has any effect on the meaning of the name as a class. Such a treatment of metamodeling is often called punning.
18:01:46 [JeremyCarroll]
pfps: I disagree - particularly on metamodelling
18:01:56 [JeremyCarroll]
alan: who is quoted text aimed at?
18:02:21 [JeremyCarroll]
pfps: i think that text is targetted at people who know something, but maybe not much, about OWL 1.0
18:02:37 [JeremyCarroll]
pfps: this is introducing something that was a problem, but is now solved
18:02:53 [JeremyCarroll]
18:03:06 [JeremyCarroll]
[alan?] no one gets punning
18:03:20 [JeremyCarroll]
pfps: a tutorial document would be long, but that sentence helps
18:04:30 [JeremyCarroll]
alan: and where do they go next to expand on this para ...
18:04:32 [vipul]
I like the notion of "field testing" the overview and user facing documents
18:04:57 [JeremyCarroll]
field testing is called first public working draft!! (jjc)
18:04:59 [vipul]
User Facing Documents != Tutorials
18:05:06 [Elisa]
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18:05:09 [vipul]
oh ok!
18:05:27 [dlm]
18:05:34 [alanr]
peter would be surprised if the intermediate level of documentation would ever exist
18:05:56 [alanr]
responding to Alan saying very little is learned from current metamodel thing and that there is no where to go next
18:06:08 [alanr]
peter claims it is tutorial and this is too much work
18:06:14 [pfps]
ack pfps
18:06:18 [alanr]
Alan says there is something in between
18:06:23 [alanr]
18:06:43 [JeremyCarroll]
18:06:47 [alanr]
But mostly that current thing doesn't address what peter thinks it does
18:06:50 [JeremyCarroll]
18:06:52 [JeremyCarroll]
18:06:57 [JeremyCarroll]
ack JeremyCarroll
18:06:58 [JeremyCarroll]
ack dlm
18:07:28 [pfps]
zakim, mute me
18:07:28 [Zakim]
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18:07:28 [alanr]
from overview: rdfs:subPropertyOf: Property hierarchies may be created by making one or more statements that a property is a subproperty of one or more other properties. For example, hasSibling may be stated to be a subproperty of hasRelative. From this a reasoner can deduce that if an individual is related to another by the hasSibling property, then it is also related to the other by the...
18:07:29 [JeremyCarroll]
dlm: goal was overview was entry point, and hten handed fof to guide
18:07:30 [alanr]
...hasRelative property.
18:07:32 [alanr]
18:07:44 [JeremyCarroll]
dlm I got a lot of feedback that overview 1.0 was hopeful
18:08:16 [pfps]
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18:08:19 [JeremyCarroll]
alanr: OWL 1.0 overview doesn't seem to be for soemone with no KR experience
18:08:23 [ewallace]
from which Overview
18:08:26 [JeremyCarroll]
18:08:45 [vipul]
18:08:51 [JeremyCarroll]
it is not enogh to say it is an ontology language
18:08:58 [JeremyCarroll]
(alan speaking)
18:09:27 [ewallace]
18:09:35 [JeremyCarroll]
so, for some audiences, overview needs to say something about KR,
18:09:50 [JeremyCarroll]
alan ask dlm who is the audience for OWL 1.0 overview
18:10:16 [JeremyCarroll]
dlm: for new overview, a person would be a manegr who has used OWL 1.0, and is considering using OWL 1.1 in future project
18:10:35 [JeremyCarroll]
also for non-pwer users of OWL 1.0 who want some idea of OWL 1.1
18:10:48 [JeremyCarroll]
also someone who knows little about OWL but has been referred to OWL
18:11:27 [JeremyCarroll]
alan: for technically solid people in bio-informatics etc, would find this doc difficult
18:11:37 [JeremyCarroll]
(this doc = OWL 1.0 overview??)
18:11:53 [JeremyCarroll]
thinking with OWL is foreign for these people
18:12:29 [JeremyCarroll]
describes work with someone doing bioinformatics datat integration, but don't understand how to take advanteg
18:12:43 [JeremyCarroll]
they have had poor experiences in past
18:12:51 [JeremyCarroll]
btu hope to have a better experience
18:12:57 [pfps]
but isn't it the case that these people are best served by either a domain-specific introduction or some personal attention?
18:13:07 [JeremyCarroll]
(I agree with peter)
18:13:23 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul agrees with alan
18:13:26 [Conrad]
18:13:31 [JeremyCarroll]
ack vipul
18:14:01 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul would it make sense to show data integration example made easier by this example (sibling)
18:14:02 [Conrad]
18:14:21 [alanr]
peter: There aren't enough of us to give personal attention. I imagine that we could have something that introduces but in a couple of domains that people can understand or are common to computational people/managers
18:14:31 [alanr]
domain taken from something common in their education
18:14:34 [Elisa1]
Elisa1 has joined #owl
18:14:46 [JeremyCarroll]
alan: I think we need to have a market of OWL educators
18:15:00 [JeremyCarroll]
sorry misquote that was jjc=>alan
18:15:20 [alanr]
I agree. But what can we do now so that people know they need those educators?
18:15:33 [vipul]
A domain specific introduction combined with use cases likely to be of value
18:15:39 [alanr]
18:15:58 [JeremyCarroll]
ack ewallace
18:16:11 [JeremyCarroll]
evan: responding to alan - what is OWL for?
18:16:21 [alanr]
18:16:23 [Conrad]
18:16:26 [JeremyCarroll]
in UCR 1.0 we described what an Ontology is for
18:16:46 [alanr]
needs more pictures :)
18:16:48 [JeremyCarroll]
evan: we should reorganise and repurpose old docs
18:17:10 [alanr]
agree that UC&R is in the direction to address my point
18:17:23 [alanr]
+1 to evan
18:18:00 [JeremyCarroll]
jjc: how to move forward
18:18:02 [ewallace]
18:18:02 [JeremyCarroll]
18:18:09 [vipul]
+1 to alan
18:18:17 [JeremyCarroll]
alan: suggest writing up a few target readers?
18:18:22 [pfps]
zakim, mute me
18:18:22 [Zakim]
pfps was already muted, pfps
18:19:13 [JeremyCarroll]
ACTION alan To start target users/readers page
18:19:26 [JeremyCarroll]
ACTION: alan To start target users/readers page
18:19:26 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-20 - Start target users/readers page [on Alan Ruttenberg - due 2007-11-22].
18:19:44 [alanr]
18:19:45 [JeremyCarroll]
ACTION: vipul To add target users/readers page
18:19:45 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-21 - Add target users/readers page [on Vipul Kashyap - due 2007-11-22].
18:19:54 [JeremyCarroll]
ACTION: deborah To add target users/readers page
18:19:54 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-22 - Add target users/readers page [on Deborah McGuinness - due 2007-11-22].
18:20:07 [JeremyCarroll]
^page^to page^
18:20:25 [alanr]
Descriptions of examples of readers who would be reading our user facing documents.
18:21:18 [Elisa]
Elisa has joined #owl
18:21:42 [JeremyCarroll]
external contacts item
18:22:09 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul: I like Michaels matrix mapping genomic concepts to OWL concepts
18:22:26 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul: Christine has done lots of work in OWLED
18:22:46 [JeremyCarroll]
but no W3C members
18:23:14 [JeremyCarroll]
attribution issues if we reuse their work (with permission)
18:23:27 [JeremyCarroll]
vipul is prepared to liase with them
18:24:06 [pfps]
I think that Bijan generated good information on requirements - he went through all the submissions to OWLED2007 and looked for statement of the form "I need this for that" and similar stuff
18:24:57 [JeremyCarroll]
yes - i have looked at bijan's matrix
18:25:04 [ewallace]
I'd like to mine Bijan's work that Peter mentioned
18:25:34 [ewallace]
but it needs expansion of many of the abbreviations used
18:26:14 [vipul]
Bijan's matrix (at least the version of what I saw) is a list of features => use cases
18:26:25 [pfps]
zakim, unmute me
18:26:25 [Zakim]
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18:26:26 [vipul]
What would be better would be use cases => features
18:27:00 [pfps]
zakim, unmute me
18:27:00 [Zakim]
pfps was not muted, pfps
18:28:13 [JeremyCarroll]
ACTION: jeremy clarify attribution issues for non-WG authors
18:28:13 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-23 - Clarify attribution issues for non-WG authors [on Jeremy Carroll - due 2007-11-22].
18:30:14 [alanr]
I've written more detail on
18:30:17 [alanr]
feedback requested
18:30:21 [JeremyCarroll]
ACTION: vipul to ask christine and michael about types of users/readers
18:30:21 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-24 - Ask christine and michael about types of users/readers [on Vipul Kashyap - due 2007-11-22].
18:31:17 [pfps]
I think that Alan and Ian are the only ones who can do the invite!
18:31:48 [JeremyCarroll]
ACTION: vipul invite Christine and Michael to present to TF on work they already have done on User-Facing docs
18:31:48 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-25 - Invite Christine and Michael to present to TF on work they already have done on User-Facing docs [on Vipul Kashyap - due 2007-11-22].
18:32:54 [JeremyCarroll]
dlm: meeting time?
18:33:07 [alanr]
1/2 hour overlap with other standing meeting of mine
18:33:17 [alanr]
goal time when Jim can make it
18:33:29 [ewallace]
Jeremy:we should have a standing meeting time
18:33:51 [pfps]
zakim, unmute me
18:33:51 [Zakim]
pfps was not muted, pfps
18:34:20 [Zakim]
18:34:40 [ewallace]
-1 on another wednesday telecon
18:34:53 [pfps]
zakim, mute me
18:34:53 [Zakim]
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18:36:15 [JeremyCarroll]
elisa and evan have ODM time
18:36:27 [JeremyCarroll]
conrad and evan have competing meeting at Wed
18:36:31 [alanr]
got to go. Will coordinate time via email
18:36:39 [Zakim]
18:36:45 [pfps]
zakim, unmute me
18:36:45 [Zakim]
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18:38:17 [JeremyCarroll]
8 am PST not thurs not wed not tues, maybe mon or fri
18:38:22 [JeremyCarroll]
jjc prefer monday?
18:38:30 [pfps]
friday evening is flat out
18:38:47 [JeremyCarroll]
ACTION: jeremy to send e-mail suggesting 8am pacific mondays
18:38:47 [trackbot-ng]
Created ACTION-26 - Send e-mail suggesting 8am pacific mondays [on Jeremy Carroll - due 2007-11-22].
18:38:48 [alanr]
don't forget to save IRC log...
18:39:07 [alanr]
8am pacific mondays occupied by HCLS call
18:39:47 [pfps]
zakim, mute me
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pfps should no longer be muted
18:40:06 [alanr]
can do 7am, 9am
18:41:21 [pfps]
i'm not going to be able to make the 19th - vacation
18:41:32 [JeremyCarroll]
next meeting 26th
18:41:40 [Zakim]
18:41:42 [Zakim]
18:41:43 [Zakim]
18:41:45 [Zakim]
18:41:47 [Zakim]
18:41:50 [Zakim]
18:41:55 [MartinD]
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18:41:55 [ewallace]
How do we save the IRC log?
18:42:17 [JeremyCarroll]
RRSAgent, make logs world readable
18:42:17 [RRSAgent]
I'm logging. I don't understand 'make logs world readable', JeremyCarroll. Try /msg RRSAgent help
18:42:25 [JeremyCarroll]
RRSAgent, help
18:43:08 [JeremyCarroll]
RRSAgent, adminhelp
18:43:54 [JeremyCarroll]
RRSAgent, list actions
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
I see 7 open action items saved in :
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: alan To start target users/readers page [1]
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: vipul To add target users/readers page [2]
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: deborah To add target users/readers page [3]
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: jeremy clarify attribution issues for non-WG authors [4]
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: vipul to ask christine and michael about types of users/readers [5]
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: vipul invite Christine and Michael to present to TF on work they already have done on User-Facing docs [6]
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: jeremy to send e-mail suggesting 8am pacific mondays [7]
18:43:54 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
18:44:41 [JeremyCarroll]
RRSAgent, set log world-visible
18:46:50 [Zakim]
disconnecting the lone participant, Vipul_Kashyap, in SW_OWL()12:30PM
18:46:52 [Zakim]
SW_OWL()12:30PM has ended
18:46:53 [Zakim]
Attendees were Conrad, Vipul_Kashyap, MartinD, JeremyCarroll, DebMcG, pfps, Alan, Evan_Wallace, Elisa_Kendall
18:56:12 [jjc]
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