IRC log of mwts on 2007-11-05

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Meeting: Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group F2F meeting
13:58:36 [dom]
Regrets: Wilhelm
13:58:39 [dom]
Chair: Dom
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Present: Dom, Lynne, Dmitri, Carmelo, Jenise
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Meeting started at 9:33 EDT
14:33:46 [Carmelo]
Test cases from NIST
14:34:09 [dom]
14:35:38 [Carmelo]
Lynne asked about other groups making contributions
14:35:53 [Carmelo]
Dom - Maybe now thatthe system is in place
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Topic: NIST contributions
14:39:52 [dom]
Carmelo: we basically looked at the modules of XHMTL Basic
14:40:00 [dom]
... in this case, we focused on the Forms module
14:40:11 [dom]
... they don't cover 100% of the module
14:40:16 [dom]
... but it's a start
14:40:35 [dom]
... we didn't follow any specific patters, but focused on some of the most important elements
14:40:47 [dom]
... I looked at the level of complexity of some of the other tests
14:40:54 [dom]
... and tried to mimic that
14:41:05 [dom]
... some could be toughen up
14:42:40 [dom]
... these are all positive tests
14:46:12 [Carmelo]
Submit bottom without value attribute on mobile device
14:47:54 [Carmelo]
NIST test - add extra explanation for tabindex
14:51:00 [Carmelo]
DOM - Alert functiojn may be be supported on Mobile devices.
15:21:32 [Carmelo]
The NIST tests were examined one my one and feedback provided
15:21:50 [Carmelo]
DOM suggested they should be added to the Harness
15:22:21 [Carmelo]
Lynne Rosenthal suggested using another level of grouping
15:30:35 [Carmelo]
Dom ran some of the tests on his phone.
15:31:00 [Carmelo]
The Acid tests were reviewed and run
16:07:16 [dom]
Topic: CSS MP 2.0 Test suite
16:08:26 [dom]
-> WCSS to CSS MP 2.0 analysis
16:12:36 [Carmelo]
Additional tests will be required for the child selector of the CSS Mobile profile specs.
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ACTION: Dom to check if OMA is going to contribute back to W3C the tests they would produce to complete the SVG Tiny 1.2 test suite
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19:34:37 [dom]
split oma test req in 001 to 013
19:34:46 [dom]
014 to 025
19:34:54 [dom]
026 to 035
19:35:59 [dom]
ACTION: Dmitri to map OMA test requirements 001 to 013 back to SVG spec sections
19:36:14 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to map OMA test requirements 014 to 025 back to SVG spec sections
19:37:08 [dom]
ACTION: Carmelo to map OMA test requirements 026 to 035 back to SVG spec sections
19:38:08 [dom]
19:38:39 [dom]
everything is linked from
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I have made the request to generate dom
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ACTION: Carmelo to analyse the wcss modules: colors, fonts, lists
19:47:06 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to analyse the wcss modules: text, vEffects, vFormat
19:47:34 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to analyse the wcss modules: css2_ext
19:48:45 [dom]
ACTION: Carmelo to work with Tim Bolland on creating test cases for CSS MP 2 properties not covered by the WCSS test suite
19:50:30 [dom]
Topic: Future of the Working Group
20:03:57 [dom]
RESOLVED: ask for a 6 months extension