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logging to
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13:55:19 [shadi]
zakim, this will be ert
13:55:19 [Zakim]
ok, shadi; I see WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM scheduled to start in 5 minutes
13:55:25 [shadi]
meeting: ERT WG
13:55:29 [shadi]
chair: Shadi
13:55:40 [shadi]
13:55:50 [shadi]
agenda+ Remaining issues for EARL 1.0 Schema
13:55:58 [shadi]
agenda+ Remaining issues for HTTP-in-RDF
13:56:09 [shadi]
agenda+ Continuing with Pointer Methods
13:56:19 [shadi]
agenda+ Other work in the pipeline
13:56:30 [shadi]
agenda+ Upcoming teleconference and face to face meetings
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WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM has now started
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14:01:52 [Zakim]
14:02:17 [JohannesK]
Zakim, Klaus is really Johannes
14:02:17 [Zakim]
+Johannes; got it
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14:02:45 [JohannesK]
Zakim, Johannes.a is really CarlosV
14:02:45 [Zakim]
+CarlosV; got it
14:05:46 [JohannesK]
scribe: Johannes
14:05:53 [JohannesK]
scribenick: JohannesK
14:06:09 [shadi]
14:06:27 [shadi]
zakim, take up agendum 1
14:06:27 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Remaining issues for EARL 1.0 Schema" taken up [from shadi]
14:06:38 [shadi]
14:08:00 [JohannesK]
section 2.8 (Content) Content will be moved into its own document
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14:09:04 [JohannesK]
issue 4: finish RDF schema first and then maybe someone can create XML schema
14:09:16 [Zakim]
14:10:20 [JohannesK]
saz: pending issue 7a
14:14:38 [JohannesK]
CV: issue 5b?
14:15:16 [JohannesK]
saz: still open except editorial part
14:15:23 [JohannesK]
RR: issue 8?
14:16:10 [JohannesK]
saz: CI's concern extensible list may become to open for misue/ambiguity
14:16:44 [JohannesK]
14:17:30 [JohannesK]
saz: need real proposal and discussion on that
14:18:33 [JohannesK]
saz: issue 7a
14:19:16 [JohannesK]
saz: heuristic -> mixed -> inferred
14:19:38 [JohannesK]
saz: proposal to drop it, too ambiguous, no real information
14:20:10 [shadi]
14:20:29 [JohannesK]
saz: four possible testmodes: automatic, semi-automatic, manual, undisclosed
14:22:50 [JohannesK]
saz: discussion of aggregating tests; for atomic tests one of the four testmodes can easily be found
14:23:11 [JohannesK]
sa: what to do if a there is a compound of several tests?
14:23:22 [JohannesK]
14:31:15 [JohannesK]
cv: still want something like testmode 'combined'
14:32:15 [JohannesK]
saz: the 'combined' could be extracted from the test description, so it's no new information
14:33:14 [JohannesK]
rr: the additional information is still that it is a combination
14:33:56 [JohannesK]
jk: semi-automatic itself is a combination of automatic manual parts
14:36:07 [JohannesK]
saz: place for combination information is in the test description
14:36:57 [JohannesK]
saz: in EARL we already have TestRequirement vs. TestCase and SingleAssertor vs CompoundAssertor
14:37:38 [JohannesK]
saz: proposal: dropping testmode inferred, adding a note to next schema document version
14:38:02 [JohannesK]
saz: for us and for asking external feedback
14:38:58 [JohannesK]
RESOLUTION: drop testmode inferred, add a note to next schema document version
14:40:30 [shadi]
zakim, take up agendum 2
14:40:30 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Remaining issues for HTTP-in-RDF" taken up [from shadi]
14:40:57 [shadi]
14:42:54 [JohannesK]
jk: no open issues, some issues we resolved (e.g. timestamping), some are addressed by new approach
14:43:26 [shadi]
zakim, take up agendum 3
14:43:26 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Continuing with Pointer Methods" taken up [from shadi]
14:43:28 [JohannesK]
ACTION jk to create a new document describing the new approach
14:43:30 [shadi]
14:43:52 [JohannesK]
ACTION: jk to create a new document describing the new approach
14:44:27 [shadi]
zakim, take up agendum 4
14:44:27 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "Other work in the pipeline" taken up [from shadi]
14:44:32 [JohannesK]
no questions on pointers
14:44:47 [shadi]
14:45:30 [JohannesK]
saz: new, more complete version of the EARL guide online
14:47:14 [JohannesK]
cv: I want to wait with editing until HTTP-in-RDF, Content, and Pointers are more stable
14:49:02 [JohannesK]
saz: Content
14:49:17 [JohannesK]
jk: should be quite easy for me to do that
14:49:57 [shadi]
zakim, take up agendum 5
14:49:57 [Zakim]
agendum 5. "Upcoming teleconference and face to face meetings" taken up [from shadi]
14:51:30 [JohannesK]
saz: no telcon on 3rd October
14:58:28 [JohannesK]
ACTION: saz to create new EARL schema document by 8th October
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WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM has ended
15:03:17 [Zakim]
Attendees were Shadi, Klaus/Johannes/Thomas, Johannes, CarlosV, Reinhard_Ruemer
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rrsagent, make logs world
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rrsagent, make minutes
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I have made the request to generate shadi
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rrsagent, make logs world
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rrsagent, bye
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ACTION: jk to create a new document describing the new approach [1]
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ACTION: saz to create new EARL schema document by 8th October [2]
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15:04:26 [shadi]
zakim, bye
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