RDFa Distiller (Test Version)

(Test version means that the code executing the distiller functionality is redirected to http://www.ivan-herman.net/cgi-bin/RDFa.py, instead of the canonical script as installed at W3C)

The Distiller Form

Distil RDFa Information

The “RDFa 1.1” option means trying out ideas the RDFa group is planning for RDFa 1.1. At present, this includes:

CURIE handling:
In @rel/@rev/@typeof, if a a:b string is not a valid CURIE, it is considered to be a URI; same for @about and @resource, except that relative URI-s are also handled in that case. For the second case, secure CURIE-s are still accepted but they become essentially optional. The exact details are still to be worked out by the group...

Ivan Herman, (ivan@w3.org)
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