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logging to
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13:01:22 [RalphS]
Meeting: Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group Review
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13:01:35 [RalphS]
zakim, this will be muse
13:01:35 [Zakim]
ok, RalphS, I see W3C_(MUSE)9:00AM already started
13:01:40 [RalphS]
zakim, who's on the call?
13:01:41 [Zakim]
On the phone I see [CWI]
13:01:49 [RalphS]
zakim, cwi is probably Raphael
13:01:49 [Zakim]
+Raphael?; got it
13:01:54 [raphael]
zakim, [CWI] is raphael
13:01:54 [Zakim]
sorry, raphael, I do not recognize a party named '[CWI]'
13:01:59 [raphael]
13:02:00 [ivan]
Hi Raphael, we still have a meeting on the other end, just wait a bit...
13:02:02 [RalphS]
zakim, Raphael is really Raphael
13:02:02 [Zakim]
+Raphael; got it
13:02:18 [RalphS]
our staff meeting is running over a minute or two, Raphael
13:02:32 [RalphS]
agenda+ Visibility of this meeting record
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13:04:16 [Zakim]
13:04:26 [dom]
Regrets+ dom
13:04:30 [marie]
salut raphael
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13:04:37 [RalphS]
zakim, mit531 has Steve, Mauro, JoseMa, ralph
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+Steve, Mauro, JoseMa, ralph; got it
13:04:38 [raphael]
bonjour marie
13:04:55 [DanC]
Zakim, is DanC here?
13:04:55 [Zakim]
DanC, I see DanC in another telecon
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13:05:39 [SusanL]
zakim, please dial SusanL-BOS
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ok, SusanL; the call is being made
13:05:39 [Zakim]
13:05:46 [SusanL]
zakim, please mute me
13:05:47 [Zakim]
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SusanL should now be muted
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zakim, call Klaus-sip
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ok, klaus; the call is being made
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13:06:13 [Zakim]
13:06:14 [Zakim]
13:06:23 [Zakim]
13:06:23 [ivan]
zakim, ??P6 is ivan
13:06:23 [Zakim]
+ivan; got it
13:06:28 [Zakim]
13:06:32 [kaz]
zakim, call kazuyuki-617
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ok, kaz; the call is being made
13:06:34 [Zakim]
13:06:38 [Zakim]
13:06:46 [Zakim]
13:06:53 [SusanL]
13:07:14 [ivan]
zakim, pick a victim
13:07:16 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Mauro
13:07:45 [ivan]
-> Slides for presentation
13:07:53 [mauro]
Scribe: Mauro
13:08:00 [mauro]
ScribeNick: mauro
13:08:14 [RalphS]
Raphael Troncy, CWI
13:08:35 [Zakim]
13:08:35 [mauro]
[ Ivan introduces Raphael ]
13:08:50 [RalphS]
-> Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group
13:09:04 [RalphS]
zakim, who's on the call?
13:09:04 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Raphael, Cooper, MIT531, Gerald (muted), DanC, Yves, SusanL (muted), Ted (muted), ivan, Klaus, Kazuyuki (muted), Judy, Ian, Carine
13:09:06 [Zakim]
MIT531 has Steve, Mauro, JoseMa, ralph
13:09:29 [IanJ]
I have been in theater groups that, after a mere weekend of playing together, want to continue as a group forever. I suspect XGs are like that, too ;)
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DanC has changed the topic to:
13:09:41 [mauro]
Chair: Raphael Troncy
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13:10:11 [RalphS]
Chair: Ivan
13:10:16 [RalphS]
Presenter: Raphael Troncy
13:10:46 [mauro]
Meeting: Project Review W3C Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group
13:10:46 [RalphS]
-> Cover Slide
13:10:52 [RalphS]
q+ to ask which one is Raphael :)
13:11:05 [DanC]
(which face is Raphael's?)
13:11:18 [RalphS]
Raphael: I am in the center with my hand on my belt
13:11:41 [RalphS]
[slide 2 - MMSem Pointers]
13:12:08 [RalphS]
kudos for using the public mailing list for most of the discussion!
13:12:37 [RalphS]
[slide 3 - MMSem Goals]
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13:14:24 [RalphS]
[slide 4 - MMSem Activities]
13:15:30 [Zakim]
13:15:36 [RalphS]
[slide 5 - MMSem Deliverables]
13:16:41 [RalphS]
-> Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group Patent Policy Status
13:17:10 [RalphS]
[slide 6 - Image Annotation on the Semantic Web]
13:17:18 [RalphS]
[slide 7 - Image Annotation on the Semantic Web]
13:18:55 [RalphS]
[slide 8 - Multimedia Annotation Interoperability Framework]
13:19:19 [RalphS]
[slide 9 - Multimedia Annotation Interoperability Framework]
13:21:48 [RalphS]
[slide 10 - Managing Personal Photos]
13:24:11 [Zakim]
13:24:30 [RalphS]
[slide 11 - Facetting Music Songs]
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13:26:08 [Zakim]
13:27:52 [marie]
zakim, dial mcf-617
13:27:52 [Zakim]
ok, marie; the call is being made
13:27:54 [Zakim]
13:28:07 [marie]
zakim, mute mcf
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Mcf should now be muted
13:30:31 [mauro]
[slide 12 - Bringing NewsML in the Semantic Web]
13:31:05 [mauro]
[slide 13 - Managing your Web 2.0 Personomy]
13:31:50 [mauro]
[slide 14 - MPEG-7 and the Semantic Web]
13:32:02 [IanJ]
"It's an ISO standard, making it difficult to us."
13:32:05 [IanJ]
to use.
13:32:26 [mauro]
13:33:17 [mauro]
[slide 15 - Multimedia Vocabularies on the Semantic Web]
13:34:50 [mauro]
[slide 16 - Multimedia Semantics: Relevant Tools and Resources]
13:35:08 [mauro]
[slide 17 - Liaison]
13:36:33 [mauro]
[slide 18 - MMSem Success]
13:37:58 [mauro]
[slide 19 - MMSem Future]
13:40:22 [ivan]
13:40:28 [RalphS]
Raphael: we hope to submit a new XG charter to W3C in mid-July
13:40:40 [ivan]
13:40:41 [mauro]
--- questions session---
13:40:43 [RalphS]
... and would like to resume work in September
13:41:15 [mauro]
Raphael: at the XG we used some old schema
13:41:37 [mauro]
... and the question is if W3C should publish new ontologies
13:41:49 [mauro]
... and what we should do with that?
13:41:51 [RalphS]
13:41:51 [DanC]
13:41:58 [ivan]
ack ralph
13:42:13 [mauro]
Ralph: thanks Raphael for an informative session
13:42:27 [mauro]
... and have the XG consider publishing a ?
13:42:35 [mauro]
Raphael: yes, we have
13:42:41 [RalphS]
s/a ?/your ontologies in XG work space/
13:42:58 [DanC]
-> URIs for W3C Namespaces
13:42:59 [ivan]
ack dan
13:43:01 [RalphS]
13:43:03 [mauro]
... but we are not sure
13:43:19 [mauro]
DanC: wich community cares for continuing with this activity?
13:43:37 [ivan]
ack ralph
13:44:06 [mauro]
Ralph: the other interesting question is about maintainance
13:44:11 [mauro]
... and who would do it
13:44:33 [mauro]
... and I also wonder about the output of the XG
13:45:01 [mauro]
... what is the challenge for W3C about this output?
13:45:14 [DanC]
DanC: if the community around the ontology is the XG, then the XG is more than welcome to publish the ontology at /YYYY/MM/blah-blah , per
13:45:20 [mauro]
Raphael: [mauro didn't get this...]
13:45:48 [ivan]
13:46:16 [RalphS]
Raphael: if we publish an ontology, should we have just the OWL or a document also?
13:46:26 [mauro]
Raphael: the feeling within the group is not to do follow a Rec track
13:46:39 [DanC]
q+ to note that the level of endorsement around a namespace is normally orthogonal to its URI
13:46:47 [mauro]
s/to do follow/to follow/
13:47:07 [mauro]
... we would rather try to see if the existing ones are enough
13:47:12 [mauro]
... we think they are not
13:47:16 [RalphS]
Ralph: the consensus of both the SemWeb Best Practices WG and the SemWeb Deployment WG, as documented in the Vocabulary Management Working Draft(s) is that both forms -- the machine-readable OWL and the human-readable HTML are desirable
13:47:34 [ivan]
ack danc
13:47:34 [Zakim]
DanC, you wanted to note that the level of endorsement around a namespace is normally orthogonal to its URI
13:47:59 [RalphS]
zakim, EricP just arrived in mit531
13:47:59 [Zakim]
+EricP; got it
13:48:26 [mauro]
DanC: notes that the level of endorsement around a namespace is normally orthogonal to its URI
13:49:01 [mauro]
Ralph: is useful for the XG to point out what things can be re-used
13:49:18 [mauro]
... the XG can publish its work, new ontologies
13:49:50 [DanC]
q+ to ask about the "OWL expression of other work" case; remind me of one example? did the XG negotiate rights to do a derivative work? is the original org interested to publish the OWL version?
13:50:22 [mauro]
... but what part of the community interested would like to see the REC stamp on it?
13:50:40 [mauro]
Raphael: we wondered also abut that within the grouyp
13:50:47 [ericP]
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13:50:56 [mauro]
13:51:28 [mauro]
... about the formality, I am not sure they understand the subleties of W3C process
13:51:45 [mauro]
... currently we don't need go to the formality of a WG
13:51:46 [ivan]
ack danc
13:51:46 [Zakim]
DanC, you wanted to ask about the "OWL expression of other work" case; remind me of one example? did the XG negotiate rights to do a derivative work? is the original org interested
13:51:49 [Zakim]
... to publish the OWL version?
13:51:53 [IanJ]
I note that Raphael just uttered one of the things we are concerned about: no distinction between TR and xG report
13:51:53 [RalphS]
Raphael: IPTC pretty much happy with things being published somewhere on
13:52:03 [mauro]
s/need go/need to go/
13:52:11 [RalphS]
... DIG35 not sure what level of formality we might need
13:52:21 [mauro]
DanC: [Mauro missed the question]
13:52:41 [ivan]
danc: do we have the right for derivative work (related to mpeg-7)
13:53:03 [mauro]
Raphael: yes we have rights to do derivative work
13:53:22 [mauro]
... I am not sure if we can publish this ontology, I need to check on that
13:53:25 [RalphS]
Raphael: we made an official liaison with ISO and they're commenting on our work
13:54:14 [mauro]
DanC: is either of those organizations interested on publishing the OWL?
13:54:15 [raphael]
13:54:35 [RalphS]
Raphael: ISO not interested in publishing OWL
13:54:36 [mauro]
International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)
13:54:59 [mauro]
Ivan: who is in discussions with them?
13:55:01 [RalphS]
... not sure if I3A is interested, but they're OK with W3C publishing when an agreement is signed
13:55:23 [mauro]
Raphael: Daniel is involved on it
13:55:28 [IanJ]
13:55:30 [IanJ]
13:55:50 [SusanL]
13:56:13 [RalphS]
Raphael: our other question is how to get more industry involvement in follow-on work
13:56:27 [DanC]
(which row in ? a text search for "multimedia" fails)
13:56:37 [SusanL]
search for Raphael :-)
13:56:40 [DanC]
(ah... )
13:57:19 [mauro]
Ivan: my initial reaction is that you should try to identify those members that would like to be involve, and they contact their AC Rep
13:57:20 [kaz]
13:57:26 [ivan]
ack ian
13:57:30 [mauro]
... I would be happy to do such contacts
13:57:32 [raphael]
yes DanC
13:57:35 [mauro]
Raphael: ok
13:58:25 [RalphS]
Ian: we've discussed the potential of confusion between different kinds of TRs; in particular RECs and XG reports
13:58:27 [mauro]
Raphael: yes, sometimes
13:58:44 [RalphS]
... is it the case that [some of the liaisons] really don't care about the difference?
13:58:51 [RalphS]
Raphael: they don't seem to care
13:59:05 [RalphS]
13:59:08 [RalphS]
(just in case :)
13:59:55 [ivan]
ack kaz
14:00:14 [mauro]
Raphael: to participate in the group was a great experience, time consuming but great
14:00:35 [mauro]
Kaz: thanks for a good presentation, sorry to be late, but I was in another meeting
14:01:18 [mauro]
... we would like to collaborate
14:01:31 [mauro]
[Mauro not sure which group Kaz was referring to]
14:01:32 [steve]
... Multi-Modal Interactionn WG
14:01:48 [ivan]
14:01:49 [mauro]
Raphael: that would be great
14:02:03 [kaz]
14:02:15 [mauro]
Ivan: when do you plan to finally publish all the documents?
14:02:20 [SusanL]
14:02:29 [kaz]
s/sorry to be late/it was a pity I couldn't see the presentation at WWW2007/
14:02:33 [SusanL]
(public page is
14:02:44 [mauro]
Raphael: next week we will send it
14:03:03 [kaz]
s/but I was in another meeting/I attended W3C Track/
14:03:11 [IanJ]
14:03:22 [SusanL]
Yes we will be happy to make the publication news.
14:03:47 [Zakim]
14:03:51 [mauro]
Ivan: can you provide us with a paragraph for the publication?
14:04:09 [mauro]
... SusanL will then *polish* it
14:04:22 [mauro]
Raphael: yes, will do
14:04:51 [mauro]
IanJ: is it ok to set expectation for next steps on that publication?
14:05:02 [IanJ]
leave open public list
14:05:03 [IanJ]
close member list
14:05:06 [mauro]
... what happen with mailing lists, for example?
14:05:08 [IanJ]
close xg at the same time as publication
14:05:18 [IanJ]
leave wiki open
14:06:36 [IanJ]
also, please draft an email for the ac with expectations about next steps
14:06:39 [mauro]
Raphael: yes, the public mailing list open, member list closed, wiki open, the reference to the XG dissapears
14:06:48 [kaz]
s/Multi-Modal Interactionn WG/Multimodal Interaction WG which develops MMI Architecture etc./
14:07:08 [RalphS]
14:07:13 [RalphS]
zakim, take up agendum 1
14:07:13 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Visibility of this meeting record" taken up [from RalphS]
14:07:26 [ivan]
ack ralph
14:07:29 [DanC]
+1 public record
14:07:35 [mauro]
Ralph: I would like to make the records public
14:07:41 [mauro]
Ivan: +1
14:07:52 [mauro]
... so they will be made public
14:08:05 [mauro]
Ralph: please Raphael go back and check them
14:08:12 [DanC]
+1 thanks Raphael!
14:08:14 [RalphS]
rrsagent, please make record public
14:08:22 [mauro]
Ivan: thanks Raphael for his presentation
14:08:41 [RalphS]
ACTION: Raphael review the record to be sure we accurately recorded his references to interests of other organizations
14:08:53 [Zakim]
14:08:54 [raphael]
14:08:59 [RalphS]
rrsagent, pointer?
14:08:59 [RRSAgent]
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14:09:24 [Zakim]
14:09:25 [Zakim]
14:09:26 [Zakim]
14:09:26 [klaus]
zakim, drop me
14:09:26 [mauro]
Ivan: thanks everybody
14:09:27 [Zakim]
Klaus is being disconnected
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14:09:33 [Zakim]
14:09:34 [Zakim]
14:09:35 [mauro]
14:09:35 [Zakim]
14:09:37 [Zakim]
14:09:38 [Zakim]
14:09:40 [Zakim]
14:09:42 [Zakim]
14:09:44 [Zakim]
W3C_(MUSE)9:00AM has ended
14:09:46 [Zakim]
Attendees were Raphael?, Raphael, Cooper, Steve, Mauro, JoseMa, ralph, Gerald, DanC, Yves, SusanL, Ted, Klaus, ivan, Kazuyuki, Judy, Ian, Carine, Liam, Richard, Mcf, EricP
14:10:02 [mauro]
RRSAgent, please draft minutes
14:10:02 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate mauro
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please delete.
14:17:13 [IanJ]
it's not fatal, but since you asked. :)
14:17:19 [RalphS]
ok :)
14:18:22 [RalphS]
rrsagent, bye
14:18:22 [RRSAgent]
I see 1 open action item saved in :
14:18:22 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Raphael review the record to be sure we accurately recorded his references to interests of other organizations [1]
14:18:22 [RRSAgent]
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