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Meeting: Databinding WG Teleconference
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Date: 12 June 2007
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chair: pauld
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 3294 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), pauld
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Topic: Administrivia
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zakim, aaaa is really me
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+pauld; got it
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zakim, ??10
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I don't understand '??10', pauld
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zakim, ??P10 is gcowe
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+gcowe; got it
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14:02:43 [pauld]
minutes from 29th approved
14:05:48 [pauld]
gcowe: put a new version of Axis2 run, working with a partner on a Websphere 6 report
14:08:22 [pauld]
F2F planning, a meeting soon would be good to make progress
14:10:27 [pauld]
1-3rd August, in Edinburgh
14:11:05 [pauld]
Topic: Patterns at Risk
14:11:50 [pauld]
14:13:05 [pauld]
14:13:38 [pauld]
yves: we could qualify this pattern with warnings
14:14:05 [pauld]
yves: xs:date must be used in a timezone qualified way
14:14:14 [pauld]
pauld: can we express that in a pattern
14:15:16 [pauld]
pauld: ah, this is a runtime issue, so no
14:16:10 [pauld]
pauld: seems like a basic advanced pattern
14:19:26 [pauld]
14:25:07 [pauld]
pauld: looks at basic report
14:25:31 [Yves]
decimal/double also has issue (with roundings and big numbers as well)
14:27:19 [pauld]
pauld: castor is the only double, but yes Decimal seems advanced
14:29:06 [pauld]
attribute looks problematic with SOAP4R, reference
14:29:12 [pauld]
.. in particular
14:31:11 [pauld]
pauld: Boolean is failed by ADB
14:31:19 [pauld]
gcowe: WSO2 may have fixed that
14:32:14 [pauld]
pauld: base64binary attribute looks advanced
14:33:34 [pauld]
pauld: ENTITIESElement and attribute looks problematic
14:34:50 [pauld]
14:34:56 [pauld]
looks like a rounding error
14:36:14 [pauld]
pauld: loss of precison seems ok to me
14:36:42 [Yves]
267.43233E12 != 1.267432E+15
14:36:59 [Yves]
0.1278 = 12.78e-2
14:38:42 [pauld]
yves: you can use double for a better experience
14:38:50 [pauld]
pauld: yeah, seems advanced on that basis
14:39:43 [pauld]
pauld: GMonth, GYear, etc are all broken in ZSI
14:39:50 [pauld]
yves: same issue as xs:date
14:40:35 [pauld]
ID/IDREF problems with our tests, but DTDs not used in SOAP
14:40:44 [pauld]
yves: seem advanced
14:41:27 [pauld]
pauld: Integer seems Advanced
14:42:33 [pauld]
pauld: nice contentious pattern xs:nillable and xsi:nil is advanced!
14:43:19 [pauld]
pauld: finite lists seem problematic
14:43:28 [pauld]
gcowe: we use those!
14:45:39 [pauld]
pauld: SequenceElementList seems problematic!
14:45:55 [Yves]
14:46:12 [Yves]
14:46:27 [Yves]
14:47:17 [pauld]
pauld: cardinality on a sequence is problematic
14:47:44 [pauld]
yves: might be nice to have a table of patterns which we moved to advanced following testing
14:48:17 [pauld]
ACTION: pdowney to create a table of patterns moved to advanced following testing in Basic Patterns
14:48:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-122 - Create a table of patterns moved to advanced following testing in Basic Patterns [on Paul Downey - due 2007-06-19].
14:48:55 [pauld]
pauld: type substitution looks problematic
14:51:39 [pauld]
ACTION: gcowe to reply to Pete Cordell's comments
14:51:39 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-123 - Reply to Pete Cordell\'s comments [on George Cowe - due 2007-06-19].
14:52:44 [pauld]
gcowe: regrets for next call
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Attendees were +0791888aaaa, pauld, gcowe, Yves
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