UWA weekly conference call
17 May 2007


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Keith, Dave, Rotan, Franklin, Kevin, Kangchan(IRC)
Rhys, Jim
Rotan, RH




<Dave> Hi Franklin, I will dial in shortly.

<Dave> I am in Paris for XTech and will call from my hotel room

<Rotan> So, how is XTech going?

<Keith> I am asleep in my office in Boston..

<Kangchan> Dave, as I sent a mail to you, I can't open your presentation slide. :-(

<Dave> Agenda, http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-uwa/2007May/0063.html

<Dave> Hmm, it is a regular PDF file and opens fine for me with the Adobe reader.

<Dave> I could also link the Open office file if you prefer

<Kangchan> Thanks, Dave. I will try again. ^^

<Dave> Regrets, Rhys

<Dave> Regrets, Jim

<Rotan> ScribeNick: Rotan

Dave: We have a small number of people, let's just start.

[ usual salutations ]

Dave: Approval of minutes, week before last
... objections?


Dave: OK, we resolve to publish them.
... Editing actions?
... I haven't had time to look at Widgets spec. Perhaps next week.
... Item b) has been done.
... Item c) was able to talk to Max directly here at XTech. Leave action pending until he replies.
... Item d) Afraid have not done that. Will do next week.

Draft of F2F agenda

Dave: Focus on getting new work items started.
... Draft included in agenda.
... Review mission of the group.
... Lessons from workshop of previous 2 days.
... Lessons/plan for work on DIAL.
... Some ideas on work on Layout
... Liaise with CSS
... Proposals put to CSS to see how to go forward.
... Remote eventing
... REX PAG going forward
... Have written to Nokia, for help.
... Separate spec on serialisation of DOM.
... Talking about details of this.
... More time on device coordination, sec models.
... Demo from Guido
... Interesting. Used a Nokia browser hack.
... Security issues? DCCI?
... Combine XPath and DCCI?
... Finally Rhys' work on ontologies,

Rotan: addition to agenda of F2F - discuss publication policy of this "public" group.

Dave: Raises issues of patent policy. Discussion going on with IJ etc.
... Should be some call for exclusions (CC/PP 2).
... Relates to companies in prev group.

Kevin: possible if we could have widgets/wobots discussion?

Dave: sounds like a good idea. Lots of talk on this at XTech?

Keith: who's talking about this at XTech?

Dave: Opera widgets, at 11 this morning. One or two other talks.

Keith: thought it was Robin B

Dave: There was a discussion from Robin
... other suggestions?

Franklin: Unfortunately I can't attend.
... Would like to get sense of machine-to-machine topics, and how we would follow up.

Dave: Question of how we get topics started, and get people to sign up.
... If you would like to provide input in advance that would be great.

Franklin: Not sure how much I can provide in advance, but would like to take the work forward.
... More interested in hearing what others have to say.
... On M-to-M, prototyping in things other than browsers, e.g. in Python.
... Where do we plug in security, access.

Dave: Think access/security important. Was discussed at recent AC meeting.
... PHB etc encouraged us to work on this.
... Work on use cases. Get peer review from security experts.

Franklin: would be very interested in participating.

Dave: other comments?
... We can review agenda next week.
... Wanted to ask Keith about DCCI.
... Rhys said he wanted to change prefix and if that was OK with you (Keith).

Keith: I think it's going to be fine. It's a global replace.
... We can take care of that one. No problem there.

Dave: Thanks. Any other agenda items?

Keith: As we move forward with DCCI.
... We have some open issues. Tracking. Working just fine.
... Had thinking caps on.
... Going around again with DOM 3 implementation status.
... We only have true partial implementation.
... We are going to have to put it on the table.
... Want action item to discuss when Rhys returns.
... "Having DOM 3 imp as requirement"

<scribe> ACTION: Keith to discuss DOM 3 implementation as a requirement for DCCI with Rhys when he returns. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2007/05/17-uwawg-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-6 - Discuss DOM 3 implementation as a requirement for DCCI with Rhys when he returns. [on Keith Waters - due 2007-05-24].

Dave: Relationship between DCCI and binding.
... Want to progress this.

Keith: Unfortunately we can's attend in Dublin, but might be available for conferencing in.

[ Might look into Skype ]

Keith: Let me know when agenda is put together so we can block some time here.

Dave: Will try to put together a more detailed agenda for next call.
... Helpful if people could think of priority of device capabilities to expose.
... Location. Discussed a lot here at XTech.
... People keen to participate (e.g.Mike(tm))
... Good if people could prioritize capabilities.

<RH> [ sorry, wireless brownout ]

<RH> [ discussion of previous experience with using device information ]

<RH> Keith: Web developers will want this level of access to device information.

<RH> Dave: accessing the camera, can be done in Opera.

<RH> ... Will try to get Opera to join group.

<RH> ScribeNick: RH

Keith: Battery signal strength. Have to write something around these, before exposing to browser.
... Mobile is quite restrictive.
... If you open device up, lots of things that could go wrong.
... Manufacturers conservative about what they expose.

<Rotan> Dave: Any other business?

<Rotan> ... Will try to organise call for DISelect thing. Not sure how long that will take.

<Rotan> ... OK, will close today early.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Keith to discuss DOM 3 implementation as a requirement for DCCI with Rhys when he returns. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2007/05/17-uwawg-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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