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The W3C Mobile Web Initiative

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The W3C Mobile Web Initiative

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Stéphane Boyera

W3C Southern Africa Office Opening

Pretoria, South Africa, May 14 2007


Origins of MWI: Shared interests

Barcelona Workshop in 2004: Convergence between:


mobiles in christmas 2005


Challenges (2)

The Mobile Web Initiative

Who's Involved?

19 Sponsors:

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Joining the work now

Next Step: the Web for All

a child with a fake mobile phone
(Photo Source : The Economist )

ICT to sustain development

An Indian Monk with a mobile phone
  • Government Services
  • Education
  • Health
  • Banking
  • Communities services
  • Business
  • ...
(Photo Source: Der Spiegel)

How to provide access to ICT?

Today: SMS Applications

sms based system to get the market price for goods
  • Successful Mobile Applications
    • Banking
    • NGOs-run SMS based system: e-gov, business (market poll), health, ...
  • But few problems:
    • Interoperability problems
    • Discoverability of services
    • limited interaction
    • costly/inappropriate infrastructure
    • no standardized development kit
(Photo Source: Vodafone)


W3C Roadmap

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