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I don't understand 'make logs public', AllanJ
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meeting: User Agent Teleconference for April 12 2007
17:11:11 [AllanJ]
Chair: Jim Allan
17:11:20 [AllanJ]
Scribe: Jim Allan
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zakim, [ibm] is cklaws
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+cklaws; got it
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18:03:45 [AllanJ]
Topic: Review Aciotn items
18:03:54 [AllanJ]
1c. More clearly identify who benefits from accessible user agents.
18:05:25 [AllanJ]
suggestion change to "Identify who benefits from accessible user agents. "
18:07:04 [AllanJ]
All: change is fine.
18:07:34 [AllanJ]
Action: JA change 1c to reflect wording change
18:08:03 [AllanJ]
1e. Address author responsibilities when creating content vs. UA functionality (repair and control functions)
18:08:42 [AllanJ]
reviewed WCAG 2 and UAAG (intersection)
18:14:57 [AllanJ]
cl: browser exposes information to accessibility api...if author provided it.
18:16:10 [AllanJ]
...if author does not provide appropriate information (alt, label), then browser or AT must repair (find some information)
18:17:41 [AllanJ]
change to: 1e. Address author responsibilities when creating content and UA functionality when author is irresponsible (need to word smith)
18:19:05 [AllanJ]
cl: aside - ajax, dojo techniques make extensive use of style sheets. may need change requirement of being functional without stylesheets.
18:20:07 [AllanJ]
ja: style sheet conflict issues, user not allowed to turn off style sheets?
18:20:51 [AllanJ]
cl: must take low vision users into account, what about user stylesheet
18:21:19 [AllanJ] many are actually used. have to be very technical to even create one.
18:22:40 [AllanJ]
cl: problem with explict requirement for being able to turn off style sheets.
18:26:41 [AllanJ]
ja: don't think most users have own style sheet. this has fallen to the author to create multiple styles and allow user to choose between them, also authors have taken control of font size changing rather than letting the user use the UA functionality
18:27:46 [AllanJ]
action: JA change language for 1e
18:30:36 [AllanJ]
topic: Review requirements document
18:31:19 [AllanJ]
cl: what things should a user be allowed or not allowed to do
18:31:58 [AllanJ]
ja: such as using personal style sheet that will break ajax applications
18:32:50 [AllanJ]
cl: changing styles is ok for static web pages but not for web applications
18:34:18 [AllanJ]
cl: UAAG responsiblity for keyboard access to elements with event handlers, but with web apps, the UA can't know, it is up to the author
18:36:17 [AllanJ]
...mouseover, currently UAAG says UA should provide keyboard access
18:41:55 [AllanJ]
cl: should be posting these items to x-tech or pf list for input
18:43:25 [AllanJ]
ja: conformance:
18:43:47 [AllanJ]
Jan sugeest combining 2a and 2b as follows
18:43:56 [AllanJ]
Consider modularizing the UAAG 2.0 document such that "basic" browser
18:43:58 [AllanJ]
capabilities are clear (i.e. features for people needing some
18:43:59 [AllanJ]
accessibility support, but who do not use assistive technologies), while
18:44:03 [AllanJ]
also addressing voice browsers, speech input, etc. that while important
18:44:05 [AllanJ]
might be implemented by assistive technologies or browser extensions
18:44:46 [AllanJ]
ja: conformance model (core, core + extensions, core + AT, core + extensions + AT)
18:46:23 [AllanJ]
cl: baseline, see wcag
18:46:46 [AllanJ]
ja: need to review atag to see if they have a baseline
18:46:57 [AllanJ]
cl: UAAG will probably need a base line
18:49:16 [AllanJ]
cl: change conformance to include baseline, such that a claim declares which technologies (browser + extension + AT) are required to meet specific requirements
18:49:58 [AllanJ]
specific requirements = UAAG requirements
18:50:53 [AllanJ]
cl: could also include technology in items 3 a, b, c. conformance would declare SVG etc.
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Attendees were Jim_Allan, cklaws
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zakim, make minutes
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I don't understand 'make minutes', AllanJ
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Please refer to for more detailed help.
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Some of the commands I know are:
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xxx is yyy - establish yyy as the name of unknown party xxx
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if yyy is 'me' or 'I', your nick is substituted
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xxx may be yyy - establish yyy as possibly the name of unknown party xxx
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I am xxx - establish your nick as the name of unknown party xxx
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xxx holds yyy [, zzz ...] - establish xxx as a group name and yyy, etc. as participants within that group
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xxx also holds yyy - add yyy to the list of participants in group xxx
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who's here? - lists the participants on the phone
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mute xxx - mutes party xxx (like pressing 61#)
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unmute xxx - reverses the effect of "mute" and of 61#
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is xxx here? - reports whether a party named like xxx is present
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ACTION: JA change language for 1e [2]
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