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Meeting: W3C Multimedia Semantics XG - Telecon 29-03-2007, 16:00 UTC
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zakim, list conferences
15:51:08 [Zakim]
I see GA_WebCGM()11:00AM, XML_PMWG()11:00AM, VB_VBWG()10:00AM, XML_SchemaW(f2f)9:00AM, SW_HCLS()11:00AM, WAI_Team()10:30AM active
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also scheduled at this time are Style_XSL WG()12:00PM, DIG_TAMI()11:00AM, I18N_Core_WG(WS-I18N)11:00AM, INC_MMSEM()12:00PM, SYMM_TTWG()12:00PM, WS_DescWG()11:00AM
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zakim, this will be INC_MMSEM
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ok, raphael; I see INC_MMSEM()12:00PM scheduled to start in 9 minutes
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Meeting: W3C Multimedia Semantics XG - Telecon 29-03-2007, 16:00 UTC
15:51:32 [raphael]
Chair: Jeff, Raphael
15:51:39 [raphael]
Scribe: Zeljko
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Regrets: Tobias, Vassilis, Roberto, Chris, Sofia, Pasquale, Ioannis, Melli, Michael
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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Hi Raphael
15:55:04 [chrisa_stamatia]
yes, we are together in Chania, working on the deliverable
15:55:07 [JeffP]
Hi guys
15:55:14 [chrisa_stamatia]
hi all!
15:55:27 [JeffP]
I mean "Hi ladies"
15:55:34 [chrisa_stamatia]
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15:56:28 [chrisa_stamatia]
we have some concerns on the schedule, it is a bit tight given the Eastern...
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zakim, [CWI] is Raphael
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zakim, who is making noise?
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Thomas_Franz, Raphael, Zeljko, Jeff_Pan, GiovanniTumarello, Suzanne_Massimo
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On IRC I see ocelma, zeljko, ThomasFranz, JeffP, chrisa_stamatia, RRSAgent, Zakim, raphael, alessio
16:02:01 [ocelma]
raphael: i did the call via the Spanish dial-in number, but not sure whether it worked (lots of music, but still waiting...)
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+ +0329331aacc
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Scribe: Zeljko
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zakim, ??PÓ is Oscar
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sorry, raphael, I do not recognize a party named '??PÓ'
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Topic: 1. ADMIN
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sorry, raphael, I do not know which phone connection belongs to Chirs_Erik_Gaetan
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16:07:14 [zeljko]
PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 15th March 2007 telecon
16:07:34 [zeljko]
RESOLUTION: accepted the minutes of the 15th March 2007 telecon
16:07:47 [zeljko]
RESOLUTION: Next telecon scheduled: 13th April 2007
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16:07:57 [zeljko]
Topic: 2. LINKS Pages
16:08:09 [zeljko]
Vocabularies page
16:08:32 [zeljko]
ACTION: Michael to prepare a stable TR Voc page for review by next telecon [PENDING]
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16:08:58 [raphael]
Tools page
16:09:12 [raphael]
Comments from Raphael:
16:10:14 [zeljko]
Linking tools page and use cases
16:10:28 [raphael]
The minutes of 15/03/07:
16:10:49 [giovannit]
Zakim, who's here?
16:10:49 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Thomas_Franz (muted), Raphael, Zeljko, Jeff_Pan, GiovanniTumarello (muted), Suzanne_Massimo, Chris_Erik_Gaetan (muted), Oscar, SusanneBoll (muted)
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On IRC I see giovannit, SusanneBoll, Chris_Erik_Gaetan, ocelma, zeljko, ThomasFranz, JeffP, chrisa_stamatia, RRSAgent, Zakim, raphael, alessio
16:11:00 [giovannit]
Zakim, GiovanniTumarello is me
16:11:00 [Zakim]
+giovannit; got it
16:11:58 [zeljko]
Links from Use Case pages to Tools pages, but not necessarily other way round
16:12:30 [zeljko]
ACTION: Zeljko to rise discussion on links between tool and use cases pages
16:12:54 [zeljko]
Additions to tools page
16:13:23 [zeljko]
Problems with classifications of tools
16:14:21 [zeljko]
Video terms too resctrictive?
16:15:21 [zeljko]
Most of video tools also do the other media
16:15:51 [zeljko]
Separate mark for multiple media types
16:16:16 [zeljko]
"Multimodal" as an alternative?
16:17:23 [zeljko]
Raphael: add text in categories
16:19:25 [zeljko]
ACTION: Zeljko to rephrase the introduction to tools classifications
16:19:55 [zeljko]
Zeljko: Tools page has also linked from other wiki pages, and vice versa
16:20:19 [zeljko]
ACTION: Jeff and Raphael to ask W3C what will happen with wiki after the end of XG
16:20:43 [SusanneBoll]
I would also support for keeping the mailing list and Wiki pages active
16:20:47 [zeljko]
Jeff: related to extension of XG
16:21:01 [zeljko]
Topic: 3. Image Annotation on the Semantic Web Deliverable
16:21:23 [zeljko]
ACTION: Raphael addresses the comments on "Image Annotation on the Semantic Web document" by next telecon change the css style (XG report) [DONE]
16:21:56 [zeljko]
ACTION: Raphael to write to the list email with acceptance for publication
16:22:13 [zeljko]
Topic: 4. Interoperability Deliverable
16:22:21 [zeljko]
4.1 Structure (Vassilis, Jeff)
16:22:40 [zeljko]
Jeff: fixed minor comments...
16:22:57 [zeljko]
... table of content is now restricted to only two levels...
16:23:09 [zeljko]
... moving all the references to end of the document...
16:23:21 [zeljko]
..minor but time consuming...
16:23:53 [zeljko]
...discuss the use of RDF to improve interoperability...
16:24:11 [SusanneBoll]
16:24:14 [raphael]
zakim, unmute SusanneBoll
16:24:14 [Zakim]
SusanneBoll should no longer be muted
16:24:41 [zeljko]
SusanneBoll: the problem with RDF is that it cannot access the fraction of the resource...
16:24:56 [zeljko]
... rectangle with image, for example...
16:25:28 [zeljko]
...reply sent to the list...
16:25:50 [zeljko]
Raphael: well known issue, several possibilities...
16:26:09 [zeljko]
... XML snippet, that define the anchor, and annotation describe that anchor...
16:27:20 [zeljko]
... defines how you define the region, MPEG-7 offers more detailed way...
16:27:39 [zeljko]
SusanneBoll: solution, but complicated
16:28:07 [Chris_Erik_Gaetan]
DIG35 also has some MPEG-7 like solution for this
16:28:09 [zeljko]
Raphael: write to the list concrete problem, to get response about how to od the annotation
16:28:46 [zeljko]
SussaneBoll: is there any group/paper about this issues?
16:29:05 [zeljko]
Raphael: "Obscure Object of Desire: Metadata on the Web"
16:29:24 [zeljko]
Jeff: problem is not about RDF...
16:29:40 [zeljko]
...we need to have some other means to identify regions...
16:29:49 [zeljko]
...meeting with Vasilis...
16:30:47 [zeljko]
...section 3.3 of interoperability deliverable...
16:31:14 [zeljko]
...discussion about the patterns that we can find in the photo use case...
16:31:30 [zeljko]
..relation with algorithm use case...
16:31:47 [zeljko]
...different interoperability requirements of use cases...
16:31:56 [zeljko]
...additional ontologies needed...
16:32:36 [zeljko] use case - interesting illustrations of interoperability problems, but no solutions written in the Wiki...
16:32:57 [zeljko]
...writte all the solutions, and come with common patterns among use cases...
16:33:18 [zeljko]
...add more concrete examples that illustrate both the problem and solution...
16:33:47 [zeljko]
Raphael: time scale about filling sections
16:34:10 [zeljko]
Jeff: basically ready, interdependency of sections...
16:34:39 [zeljko]
ACTION: Jeff and Vasilis to fill 3.1 and 3.2
16:34:52 [zeljko]
Topic: 4.2 Music Use case: (Oscar)
16:35:02 [zeljko]
ID3 to OWL conversion
16:35:19 [zeljko]
Oscar: interesting discussion in the list...
16:35:36 [zeljko]
...implementation between ID3 and music ontology
16:35:54 [zeljko]
...common ideas as there, should not be difficult to implement mapping...
16:36:01 [giovannit]
zakim, unmute me
16:36:01 [Zakim]
giovannit should no longer be muted
16:36:08 [zeljko]
...finish coding, update the Wiki pages...
16:36:20 [zeljko]
Raphael: do not focus on size of Wiki pages...
16:36:32 [zeljko]
..short and focused is goed...
16:36:46 [raphael]
16:37:00 [zeljko]
John: happy to participate and work with Oscar
16:37:26 [raphael]
ACTION: Oscar to update the UC and the interop deliverable PENDING
16:37:47 [raphael]
16:39:50 [zeljko]
ACTION: Giovanni to explain in more detail parts of the music use case, defining how to generate play lists
16:40:54 [zeljko]
Giovanni: relation with implementation and output of XG (use case description)?
16:41:05 [zeljko]
... actual implementation, or plans, descriptions...
16:41:26 [zeljko]
Raphale: XG report text, but can link implementation of systems...
16:42:36 [giovannit]
zakim, mute me
16:42:36 [Zakim]
giovannit should now be muted
16:43:15 [raphael]
ACTION: Oscar to update a possible scenario with classical music PENDING
16:43:40 [zeljko]
Topic: 4.3 News Use case: (Thierry, Chris, Raphael)
16:43:47 [zeljko]
Raphael: modified the wiki...
16:44:03 [zeljko]
...late, agressive time plan to finish the use case in a week...
16:44:12 [sboll]
sboll has joined #mmsem
16:44:13 [zeljko]
..focussing the porblems, not clear before...
16:44:25 [zeljko]
...updating examples in wiki pages...
16:44:31 [zeljko] are there, documenting them...
16:44:43 [Chris_Erik_Gaetan]
16:44:46 [zeljko]
Topic: 4.4 Photo Use case: (Susanne Boll, Erik Mannens)
16:45:12 [raphael]
zakim, unmute Chris_Erik_Gaetan
16:45:12 [Zakim]
Chris_Erik_Gaetan should no longer be muted
16:45:13 [Chris_Erik_Gaetan]
unmute me
16:45:28 [zeljko]
Chris: 4 thing to say...
16:45:57 [zeljko]
...1. progress from 50% to 85%, done by next teleconf...
16:46:04 [sboll]
16:46:05 [zeljko]
...concrete examples...
16:46:12 [raphael]
wowwwwwwww BIS :-)
16:46:20 [zeljko]
...2. to more examples
16:46:30 [zeljko]
...3. licencing issues...
16:47:10 [zeljko]
...eager that we use it, but for management commitee they need written request from W3C...
16:47:17 [zeljko]
...but it is gonna be OK...
16:48:02 [zeljko]
ACTION: Jeff, Raphael and Chric to ask written W3C about formal written request
16:48:14 [sboll]
unmute me
16:48:22 [raphael]
16:48:33 [raphael]
zakim, unmute SusanneBoll
16:48:33 [Zakim]
SusanneBoll was not muted, raphael
16:49:03 [zeljko]
Raphael: report to the list
16:49:40 [raphael]
16:49:56 [raphael]
zakim, ack Chris_Erik_Gaetan
16:49:56 [Zakim]
I see raphael on the speaker queue
16:50:26 [zeljko]
SusanneBoll: interesting to look at this new standard
16:50:54 [zeljko]
..should we use it more?
16:51:19 [zeljko]
Erik: XMP, look int it, did not do it yet...
16:51:29 [raphael]
16:51:29 [zeljko]
...after current work...
16:52:16 [zeljko]
SusanneBoll: is standard solving many efforts, or is it still open issue
16:52:42 [zeljko]
Chris: ontology on the top of that to combine standards...
16:52:55 [zeljko]
...generate one ontology to combine metadata standards...
16:53:19 [zeljko]
Raphael: design an old sschema, is it available?
16:53:26 [raphael]
zakim, ack me
16:53:26 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
16:53:27 [zeljko] to do the tranformations?
16:53:47 [zeljko]
Schema is almost done, on th eweb site until next teleconf...
16:53:57 [zeljko]
...not automatic translation...
16:54:10 [raphael]
ACTION: Erik to send the URL of the DIG35 OWL Schema by the next telecon
16:54:20 [zeljko]
...develop a simple example, and transfer it into RDF...
16:54:41 [ThomasFranz]
zakim, unmute me
16:54:41 [Zakim]
Thomas_Franz should no longer be muted
16:54:42 [zeljko]
Topic: 4.5 Tagging Use case: (George, Thomas, Raphael)
16:54:58 [zeljko]
Thomas: will be two meetings about that in April...
16:54:59 [zeljko]
16:55:07 [zeljko]
... in two weeks...
16:55:30 [zeljko]
...discuss possible implementations, but not bring implementation...
16:55:37 [zeljko]
..more frequent meeting after...
16:55:52 [zeljko] outcome of the meetings...
16:56:06 [zeljko]
Topic: 4.6 Algorithm representation Use case: (Massimo, Suzanne, Patrizia, Ovidio)
16:56:07 [ThomasFranz]
zakim, mute me
16:56:07 [Zakim]
Thomas_Franz should now be muted
16:56:36 [zeljko]
Jeff: send the comments to the mailing list...
16:57:11 [zeljko]
...pattern not the same for this UC...
16:57:15 [zeljko]
ACTION: Jeff and Vassilis to review algorithm representation UC [PENDING]
16:57:28 [zeljko]
ACTION: Vassilis to contact Massimo to ask for next steps [DONE]
16:57:50 [zeljko]
Massimo: waiting review...
16:58:36 [zeljko]
ACTION: Jeff to finish a review in one week
16:58:45 [zeljko]
Topic: 4.7 Semantic Multimedia Retrieval Use case: (Ioannis, Sofia)
16:59:44 [zeljko]
Second part of the UC could be dropped?...
17:00:44 [zeljko]
Topic: 5. MPEG-7 Deliverable (10')
17:01:12 [zeljko]
Raphael: started discussions, established very aggressive work plant ot get documents quickly...
17:01:23 [zeljko]
...keep updated the list about the progress...
17:01:39 [zeljko]
Topic: 6. AOB
17:02:14 [zeljko]
Jeff: Future of the XG
17:02:32 [raphael]
... discussion on the list about a possible workshop
17:02:46 [zeljko]
...chairs to check the possibilities of extending XG to get the job done...
17:02:53 [Chris_Erik_Gaetan]
17:02:57 [zeljko]
...also related to the workshop...
17:03:22 [zeljko]
ACTION: Jeff and Raphael to contact W3C about extending XG
17:03:45 [raphael]
zakim, ack Chris_Erik_Gaetan
17:03:45 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
17:04:15 [zeljko]
Erik: other want to work with us, also big companies...
17:04:39 [sboll]
happy easter everybody
17:04:51 [giovannit]
see you everybody :-)
17:04:53 [Zakim]
17:04:55 [Zakim]
17:04:57 [Zakim]
17:04:58 [Zakim]
17:04:59 [Zakim]
17:05:02 [Zakim]
17:05:03 [Zakim]
17:05:03 [Zakim]
17:05:07 [ThomasFranz]
17:05:09 [Zakim]
17:05:11 [Zakim]
INC_MMSEM()12:00PM has ended
17:05:12 [Zakim]
Attendees were Thomas_Franz, Raphael, Zeljko, Jeff_Pan, Suzanne_Massimo, Chris_Erik_Gaetan, Oscar, SusanneBoll, giovannit
17:05:13 [chrisa_stamatia]
17:05:36 [raphael]
Present: Thomas_Franz, Raphael, Zeljko, Jeff_Pan, Suzanne_Massimo, Chris_Erik_Gaetan, Oscar, SusanneBoll, giovannit
17:05:44 [raphael]
zakim, draft minutes
17:05:44 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'draft minutes', raphael
17:05:51 [raphael]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
17:05:51 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate raphael
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