IRC log of mwts on 2007-03-27

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logging to
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all, I sent in conf call details
15:17:30 [cgi-irc]
ready now
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oops, let me sign back as carmelo
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Dom are you on IRC?
15:24:48 [Carmelo]
On the call, carmelo, Til Drimitri and carmelo
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15:25:02 [Carmelo]
Call was late due to bridge problems
15:25:07 [Carmelo]
Carmelo took notes.
15:25:23 [dom]
15:25:25 [dom]
Scribe: Carmelo
15:25:33 [dom]
Present: Till, Carmelo, Dmitri, Dom
15:25:41 [dom]
Chair: Dom
15:25:47 [dom]
RRSAgent, make log public
15:25:51 [dom]
Meeting: MWI Test Suite WG Teleconf
15:26:32 [dom]
Topic: Conformance test suites for mobile web tecchs
15:26:48 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to try and get in touch with user agent developers (OpenWave and Nokia) [recorded in]
15:27:16 [Carmelo]
DOM asked from help from steering committee and some feedback was given
15:27:36 [dom]
15:27:56 [Carmelo]
Also get in contact with DATAUL???,an indian company
15:28:14 [dom]
jataayu's browser: jB5
15:29:18 [Carmelo]
Still hoping for extra responses.
15:29:25 [dom]
15:29:44 [Carmelo]
Any extra feedback?
15:29:47 [Carmelo]
none given
15:30:16 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to look at implementing an id for test session [recorded in] [PENDING]
15:30:25 [Carmelo]
This still pending
15:30:52 [Carmelo]
Harness code was sent in to the list.
15:30:53 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to send test harness code to mailing list [recorded in] [DONE]
15:31:26 [Carmelo]
Carmelo to look into the code a bit later todat
15:31:51 [Carmelo]
Till and Dimitri to look at code tomorrow
15:32:19 [Carmelo]
DOm expecting that by next week most of the suggestions to harness be implemented.
15:33:25 [Carmelo]
The buttoms vs Link usage was discussed
15:34:28 [Carmelo]
Till explained that links are a bit basic and easy to use.
15:35:45 [Carmelo]
Any other comments on Harnness?
15:36:23 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to get back to Bert on CSS MP collaboration [recorded in] [PENDING]
15:36:30 [Carmelo]
on the CSS collaboration issue, this is pending
15:37:43 [Carmelo]
CSS do not have enough resources to maintain the test suite
15:38:49 [dom]
ACTION: Carmelo to check with Tim Bolland wrt status of CSS Test suite and relation to WCSS Test suite
15:40:54 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to check whether we're allowed to put the WCSS Test suite in the mobile test harness
15:40:56 [Carmelo]
Dom asked Will theharness be a bit more useful to Opera and the CSS usage?
15:41:08 [Carmelo]
Till - Yes it would
15:41:41 [dom]
ACTION: Till to get feedback from his Opera colleagues on making the Javascript more usable on mobile devices [recorded in] [DONE]
15:43:54 [Carmelo]
Till commented on new version of the test harness
15:44:17 [Carmelo]
Dom - anyone willing to explore modifying the test suite.
15:45:01 [dom]
ACTION: Till to send suggestions on DOM mobile test suite to public mailing list
15:46:01 [Carmelo]
Any interest on opera for the XTML suite?
15:46:23 [Carmelo]
The XHTML Suite that is
15:46:51 [Carmelo]
ACTION - on DOM to explore using XHTML MP as part of the harness
15:47:02 [Carmelo]
DOM - What about SVG Tiny?
15:47:14 [Carmelo]
Till ---> Yes
15:47:44 [Carmelo]
ACTIO Item on DOM using the SVG Tiny on the harness.
15:48:53 [Carmelo]
Dom - anyone remember discussing the testing framework last week?
15:49:19 [Carmelo]
Carmelo - not discussed
15:49:52 [Carmelo]
DOM - feedback on this is quite good
15:50:08 [Carmelo]
24 people interested on looking at such a system
15:50:22 [Carmelo]
about half were interested on submitting results
15:51:07 [Carmelo]
DOM - if we can get the 14 interested parties involved, will be a great start
15:51:26 [till]
17:48Carmelo: not a valid action item :)
15:51:33 [Carmelo]
Dom - Carmelo, Till, and Drimitri, any feedback on this?
15:52:33 [Carmelo]
Correction on Action Item above "ACTION Item on Dom using the SVG Tiny on the harness.
15:54:26 [Carmelo]
Dom - Is testing framework a good use of the resources of this group?
15:54:33 [Carmelo]
Carmelo - Yes
15:54:53 [Carmelo]
Dom - usefult o start drafting a submission document.
15:56:32 [Carmelo]
ACTION Item on Carmelo to draft a document for test submissions.
15:57:11 [Carmelo]
Next meeting?
15:57:17 [Carmelo]
Dom will be out
15:57:29 [Carmelo]
carmelo will send agenda
15:58:39 [Carmelo]
and chair
15:58:51 [Carmelo]
Carmelo also to look at helping with conf call if need be
15:59:31 [Carmelo]
Schedule for May needs to be discussed
15:59:32 [Carmelo]
Schedule for May needs to be discussed
16:00:28 [Carmelo]
ACTION Item on Dom to get a survey together for May availability
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate dom
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