IRC log of databinding on 2007-03-06

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Meeting: Databinding WG Teleconference
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Date: 06 March 2007
14:57:56 [pauld]
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 3294 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), pauld
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+ +0791888aaaa
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zakim, aaaa is me
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+pauld; got it
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see pauld, George_Cowe
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On IRC I see gcowe, Zakim, RRSAgent, pauld, Yves, trackbot
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scribe: pauld
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Topic: Administrivia
15:06:55 [pauld]
15:07:06 [pauld]
chair: pauld
15:08:08 [pauld]
minutes from last two telcons and the F2F approved
15:10:01 [pauld]
gcowe: suggested F2F 18-20 April
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+ +44.131.313.aabb
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15:12:04 [pauld]
zakim, aabb is Jon_Calladine
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+Jon_Calladine; got it
15:13:22 [pauld]
pauld: heard a lot of love for the WG at the Workshop last week
15:13:35 [pauld]
.. challenge is to turn that into participation
15:14:38 [pauld]
.. maybe we could have an event to promote our work to implementers
15:15:05 [pauld]
jonc: a day at a F2F, maybe May-June to promote our testsuite sounds good
15:16:21 [pauld]
gcowe: are we ready for that, we need to do more work to be in a position to run an event
15:17:12 [pauld]
pauld: a F2F to prepare our testsuite and documentation might be a good way forward
15:18:13 [pauld]
pauld: I'd like to get XFire and WSO2 onto a test report and have them compete to interoperate
15:18:38 [pauld]
jonc: would that encourage others to participate?
15:19:23 [pauld]
jonc: a publicised webinar might not involve commitment
15:19:53 [pauld]
pauld: a screencast might be a good way forward, something can run in their own home
15:22:58 [pauld]
.. show checking of a schema using the patterns detection service, running a test of Axis2
15:23:27 [pauld]
yves: publishing a report would help a lot - people will send comments
15:24:17 [pauld]
Topic: Test Suite
15:24:37 [pauld]
jonc: been looking for missing patterns in our WSDLs
15:25:08 [pauld]
.. choice still being throw up by different usage of choice
15:25:39 [pauld]
.. choice with different cardinalities
15:26:04 [pauld]
pauld: are you making the patterns more generic, or adding more patterns?
15:27:09 [pauld]
.. just tred carefully making the patterns too generic
15:27:59 [pauld]
gcowe: need to look into this further
15:28:10 [pauld]
pauld: best to build up with fine grained pattersn
15:28:45 [pauld]
15:28:50 [pauld]
Topic: test report
15:29:14 [pauld]
yves: been working on the checking of the response XML to request XML
15:29:28 [pauld]
.. attributeDefault required a specific check
15:29:40 [pauld]
.. close to having something "good enough"
15:30:10 [pauld]
.. ready to work on aggregation
15:30:37 [pauld]
.. verification is based on the example name, e.g integer triggers integer comparison
15:31:36 [pauld]
pauld: working on pattern detection for schemas in the wild
15:34:11 [pauld]
Topic: running the test
15:34:27 [pauld]
pauld: toolkit.xml excludes examples which cause barfing
15:35:49 [pauld]
.. runit HTTP POSTs instance documents and builds output.xml
15:36:32 [pauld]
pauld: as usual I'm the weakest link, but you guys are making me look bad, so that's good news
15:37:19 [pauld]
gcowe: so the one service does all the operations?
15:37:22 [pauld]
pauld: yes
15:37:48 [pauld]
gcowe: barf-dancing for Axis took an hour and a half with the deploy/undeploy step
15:38:01 [pauld]
Topic: Last Call Comments
15:38:16 [pauld]
pauld: still not updated EXIT, sorry!
15:38:31 [pauld]
pauld: have had some new comments
15:39:05 [pauld]
pauld: philippe asked "is choice a basic pattern"
15:40:12 [pauld]
pauld: difficult to tell at present, philippe has offered to help build a table at the end of the spec for the use of each schema element
15:41:29 [pauld]
pauld: Hugo also commented on the complexity of XPaths, I'll try and tidy them up, and write an introduction
15:41:44 [pauld]
jonc: we've found that some XPaths have to be complex
15:42:46 [pauld]
jonc: we've found the XPath reported for "unknowns" isn't always valid
15:43:44 [pauld]
gcowe: it looks like an XPath, but maybe the stylesheet is breaking the lines up and making them invalid?
15:44:35 [pauld]
pauld: sounds like a bug! I wrote that code, maybe you could send mail and I'll fix it
15:45:58 [pauld]
jonc: a certain toolkit "voldermort" is rejecting our schemas, which contain circular references
15:46:41 [pauld]
.. can we write an XPath to detect that?
15:46:58 [pauld]
pauld: possibly within a single schema document
15:47:06 [pauld]
.. or a WSDL
15:47:22 [pauld]
.. but not with import and include, not easily that is
15:47:33 [pauld]
.. we have the same issue with include
15:47:55 [pauld]
pauld: we could apply an assertion
15:48:45 [pauld]
.. we need to add assertions to the validation service -for encoding etc
15:49:08 [pauld]
jonc: would circular dependencies and mandatory links is asking for trouble
15:49:38 [pauld]
.. minOccurs="n>0" is asking for trouble
15:50:10 [pauld]
pauld: raise an issue
15:52:59 [pauld]
we'll meet again in two weeks time
15:53:17 [pauld]
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15:53:27 [Zakim]
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Attendees were +0791888aaaa, pauld, George_Cowe, Yves, Jon_Calladine, +44.131.313.aabb
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