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&specTitle; Disposition of Comments

&specTitle; Disposition of Comments

This is the Disposition of Comments for the &specPubDate; &specStatus; of the &specLink;. This document lists the comments received during the &specStatus; period and the extent to which the &wg; believes they have been addressed.

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1. Overview of Comments

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1.1 Reaction of the Working Group and (dis)satisfaction of the Reviewer

- Reviewer satisfied Reviewer not satisfied No reply from reviewer
WG accepted comment
WG rejects comment

1.2 List of Comments per Category

  • reviewerNotSatisfied The reviewer is not satisfied with the response of the Working Group.
  • reviewerSatisfied The reviewer is satisfied with the response of the Working Group.
  • changeDeclined The Working Group declined to implement the change which the reviewer requested.
  • noResponse The reviewer did not respond to the decision of the Working Group.
  • FIXED The Working Group has accepted the proposal of the reviewer.
  • externalComments Comments from reviewers who are not participating in the Working Group.

1.3 Non-editorial Changes in the Draft

nonEditorialChange To implement the comment, the Working Group made a non-editorial change to the specification. Nevertheless, the Working Group believes that the change does not invalidate previous reviews of the draft or implementation experiences, since no new concept was introduced, and no existing concept was modified.

2. Detailed Description of Comments

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Change declined. No response from reviewer. Working Group accepted proposal. Reviewer is not satisfied. Reviewer is satisfied. Non-editorial change. Working Group External Comment.