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bugs2html is an XSLT 2.0 stylesheet bugs2html.xsl and a separate set of entities bugs2html-specinfo.dtd for generating a simple disposition of comments out of Bugzilla. The output provides just enough information for a transition call, but not more. The benefit is that the process is mostly automated, and it takes not much time to set it up.

Before Using bugs2html: Preparing Bugzilla

NOTE: You need appropriate access rights to Bugzilla for the following steps. Talk to your W3C staff contact or me for more information.

Simple Usage

  1. Make a query for the bugs you want to integrate into the disposition of comments. Press the "XML" export button.
  2. The exported XML is not well-formed and not valid against the Bugzilla DTD - due to a Bugzilla Bug :(. To make it well-formed, delete the XML-declaration and the DOCTYPE from the XML document. You can see a sample XML document here.
  3. Download bugs2html.xsl and bugs2html-specinfo.dtd.
  4. In bugs2html-specinfo.dtd, adapt the following entities:
  5. Run the XML document against bugs2html.xsl. You can see a sample output here. NOTE: if you don't have an XSLT 2.0 processor available, you might consider using the public W3C Online XSLT 2.0 Service.

Why (and how) does it work + Advanced Usage

bugs2html assumes the following usage of Bugzilla:

In addition to these two categories, there are four categories which don't rely on the Bugzilla "resolution" field:

There are two ways to use these four categories:

The latter method is faster than changing the bugzilla entries themselves.

If Everything fails ...

... you have probably used other fields than "resolution" in Bugzilla to express the relevant categories. In that case, you can adapt the XPath expressions used by bugs2html to fulfill your needs: they are encapsulated in the entities (see bugs2html-specinfo.dtd) wgAcceptsCommentXPath, wgRejectsCommentXPath, reviewerSatisfiedXPath, reviewerNotSatisfiedXPath, noResponseXPath, nonEditorialChangeXPath and externalCommentsXPath.

Felix Sasaki
$Date: 2007/03/19 04:36:10 $