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zakim, this will be er
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ok, shadi; I see WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM scheduled to start in 8 minutes
14:52:48 [shadi]
meeting: ERT WG
14:52:52 [shadi]
chair: Shadi
14:53:09 [shadi]
regrets: Daniela, Charles
14:54:22 [shadi]
14:54:36 [shadi]
agenda+ De-brief from face-to-face meeting
14:54:49 [shadi]
agenda+ Action-item review and publication schedule
14:55:04 [shadi]
agenda+ Updated EARL 1.0 Schema Editor's Draft
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WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM has now started
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Attendees were Shadi
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Zakim, klaus is really Johannes
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+Johannes; got it
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zakim, berrueta is really CarlosI
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+CarlosI; got it
15:06:07 [JohannesK]
scribe: JohannesK
15:06:31 [JohannesK]
SAZ: we can skip de-briefing (topic 1)
15:06:48 [JohannesK]
SAZ: I created new draft for EARL schema, sent to list
15:07:24 [JohannesK]
JK: I could probably send new draft for HTTP-in-RDF draft by tomorrow
15:08:53 [JohannesK]
SAZ: March 14th: formal decision for publishing EARL last call
15:09:21 [JohannesK]
SAZ: publishing could then be about a week after
15:10:12 [JohannesK]
SAZ: publish new HTTP-in-RDF draft together with EARL last call
15:10:46 [JohannesK]
SAZ: would be great to also publish a first publisc draft for Pointers
15:10:57 [shadi]
15:11:01 [JohannesK]
15:12:18 [shadi]
scribe: JohannesK, Shadi
15:12:27 [JohannesK]
SAZ: bottom of section 1.1 new note about security/privacy issues
15:15:43 [shadi]
CI: tone of the message is quite negative, try to rephrase more positively
15:16:05 [shadi]
action: saz revise the note on security/privacy to be more positive
15:16:37 [shadi]
CI: missing something about trust. did not discuss it but may reference some other work like POWDER
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15:19:36 [shadi]
SAZ: security & privacy also outside the scope of EARL
15:20:06 [shadi]
CI: security & privacy is an issue of EARL reports, trust is different
15:20:50 [shadi]
JK: can leave it out or put it in if someone asks for it
15:23:29 [shadi]
SAZ: what about the position in the document? its a bit hidden
15:23:49 [shadi]
CI: yes, hidden. maybe before the examples? don't know exactly where
15:25:15 [shadi]
SAZ: section 1.3 seems to me like a bit of a repitition to "audience" sub-section of 1.2
15:25:54 [shadi]
SAZ: earl:mode has now an "at most = 1" restriction
15:26:31 [shadi]
SAZ: using rdf:about rather than rdf:ID to avoid confusion
15:27:07 [shadi]
SAZ: split section 2.2 into 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 to make it easier to read
15:27:48 [shadi]
SAZ: example 7 reflects what we had decided at the f2f, would like feedback
15:28:25 [shadi]
SAZ: section 2.8 more or less completely rewritten, please look at it closely
15:30:09 [shadi]
action: saz fix example 12 (missing backslash for earl:context)
15:30:22 [shadi]
action: saz fix numbering (section4 should be 3)
15:30:29 [JohannesK]
15:30:42 [shadi]
SAZ: updated terms tables
15:31:06 [shadi] "classes" added "suggested types" together with "allowable types"
15:31:37 [shadi] properties added "restrictions"
15:32:35 [shadi] "Values" added "description"
15:32:51 [shadi]
SAZ: also updated history section
15:35:34 [shadi]
CI: do we need to keep all the previous changes or only to the last WD?
15:36:06 [shadi]
action: saz take out the changes prior to the previous WD
15:37:58 [shadi]
SAZ: also need to check how this draft is in-line with our requirements document
15:38:00 [shadi]
15:39:15 [shadi]
Topic: short name for "Pointer Methods in RDF"
15:39:49 [shadi]
15:39:56 [shadi]
15:40:04 [shadi]
15:40:32 [shadi]
JK: Pointer or Pointer-in-RDF
15:40:40 [shadi]
CI: Pointers
15:40:52 [shadi]
s/JK: Pointer/JK: Pointers
15:42:20 [shadi]
RESOLUTION: go for "Pointers" (unless overlap with other work)
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WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM has ended
15:43:07 [Zakim]
Attendees were Shadi, Klaus/Johannes/Thomas, Johannes, CarlosI
15:43:17 [shadi]
zakim, bye
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ACTION: saz revise the note on security/privacy to be more positive [1]
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ACTION: saz fix example 12 (missing backslash for earl:context) [2]
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ACTION: saz fix numbering (section4 should be 3) [3]
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ACTION: saz take out the changes prior to the previous WD [4]
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