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hello ivan, martin
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hi Lee
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Zakim, what is the key
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I don't understand 'what is the key', kjetilk
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 7936 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), ivan
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+ +003539152aaaa
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Zakim, IPcaller is me
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+kjetilk; got it
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zakim, dial ivan-617
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ok, ivan; the call is being made
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+ +49.895.480.aabb
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Zakim, IBMCambridge holds LeeF,wing
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+ +49.892.180.aacc
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zakim, ??P33 is bengee
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+bengee; got it
16:02:54 [cgi-irc]
Ivan to give an update on how we should publish the results from the Enterprise survey
16:03:07 [bengee]
thx, LeeF
16:03:11 [LeeF]
16:03:26 [cgi-irc]
Wing has a list of pilot projects
16:04:28 [Susie]
Regrets: Dave, Karen, Pasquale, Yue, Frank
16:04:31 [PaulaP]
see for more information
16:05:02 [cgi-irc]
Reverse made up of 100 persons 27 persons
16:05:14 [PaulaP]
16:05:20 [cgi-irc]
Their technology transfer projects used to inform
16:05:29 [cgi-irc]
of their technology
16:05:44 [cgi-irc]
used to inform online educators
16:06:27 [kjetilk]
Meeting: SWEO Teleconf
16:06:31 [cgi-irc]
PaulaP introduces herself
16:06:48 [Zakim]
16:06:50 [cgi-irc]
Todays agenda review of action items
16:07:03 [uldis_]
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16:08:33 [LeeF]
zakim, aabb is Dunitschka
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+Dunitschka; got it
16:08:37 [kjetilk]
PaulW: perhaps you're P40, if you called in just before joining IRC
16:08:49 [cgi-irc]
Frank has action item of finishing the first draft of his use case
16:09:31 [cgi-irc]
Alistair fa high level action item of finishing his use case
16:09:39 [cgi-irc]
16:09:51 [cgi-irc]
Wing to speak to KAren on her return
16:10:06 [PaulW]
If you can hear noise from my end please mute me, thanks
16:10:24 [cgi-irc]
Kjetilk to talk about suggested SW projects for the community
16:10:38 [kjetilk]
16:10:49 [cgi-irc]
projrct ideas to be submitted by the 14th
16:12:12 [cgi-irc]
more visibility could get more visibilty
16:12:19 [cgi-irc]
16:12:26 [cgi-irc]
via proposals
16:13:34 [cgi-irc]
promotion of preferred projects to get people who havent participated already to get them involved
16:14:20 [cgi-irc]
Everyone to look at projects and priority taken on projects to raise visibility of projects to attract non SW people
16:14:33 [cgi-irc]
Everyones feedback needed by next Wednesday
16:15:16 [wing]
16:15:20 [cgi-irc]
Wing goes through pilot projects
16:15:45 [cgi-irc]
this is a list of people and the companies they work for grouped into three categories
16:16:26 [cgi-irc]
using the SW to keep track of how poisonous chemicals get stored
16:17:41 [cgi-irc]
Search engine for job offers, using SW and ontologies to organise surveyors knowledge,using the technologies for fraud and surveillance
16:18:50 [cgi-irc]
MetaMAtrix case
16:19:01 [cgi-irc]
And also BT case
16:20:43 [cgi-irc]
next category not much information given but trying to track archives and real-time data across numerous systems at Boeing for example
16:21:25 [cgi-irc]
We need to reach out to people to gather use case studies
16:22:24 [cgi-irc]
Several names that i wont dare attempt to spell need to be approached
16:22:36 [cgi-irc]
someone from Ontotext
16:23:24 [cgi-irc]
mail to be sent by next Wednesday -action item by Martin?
16:24:38 [cgi-irc]
Mail to be sent to mailing list regarding knowing Roheet
16:24:54 [cgi-irc]
theer is no response Ivan to action this?
16:24:57 [wing]
16:25:01 [cgi-irc]
16:25:34 [martind]
Martin sending msg to Atanas Kiryakov from OntoText :-)
16:25:42 [cgi-irc]
16:25:55 [cgi-irc]
Brookes name to be lso sent out to list
16:26:57 [PaulaP]
16:27:08 [cgi-irc]
16:28:12 [cgi-irc]
Jeff has volunteered to take the lead in generating a use case-hypothetically how SW technologies can be used
16:28:44 [cgi-irc]
Jeff can start in a week on the 14th-expected update the 28th of Feb.
16:29:09 [cgi-irc]
Face to Face meeting
16:29:50 [cgi-irc]
Oil industry meeting in Stravanga in Norway on 24th and 25th Oil association people are able to provide us with a room
16:30:22 [cgi-irc]
SW days meeting on 24th and 25th SWEO to have possible meeting the 23rd?
16:30:49 [cgi-irc]
Susie proposing meeting April the 23rd
16:31:04 [cgi-irc]
One day Face 2 Face meeting
16:31:43 [cgi-irc]
Meeting could commence the Sunday afternoon if people fly in-am that morning
16:32:04 [cgi-irc]
Susie to send email out to mailing list
16:32:41 [cgi-irc]
Number of face to face meetings will be held in the future
16:34:33 [cgi-irc]
Next meeting the 13th of Feb and Lee has volunteered to chair the meeting that day see wiki.Group discussions to be focused on.
16:35:45 [cgi-irc]
Susie sent mail from Harry regarding the GRRDL spec -its close to completion
16:36:27 [cgi-irc]
Updating the SW activity page.Ivan will add extra content and would *welcome* any contributions or content
16:36:40 [PaulaP]
16:37:15 [cgi-irc]
16:38:17 [cgi-irc]
European SW technologies conference maybe have possibility of adding SWEO to their information pack
16:40:07 [cgi-irc]
W3c office in Austria should be contacted information could be provided in both German and English
16:40:26 [Zakim]
16:41:06 [PaulaP]
more on the conference:
16:41:20 [cgi-irc]
Dunitscjka suggests some glossy flyers could be produced-input would however be required
16:41:31 [PaulW]
If anyone is reading this - I have a silly question. What should I add my project proposal to from the drop down menu provided? tks
16:42:37 [cgi-irc]
what type of text should be used for a glossy brochure?
16:43:08 [cgi-irc]
diferent audiences?
16:43:20 [cgi-irc]
Different types of glossy shiny things
16:43:38 [cgi-irc]
Susie to find out when deadline is
16:43:53 [cgi-irc]
generic W3C collateral to be included
16:44:17 [cgi-irc]
W3C office in Austria according to Ivan has material and will send Susie a mail
16:44:23 [cgi-irc]
16:45:50 [martind]
16:46:21 [cgi-irc]
Jeff: coming up in July -Day in Sheffield on Conceptual structures,practical problems and possible solutions, the SW included in the workshop?
16:47:37 [cgi-irc]
Jeff to send mail out to the mailing list for possible SWEO attendance
16:48:24 [cgi-irc]
Dunitscka: Conference to take place in Dussledorf in June-one day on SW
16:48:41 [kidehen]
LeeF: is MIT Lecture Hall 34-101 safe address for Meetup?
16:48:54 [Susie]
16:48:57 [kidehen]
16:49:08 [PaulaP] for EBRC 2007
16:49:15 [cgi-irc]
Triple i- 3 event conference -3 areas of technology to be covered
16:50:06 [PaulaP]
Semantics 2007, i-know & i-media 2007 are held in September 2007 in Graz, Austria
16:50:08 [cgi-irc]
More details on conferences to be added to Wiki
16:50:26 [Zakim]
16:50:27 [Zakim]
16:50:27 [Zakim]
16:50:29 [Zakim]
16:50:31 [Zakim]
- +003539152aaaa
16:50:32 [Zakim]
16:50:33 [PaulaP]
16:50:34 [Zakim]
16:50:35 [Zakim]
16:50:36 [LeeF]
kidehen: Address is MIT Stata Center, 32 Vassar Street, 4th Floor, Star conference room (D462)
16:50:37 [Zakim]
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Attendees were +003539152aaaa, kjetilk, Kingsley_Idehen, Ivan, susie, martin, +49.895.480.aabb, LeeF, wing, PaulaP, Jeff_Schiffel, bengee, Dunitschka
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