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17:35:23 [raman]
Minutes: Raman
17:36:11 [raman]
Minutes of last teleconf linked from agenda.
17:36:34 [DanC]
(I have a ride to the airport leaving at T+50min, where T is the start of this call. so partial regrets.)
17:36:37 [raman]
vq; minutes approved
17:38:24 [raman]
Teleconf Scheduling:
17:39:06 [raman]
SW: Possible two open slots Monday 17::00 or Thursday 18:00 for 90 minutes
17:39:59 [raman]
DC prefers Thu SW prefers Mon
17:40:43 [raman]
Call proposed Monday
17:41:03 [ht]
17:42:31 [Rhys]
17:44:03 [raman]
Next meeting: Monday Feb 5.
17:44:11 [raman]
Regular meetings Monday 17:00 UTC
17:44:38 [raman]
ACTION: VQ to set up bridge through Amy
17:45:24 [raman]
Next week scribe: DOrchard
17:46:09 [raman]
VQ: suggest defering discussion on "passwords in the clear" with Ed missing
17:47:03 [ht]
HST will miss the first 45 minutes next week, one-time conflicting appointment
17:48:01 [raman]
HT: Cambridge F2F: tookin action to write on XML Functions
17:48:29 [raman]
Conclusion of the discussion "elaborated infoset"
17:48:41 [raman]
email sent to www-tag by hst summarizing above
17:48:55 [raman]
Consequences: Norm TimBL on the hook to review above
17:49:19 [ht]
17:49:39 [DanC]
(FYI, the GRDDL WG is still actively discussing this case. )
17:50:57 [DanC]
(yup, there are actions on TBL and NW under )
17:52:15 [DanC]
q+ to point out the 9 Feb SNOFHYP deadline
17:52:34 [ht]
XML2 discussion is at
17:52:48 [DanC]
s/XML2 discussion/XBL2 discussion/ ?
17:53:28 [Vincent]
ack danc
17:53:28 [Zakim]
DanC, you wanted to point out the 9 Feb SNOFHYP deadline
17:53:41 [ht]
17:54:23 [DanC]
9 Feb deadline is re
17:54:29 [raman]
tvr: consider equilateral triangle xul dom tree of widgets CSS style JS handlers/behavior -- XBL is the centroid of this triangle that holds it together
17:56:28 [timbl]
17:56:54 [Vincent]
ack timbl
17:58:24 [Zakim]
17:58:41 [raman]
TimBL -- there is some unfortunate history in the way semantics is used
18:00:07 [ht]
All the HTML spec says is "The _p_ element represents a paragraph"
18:01:41 [timbl]
The word 'semantic' was used by the SGML community to mean 'a top level heading' rather than '24 point centered bold'.
18:03:30 [timbl]
18:03:35 [Rhys]
I believe its been used to bind svg-based widgets to XForms
18:03:38 [ht]
In general, "An SGML application" was defined as the combination of a syntax (expressed via a DTD) and a semantics (defined in prose)
18:04:53 [raman]
tvr: functionaly xbl could be thought of as bringing to xml the expressiveness offered by latex macros
18:05:34 [timbl]
Maybe we should just give each browser an implementation of XISP. -- XMLized LISP. :)
18:05:56 [ht]
... The semantics would be expressed in terms appropriate to the domain, so, for documents, "top-level heading" might be appropriate, and for personnel records, "name", "department", "salary" etc.
18:06:24 [timbl]
The interesting this yes, is if the javascript is progressively thrown awayas the macros become standard and also have higher-level semantics
18:09:59 [DanC]
(hmm... I wonder if the XBL charter notes the relationship with XSLT, or if the XSLT WG is noted as a dependency0
18:10:00 [DanC]
18:10:24 [raman]
HT: presently has nothing to propose on behalf of the TAG with respect to XBL 2
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RRSAgent, make logs world-visible
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate ht
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Attendees were Raman, Vincent, Stuart, Ht, Rhys, DanC, TimBL
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