IRC log of ua on 2007-01-18

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meeting: UAWG Teleconference
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Chair: Jim Allan
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Scribe: Jan Richards
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zakim, ??P0 is Kelly Ford
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I don't understand '??P0 is Kelly Ford', jallan
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zakim, P0 is Kelly Ford
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I don't understand 'P0 is Kelly Ford', jallan
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19:05:03 [JR]
JA: Just sent some action items to the list...
19:05:23 [JR]
JR: Sent his out as well...
19:05:38 [JR]
JA: Becky and Aaron there on Monday?
19:05:42 [JR]
CL: Yes
19:06:36 [JR]
C: Agneda updated.
19:06:44 [JR]
19:06:47 [JR]
JR: Yes
19:07:01 [JR]
19:07:22 [JR]
JA: Janina will be there as well.
19:08:03 [JR]
JA: Al has asked for some joint PF-UA time on Tuesday afternoon.
19:09:12 [JR]
JA: Should be good tie in with Monday's web2.0 stuff
19:10:45 [JR]
CL: Becky and Aaron have seen the Web2.0 issue list
19:10:56 [JR]
KF: Has also seen the list.
19:11:01 [JR]
JA: Comments?
19:11:29 [JR]
KF: Yes - getting up to speed.
19:11:57 [JR]
JR: Will make sure of connectivity.
19:12:13 [JR]
JA: We will be logging minutes on usual IRC channel.
19:12:55 [JR]
JA: Prob no phone
19:13:33 [JR]
action JA: Send list of Web2.0 issues to Janina etc
19:15:16 [JR]
19:16:44 [JR]
JA: One point added by Jim later
19:18:18 [JR]
CL: Maybe look up animations on ARIA roadmap
19:18:41 [jallan]
aria roadmap
19:20:15 [JR]
CL: Another thing we hadn't discussed is the new accessibility API
19:20:47 [JR]
CL: Extension to MSAA - makes equivalent to Linux access API
19:21:14 [JR]
CL: AT no longer has to go to DOM - can go to this new extended MSAA API instead
19:22:10 [JR]
CL: Of course this is very dependent on the browser
19:22:19 [jallan]
Action: JA to update list to include iAccessible2 as API where ATK is mentioned
19:22:23 [JR]
CL: To use the new API
19:23:20 [JR]
CL: Firefox looking at implementing.
19:23:27 [JR]
KF: Also considering this.
19:23:59 [JR]
JA: At the F2F - will have some of this stuff printed off.
19:24:47 [Kelly]
kf: correction, I'd say IEis looking at Iaccessible 2, no definite plans yet.
19:27:08 [JR]
JA: No meeting next Thursday
19:27:32 [JR]
So the next meeting is in 2 weeks
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Attendees were Jim_Allan, parente, cklaws, JR, Kelly
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Zakim, bye
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RRSAgent, bye
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ACTION: JA to Send list of Web2.0 issues to Janina etc [1]
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ACTION: JA to update list to include iAccessible2 as API where ATK is mentioned [2]
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