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There are 280 actions listed in the system.

ID State Title Person Due Date
ACTION-1 CLOSED Load existing actions into system Robin Berjon 2006-02-13
ACTION-2 CLOSED decide which server-side language to use for testing Gorm Eriksen 2006-02-06
ACTION-3 CLOSED decide which server-side language to use for testing Jonas Sicking 2006-02-06
ACTION-4 CLOSED look into Test.More Gorm Eriksen 2006-02-06
ACTION-5 CLOSED look into Test.More Jonas Sicking 2006-02-06
ACTION-6 OPEN search for XHR tests Jonas Sicking 2007-03-15
ACTION-7 CLOSED Create the webapi space in dev.w3 Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-02-13
ACTION-8 CLOSED Commit DOM 3 EV to that a subdit in that space Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-02-20
ACTION-9 CLOSED Look into Cameron's proposal Anne van Kesteren 2006-02-13
ACTION-10 CLOSED Draft text for DOM 3 Ev custom events Cameron Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-02-13
ACTION-11 CLOSED Look into whether there were any issues with keypress and propose a solution to key repeats Anne van Kesteren 2006-02-13
ACTION-12 CLOSED Ask the SVG WG for clarification about HTML events in SVG Robin Berjon 2006-02-13
ACTION-13 CLOSED Draft a solution for TimeEvents Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-02-13
ACTION-14 CLOSED Raise an issue with the HCG regarding TimeEvents sanity across specs Robin Berjon 2006-02-13
ACTION-15 CLOSED Check the example in 1.7.3 mouse event Christophe Jolif 2006-02-13
ACTION-16 CLOSED Check that the changes since the Note are not crazy Robin Berjon 2006-02-13
ACTION-17 CLOSED Contact the HTML WG about moving XML Events forward Robin Berjon 2006-02-13
ACTION-18 CLOSED Assess the options for perhaps deprecating DOMFocus* and see if bubbling could be added to focus/blur Jonas Sicking 2006-02-13
ACTION-19 CLOSED Draft ideas about adding more context info to the error event Jonas Sicking 2006-02-13
ACTION-20 CLOSED to make a proposal according to the resolution on the error event Anne van Kesteren 2006-02-13
ACTION-21 CLOSED Make a proposal on a load event that doesn't wait on dependencies Anne van Kesteren 2006-02-13
ACTION-22 CLOSED Make a list for each deliverable, of pre-existing things to read for reference that we might need to think of Robin Berjon 2006-06-13
ACTION-23 CLOSED Check that his note corresponds to the WHATWG description of onfoo attributes Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-02-13
ACTION-24 CLOSED Check how FireFox deal with DOMAttrModified when change affect .prefix .specified Jonas Sicking 2006-02-13
ACTION-25 CLOSED Make a proposal for the additions that the mobile folks have been asking for in keyboard events Robin Berjon 2006-10-07
ACTION-26 CLOSED Ask JonF to explain event aliasing in greater detail to the Web API WG Robin Berjon 2006-02-13
ACTION-27 CLOSED Bring SVG\\\\'s wheel event to the Web API WG Robin Berjon 2006-02-13
ACTION-28 CLOSED Propose locating F2F #2 last week of april, quick check with the WG Robin Berjon 2006-02-13
ACTION-29 CLOSED s/Anne Van Kesteren/Anne van Kesteren/ Dean Jackson 2006-02-22
ACTION-30 CLOSED Make sure trackbot actually tracks the list and get all already e-mailed discussions into the tracking system Dean Jackson 2006-02-15
ACTION-31 CLOSED to survey existing network APIs Robin Berjon 2006-06-10
ACTION-32 CLOSED produce overview of DOM3 XPath options / proposals Robin Berjon 2006-02-10
ACTION-33 CLOSED Ask plh if REX can be considered to be a compliant binding/implementation of DOM 3 Events Robin Berjon 2006-02-10
ACTION-34 CLOSED Issue mails should have MIME-Version:1.0 Content-Type:text/plain;charset=utf-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding:8bit or similar Dean Jackson 2006-02-24
ACTION-35 CLOSED Create more products for issue tracking, DOM3EV, XMLHttpRequest and others would be nice Dean Jackson 2006-02-18
ACTION-36 CLOSED Get back to the WG regarding problems with keeping the issues public Gorm Eriksen 2006-02-20
ACTION-37 CLOSED Investigate whether tracker can also track w3c-dom-ig or www-dom so that maintenance Dean Jackson 2006-02-20
ACTION-38 CLOSED Report on alternatives to PIs and HTTP headers for access-control, and look into what Flash uses 2007-01-19
ACTION-39 CLOSED Ask the SVG WG to flag overlapping features as at risk in the CR Robin Berjon 2006-02-20
ACTION-40 CLOSED Enter his issues into the tracker tool Gorm Eriksen 2006-02-20
ACTION-41 CLOSED Get back to Anne about XHR draft Robin Berjon 2006-02-20
ACTION-42 CLOSED Explain why namespaces are cool in events Robin Berjon 2006-02-20
ACTION-43 CLOSED Explain why namespaces are uncool in events, and have ad hoc namespaces, basically using URIs as event names Maciej Stachowiak 2006-02-20
ACTION-44 CLOSED Check what current implementations do with relatedTarget on MouseEvent events regarding ISSUE-7 Gorm Eriksen 2006-02-20
ACTION-45 CLOSED Compile a list of categorised existing implementations to test against 2006-09-30
ACTION-46 CLOSED Go to bed earlier Charles Mccathienevile 2006-06-01
ACTION-47 CLOSED make new issues public and track them Dean Jackson 2006-02-24
ACTION-48 CLOSED Draft text for XHR listing commonly implemented properties and methods that we don't specify Gorm Eriksen 2006-03-01
ACTION-49 CLOSED Get Jim to tell the WG what "this" is in the onreadystatechange callback, in IE (and other browsers) Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-01
ACTION-50 CLOSED Build a test case to see what HTTP methods are supported by XHR in existing browsers Ian Davis 2006-03-01
ACTION-51 CLOSED Check what Mozilla does when open() gets a 403 Jonas Sicking 2006-03-01
ACTION-52 CLOSED Weigh the pros and cons of having open() use the same auth params as the sessions Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-01
ACTION-53 CLOSED Review HTTP caching proxy side effects, chapter 13, to see if browsers can act as proxies Gorm Eriksen 2006-03-01
ACTION-54 CLOSED Ask Hixie why he's restricted some XHR headers Jonas Sicking 2006-03-01
ACTION-55 CLOSED Rewrite header setting section, making proposal derived on the "always replace" approach Robin Berjon 2006-03-01
ACTION-56 CLOSED Draft a security section for XHR Jonas Sicking 2006-03-01
ACTION-57 CLOSED raise an issue on XHR error Dean Jackson 2006-02-23
ACTION-58 CLOSED Discuss the issue of zero-arg send with Mozilla, and report back Jonas Sicking 2006-03-01
ACTION-59 CLOSED Check HTTP spec to see whether concatenating values of headers with same names is acceptable in all cases Dean Jackson 2006-03-01
ACTION-60 OPEN draft text with dire warnings about putting new events into the null namespace instead of one's own Andrew Emmons 2007-01-31
ACTION-61 CLOSED draft section 4 of Window Anne van Kesteren 2006-03-06
ACTION-62 CLOSED have the rest of the text for Window Ian Davis 2006-03-01
ACTION-63 CLOSED Also put the HTML version up for D3EV Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-02
ACTION-64 CLOSED Ask the CG to review editor\\\\'s draft after BH has put up the html version, and explain the changes that have been and will be made Robin Berjon 2006-03-02
ACTION-65 OPEN survey Persistent Storage APIs Mark Baker 2006-10-07
ACTION-66 CLOSED Mail xslt dom api notes to the group Jonas Sicking 2006-03-02
ACTION-67 CLOSED Verify that the Mozilla implemenation of xslt dom api is compatible with Opera Gorm Eriksen 2006-03-02
ACTION-68 OPEN Verify that the Mozilla implementation of xslt dom api is compatible with Safari Maciej Stachowiak 2007-01-19
ACTION-69 CLOSED Send questions to our group that will be sent to the cdf group for clarification Anne van Kesteren 2006-03-02
ACTION-70 CLOSED Define the scope chain of onFoo events reference issue-1 Maciej Stachowiak 2006-03-02
ACTION-71 CLOSED Write up his proposal into the spec ref. issue-3 Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-02
ACTION-72 CLOSED Remove the restriction on click to fire and add text saying it should follow platform behaviour. Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-02
ACTION-73 CLOSED Draft a proposal for .origin (ISSUE-10) Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-02
ACTION-74 CLOSED Check what happens with non well-formed XML content Jonas Sicking 2006-03-02
ACTION-75 CLOSED Change methods from issue-16 into properties Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-03
ACTION-76 CLOSED Build test case for understanding behaviour of redispatching cancelled and stopped events Christophe Jolif 2006-03-03
ACTION-77 CLOSED Go through the spec and remove language that says that you can create your own objects and dispatch Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-03
ACTION-78 CLOSED to give feedback to the group on issue-23 Gorm Eriksen 2006-03-03
ACTION-79 CLOSED to give feedback to the group on issue-23 Jonas Sicking 2006-03-03
ACTION-80 CLOSED to give feedback to the group on issue-24 Jonas Sicking 2006-03-03
ACTION-81 CLOSED to give feedback to the group on issue-24 Gorm Eriksen 2006-03-03
ACTION-82 CLOSED Clean up and send the minutes to the public list Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-03
ACTION-83 CLOSED Draft text for XHR following redirects Ian Davis 2006-03-03
ACTION-84 CLOSED talk to the WAI-PF group about Issue-32 and what they want Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-10
ACTION-85 CLOSED Ask Timur about hosting Robin Berjon 2006-03-03
ACTION-86 CLOSED Coordinate with MMI to support multiple input devices Stephane Sire 2006-03-03
ACTION-87 CLOSED Write a proposal for CSS selector interface similar to DOM-XPath Anne van Kesteren 2006-03-03
ACTION-88 CLOSED Add the wheelDelta stuff from SVG uDOM to DOM Level3 Events, salting to taste on whether it is called UIEvent.detail, so SVG can remove it from their spec Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-10
ACTION-89 CLOSED Propose text for ACTION-18 to close ISSUE-28 Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-13
ACTION-90 CLOSED Check with Xforms group about removing DOMfocusin/out and moving to focus/blur Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-13
ACTION-91 CLOSED Write up text for mousewheel resolutions Anne van Kesteren 2006-03-13
ACTION-92 CLOSED Ask that Web API make up its mind about whether WAPI should do event aliasing, or if SVG should keep it to itslef Robin Berjon 2006-03-16
ACTION-93 OPEN Check how Opera deal with DOMAttrModified when change affect .prefix .specified Gorm Eriksen 2006-10-02
ACTION-94 CLOSED Take ISSUE-26 to the public 2006-03-20
ACTION-95 CLOSED Draft text for NULL_NOT_ALLOWED_ERR (or better name) Gorm Eriksen 2006-03-20
ACTION-96 CLOSED Check that D3EV specifies that parameters are nullable whenever they are Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-20
ACTION-97 CLOSED Add F2F information to the WG\\\\'s wiki Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-20
ACTION-98 CLOSED Write a test case for the complicated (multiwindow) situations with uri resolution in open() Jonas Sicking 2006-03-20
ACTION-99 CLOSED The working group approved the 2006-03-13 minutes, send them to the public list Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-27
ACTION-100 CLOSED Work Anne to get teh process/status section etc right for publishing Dean Jackson 2006-03-27
ACTION-101 CLOSED Finish a WD of DOM3EV Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-27
ACTION-102 CLOSED Send a mail to the list outlining where DOM 3 Events is at with respect to the timeline, and which issues need to be dealt with Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-03-27
ACTION-103 CLOSED Work with Maciej to get something publishable for window... Ian Davis 2006-03-27
ACTION-104 CLOSED Update the timeline for drag/drop/copy/paste/argue-aboutEverything Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-27
ACTION-105 OPEN Summarise the discussion in ACTION-70, make an issue and propose to close it. Jonas Sicking 2006-10-07
ACTION-106 CLOSED Test whether the names are case-insensitive... Gorm Eriksen 2006-03-27
ACTION-107 OPEN Test on IE7 and see if event names are case sensitive 2006-10-07
ACTION-108 CLOSED Teach trackbot who I am Dean Jackson 2006-03-27
ACTION-109 CLOSED Put meeting dates etc on wiki Charles Mccathienevile 2006-03-27
ACTION-110 CLOSED Send last week\\\\'s minutes to public Charles Mccathienevile 2006-04-03
ACTION-111 OPEN Write a section on security considerations raised by the DOM 3 spec. Andrew Emmons 2007-01-31
ACTION-112 OPEN Write description of how other specs achieve comaptibility with D3EV Andrew Emmons 2007-01-31
ACTION-113 CLOSED Work with Bjoern to get a draft of DOM3Events out ASAP Dean Jackson 2006-04-03
ACTION-114 CLOSED Make a proposal from opera on multiple wheels Gorm Eriksen 2006-04-03
ACTION-115 CLOSED Write up a proposal to deal with the mousewheel issue Ian Hickson 2006-04-03
ACTION-116 CLOSED Write up a proposal to deal with the mousewheel issue 2006-04-03
ACTION-117 CLOSED Investigate and report what current implementations do with timeStamp Ian Hickson 2006-03-27
ACTION-118 OPEN Make sure the spec is clear as regards issue 50 Jonas Sicking 2006-11-30
ACTION-119 CLOSED Check what various browsers and platforms do wrt to dblclick, and which of click or dblclick fires first Anne van Kesteren 2006-04-03
ACTION-120 CLOSED Work with chaals to set up a poll Robin Berjon 2006-04-10
ACTION-121 CLOSED Look into call time Charles Mccathienevile 2006-04-10
ACTION-122 CLOSED Sort out a joint call with SVG after D3EV is out Robin Berjon 2006-04-10
ACTION-123 CLOSED Sort out joiunt SVG call when D3Ev is out Robin Berjon 2006-04-10
ACTION-124 OPEN Draft a proposal for adding more options to addEvtListNS so that people could have more control over e.g. the bubbliness of their events Jonas Sicking 2006-12-25
ACTION-125 OPEN Draft text for a specification conformance section in DOM Level 3 Events. Andrew Emmons 2007-01-31
ACTION-126 CLOSED what should DOM3EV be according to ... Anne van Kesteren 2006-04-10
ACTION-127 CLOSED Figure out with Dean about inviting Cam Charles Mccathienevile 2006-10-01
ACTION-128 CLOSED Update XHR spec to go straight to reset on abort, not readystate 4 Anne van Kesteren 2006-04-10
ACTION-129 OPEN Write Window Object 1.0 "examples of usage" section Maciej Stachowiak 2006-10-19
ACTION-130 CLOSED Need to add definition of "document" (probably as an object that implements the "Documet" interface) Maciej Stachowiak 2006-04-17
ACTION-131 OPEN Window 1.0 needs to define "being the same object" in such a way that it is an equivalence relation Maciej Stachowiak 2006-10-07
ACTION-132 CLOSED Raise an issue on history and Ajax Charles Mccathienevile 2006-09-30
ACTION-133 OPEN Update DOM3EV to refer to ECMAScript bindings clarifications spec Andrew Emmons 2007-12-31
ACTION-134 CLOSED Hassle rich about IBM in Web API group Charles Mccathienevile 2006-04-26
ACTION-135 CLOSED Reorganise the Introduction/History of XHR Dean Jackson 2006-05-08
ACTION-136 CLOSED Write up the resolution for resolving URIs in XHR Anne van Kesteren 2006-05-08
ACTION-137 OPEN Write test cases for XHR behaviour when a page is closed Jonas Sicking 2006-10-07
ACTION-138 CLOSED Make XHR an EventTarget and onreadystatechange an EventListener Anne van Kesteren 2006-05-08
ACTION-139 CLOSED Make the IDL in the spec informative and clearly indicate that it's not OMG IDL Anne van Kesteren 2006-05-08
ACTION-140 CLOSED Check with moz if their extensions follow some formal syntax Everyone 2006-05-08
ACTION-141 CLOSED Keep pestering Dave Massy about why IE7 doesn\\\\'t allow aribitrary methods anymore Robin Berjon 2006-05-08
ACTION-142 CLOSED Tell the WG why OPTIONS might be a problem Maciej Stachowiak 2006-05-08
ACTION-143 CLOSED Pass an action to MN to come up with a list of methods and current specs Robin Berjon 2006-05-08
ACTION-144 CLOSED Move to MB the action to coordinate with IETF about our method whitelist and a potential registry Dean Jackson 2006-05-08
ACTION-145 CLOSED Check our whitelist with the security guys Gorm Eriksen 2006-05-08
ACTION-146 CLOSED Report security issues with CONNECT, TRACE and OPTIONS. And if they are a security issue within a single domain Maciej Stachowiak 2006-05-08
ACTION-147 CLOSED Add case-folding and white space behaviour to the spec Anne van Kesteren 2006-07-01
ACTION-148 CLOSED State in the spec that the default char encoding is different from that in HTTP Anne van Kesteren 2006-05-08
ACTION-149 CLOSED List all parts of the spec that discuss security 2006-05-08
ACTION-150 CLOSED Include Jonas's security section proposal Anne van Kesteren 2006-05-08
ACTION-151 CLOSED Pester MN until he proposes a list of headers for each category (or some similar solution) Robin Berjon 2006-05-08
ACTION-152 CLOSED Pester MN until he produces a list of headers that you can\\\\'t append to Robin Berjon 2006-05-08
ACTION-153 CLOSED Get Mark N to write a section listing the headers that need special rules (based on RFC4229 and the existing section in the spec), with those rules, etc Robin Berjon 2006-05-08
ACTION-154 OPEN Test and come up with solution for how to set Referer: header. Jonas Sicking 2006-10-07
ACTION-155 OPEN Check what browsers do for binary data, and make a proposal Gorm Eriksen 2006-10-02
ACTION-156 CLOSED Write a proposal and test for behaviour of XHR network errors Anne van Kesteren 2006-05-08
ACTION-157 OPEN Specify how complex types work Jonas Sicking 2006-11-30
ACTION-158 CLOSED Put up a template draft of the E4DOM spec Robin Berjon 2006-05-08
ACTION-159 OPEN Update the E4DOM spec with his improved text Jonas Sicking 2006-11-30
ACTION-160 CLOSED Poke the ECMAScript4 guys Jonas Sicking 2006-05-08
ACTION-161 OPEN Poke TC39 about their exception for DontDelete Jonas Sicking 2006-11-30
ACTION-162 OPEN Check whether to treat undefined as null Jonas Sicking 2006-11-30
ACTION-163 CLOSED Make an example script using relatedEvent... Gorm Eriksen 2006-05-09
ACTION-164 CLOSED Make a public proposal on the softkey issue Ian Hickson 2006-05-09
ACTION-165 CLOSED Make a public proposal on the softkey issue Gorm Eriksen 2006-05-09
ACTION-166 CLOSED Make a public proposal on the softkey issue 2006-05-09
ACTION-167 CLOSED Make a public proposal on the softkey issue Robin Berjon 2006-10-07
ACTION-168 CLOSED Redraft keylongpress based on discussion Robin Berjon 2006-10-07
ACTION-169 CLOSED Draft fraggle rock event (mouse wheel) Maciej Stachowiak 2006-05-09
ACTION-170 OPEN Talk to MMI/Ink about pressure 2007-03-15
ACTION-171 OPEN Make a proposal to change mutation events such that they are easier to implement Maciej Stachowiak 2006-09-30
ACTION-172 OPEN Make a proposal for lock-down of the tree during mutation events Jonas Sicking 2006-10-07
ACTION-173 OPEN Make a proposal for the other X/Y things like clientX/Y Gorm Eriksen 2006-10-02
ACTION-174 OPEN Specify keypress, keyCode, charCode Doug Schepers 2008-06-01
ACTION-175 OPEN Write up proposal for abstracted key events Maciej Stachowiak 2006-10-07
ACTION-176 CLOSED Suggest a security exception Ian Hickson 2006-05-09
ACTION-177 CLOSED Remove conformance requirements on non-default views per resolution of ISSUE-61 Maciej Stachowiak 2006-05-10
ACTION-178 CLOSED Remove redundant requirements on redundant requirment on UIEvent.view per resolution of ISSUE-63 Maciej Stachowiak 2006-05-10
ACTION-179 CLOSED Add support for Window as an EventTarget and in the DOM event flow (except "load" events!) per resolution of ISSUE-64 Maciej Stachowiak 2006-05-10
ACTION-180 CLOSED Add document.parentWindow per resolution of ISSUE-65 Maciej Stachowiak 2006-05-10
ACTION-181 CLOSED Specify that documents that are not being presented have a null defaultView Maciej Stachowiak 2006-05-10
ACTION-182 OPEN Specify relative URI resolution for the location object for JavaScript only in language bindings per resolution of ISSUE-67 Maciej Stachowiak 2006-10-19
ACTION-183 OPEN Put location string conversion rule in JS language bindings per resolution of ISSUE-68 Maciej Stachowiak 2006-10-19
ACTION-184 OPEN Specify optional bool requirement to location.reload per resolution of ISSUE-69 Maciej Stachowiak 2006-10-19
ACTION-185 CLOSED Spec trivial language-independent timers w/ no change for ES per resolution of ISSUE-70 Maciej Stachowiak 2006-05-10
ACTION-186 OPEN Generate use cases for variables in XPath Robin Berjon 2006-12-25
ACTION-187 OPEN Post to the (public) list to see if there\\\\'s overwhelming desire for evaluateContext Jonas Sicking 2006-09-30
ACTION-188 CLOSED Add DOM 3 Core product to the tracker Dean Jackson 2006-05-10
ACTION-189 OPEN Write draft proposal for DOM 3 Core browser / webapp profile Maciej Stachowiak 2007-03-15
ACTION-190 CLOSED Look into which days of the week would work best in Maroc and if we can extend the meeting one day Charles Mccathienevile 2006-05-10
ACTION-191 CLOSED Add ECMAScript clarifications spec product to the tracker Dean Jackson 2006-05-13
ACTION-192 OPEN Add support for native arrays to ECMAScript DOM Bindings Jonas Sicking 2006-11-30
ACTION-193 CLOSED Make proposal for new Thursday telcon time to be used every week Dean Jackson 2006-06-28
ACTION-194 CLOSED Raise dblclick issues found since we agreed to add it Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-10-08
ACTION-195 CLOSED Make a new proposal for mousewheel/multiwheel Anne van Kesteren 2006-08-31
ACTION-196 CLOSED Tell the SVG WG group to not specify a timing interface Robin Berjon 2006-09-25
ACTION-197 CLOSED Test existing browsers Anne van Kesteren 2006-09-26
ACTION-198 CLOSED Add new examples, including some from online tutorials [XHR] Anne van Kesteren 2006-09-26
ACTION-199 OPEN Write security section [XHR] 2006-09-26
ACTION-200 CLOSED Craft extensibility section saying MUST support a whitelist of methods, SHOULD support other methods, throw syntax exceptions on syntactically invalid methods, and MAY throw security exceptions if the method isn\\\\'t supported for security reasons [XHR] Anne van Kesteren 2006-09-26
ACTION-201 CLOSED get DND to the group Charles Mccathienevile 2006-10-07
ACTION-202 CLOSED get DND to the group 2006-10-16
ACTION-203 OPEN Baker to cut and paste the Persistent Storage spec Mark Baker 2006-09-26
ACTION-204 CLOSED Baker to review File Upload Spec Mark Baker 2006-09-26
ACTION-205 CLOSED Van Kesteren to review File Upload Spec Anne van Kesteren 2006-09-26
ACTION-206 CLOSED Add D3EV issues to the tracker if there are any not listed Bjoern Hoehrmann 2006-12-31
ACTION-207 CLOSED Check with W3C if we need to worry about licensing for IDL and bindings Charles Mccathienevile 2006-12-01
ACTION-208 CLOSED Advertise to HCG that we are only working on a couple of DOM specs Charles Mccathienevile 2006-09-26
ACTION-209 CLOSED Make proposal to address ISSUE-81 and ISSUE-82 Anne van Kesteren 2006-09-26
ACTION-210 CLOSED request transition for FileUpload Dean Jackson 2006-09-25
ACTION-211 CLOSED request transition for Clipboards Dean Jackson 2006-09-25
ACTION-212 CLOSED request teleconference time change Charles Mccathienevile 2006-09-22
ACTION-213 CLOSED update Clipboard spec with new title and proposed shortname Charles Mccathienevile 2006-09-23
ACTION-214 CLOSED coordinate with SWCG on RDF API (with Robin) Charles Mccathienevile 2006-10-07
ACTION-215 CLOSED Check with HCG about ownership of CSS OM Charles Mccathienevile 2006-09-28
ACTION-216 CLOSED Test browsers for ISSUE-87 Anne van Kesteren 2006-09-28
ACTION-217 CLOSED Send Alexey a counterproposal on invoking open() when readyState is not 0, 1 or 4 Anne van Kesteren 2006-09-28
ACTION-218 CLOSED Raise an issue on password and username arguments of the open() method Anne van Kesteren 2006-09-28
ACTION-219 OPEN Handle communication between the SVG WG and the WebAPI WG regarding wheelDelta, checking minutes, asking WAPI not to change, etc. Charles Mccathienevile 2007-10-31
ACTION-220 CLOSED Follow up with Jonas Sicking about DOM3Xpath Charles Mccathienevile 2006-11-20
ACTION-221 CLOSED Suggest to Anne he be more diplomatic about wording Charles Mccathienevile 2006-11-20
ACTION-222 CLOSED Ask MS for timeline on Window Charles Mccathienevile 2006-11-20
ACTION-223 CLOSED Ask whether the Hypertext coordination group or some other part of W3C believe that the WG must get sign off on the actual content of a specification before *requesting* last call. Charles Mccathienevile 2006-11-21
ACTION-224 CLOSED Ask CSS if they are happy with the Selectors API draft. This may be a required threshold for a last call request, dependent on the outcome of ACTION-223. Due tomorrow Charles Mccathienevile 2006-11-21
ACTION-225 CLOSED Make sure SVG knows that we removed event groups from D3Ev 2006-11-22
ACTION-226 OPEN Write spec for keyboard stuff 2007-02-01
ACTION-227 OPEN Create spec covering keycodes, longkeypress, and mobile / soft key issue 2007-02-01
ACTION-228 CLOSED Ask SVG implementors if they have any problem with us simplifying progress event types Charles Mccathienevile 2007-02-01
ACTION-229 CLOSED Update and publish the editor draft and request feedback for the mailing-list Anne van Kesteren 2007-02-01
ACTION-230 OPEN Publish the timeline to the public Charles Mccathienevile 2007-02-01
ACTION-231 CLOSED Publish Selectors API Dean Jackson 2007-02-01
ACTION-232 CLOSED Check tracker Doug Schepers 2007-07-16
ACTION-233 CLOSED Check tracker Doug Schepers 2007-07-16
ACTION-234 CLOSED Call for consensus on Element Traversal Last Call Charles Mccathienevile 2007-11-15
ACTION-235 CLOSED Check SVG progress event and see if it is different. Charles Mccathienevile 2007-11-15
ACTION-236 CLOSED Chase up or otherwise obtain a spec for a Keyless D3E, and a seperate Key events spec. Doug Schepers 2007-11-15
ACTION-237 CLOSED Call for consensus on Selectors going to last call Charles Mccathienevile 2007-11-15
ACTION-238 CLOSED Draft charter Doug Schepers 2007-11-15
ACTION-239 CLOSED Call for FPWD consensus on MediaObject Charles Mccathienevile 2007-11-15
ACTION-240 OPEN try to get responses to email onto the public list Sunava Dutta 2007-11-09
ACTION-241 OPEN Chase i18n and XML to clarify whether XML 1.0 allows for extending legal characters Charles Mccathienevile 2007-11-16
ACTION-242 CLOSED provide technical comments from team Sunava Dutta 2007-11-09
ACTION-243 CLOSED Send security analysis and Microsoft proposal for cross site access. Sunava Dutta 2007-11-16
ACTION-244 CLOSED Summarize issues regarding double-click events and bring them up with the group Andrew Emmons 2008-02-13
ACTION-245 OPEN Write double-click tests Carmelo Montanez 2008-02-13
ACTION-246 OPEN Add informative examples of different click counts for dblclick Andrew Emmons 2008-03-05
ACTION-247 OPEN Provied test template Carmelo Montanez 2008-03-15
ACTION-248 CLOSED Give us a script library that will add listener events. Travis Leithead 2008-03-05
ACTION-249 CLOSED Provide simple abstraction layer for addEventListener Travis Leithead 2008-03-05
ACTION-250 CLOSED to provide a simple test for modifier key combinations (specifically the "alt" key). Travis Leithead 2008-03-05
ACTION-251 CLOSED Provide Andrew with model wording for key evnts sequence Doug Schepers 2008-03-05
ACTION-252 CLOSED Send mousewheel proposal to list Doug Schepers 2008-03-05
ACTION-253 CLOSED Search the SVG archive for wheelDelta discussions Doug Schepers 2008-03-12
ACTION-254 OPEN Create a test repository Doug Schepers 2008-03-12
ACTION-255 OPEN Propose a metadata framework for tests Carmelo Montanez 2008-03-12
ACTION-256 OPEN Get feedback from major implementers regarding how to best make a test harness that will work for them Doug Schepers 2008-03-12
ACTION-257 OPEN Talk to RIM to see what their wheel event is like Doug Schepers 2008-03-12
ACTION-258 OPEN Review Mozilla bug for pixel scrolling and consider wrt mousewheel proposal Doug Schepers 2008-03-19
ACTION-259 OPEN Give deadline for next week regarding mouse wheel Doug Schepers 2008-03-19
ACTION-260 OPEN Review DOMMouseScroll wrt mousewheel proposal Doug Schepers 2008-03-19
ACTION-261 OPEN Test to see if there is an order to keydown and keypress Doug Schepers 2008-03-19
ACTION-262 CLOSED Create illustration of key sequence as a tree diagram Doug Schepers 2008-03-19
ACTION-263 OPEN Draw up state chart diagram for key flow Doug Schepers 2008-03-26
ACTION-264 OPEN Research line and pixel mode for mousewheel Doug Schepers 2008-03-26
ACTION-265 OPEN Add new mousewheel to the DOM 3 Ev spec Doug Schepers 2008-03-26
ACTION-266 CLOSED Test addEventListener vs onFoo attribute Travis Leithead 2008-04-02
ACTION-267 CLOSED Make proposal for event iterator Travis Leithead 2008-04-02
ACTION-268 OPEN Test zoom in/out on keyboard Travis Leithead 2008-04-02
ACTION-269 OPEN Cross tests keyup keydown and keypress Carmelo Montanez 2008-04-09
ACTION-270 OPEN Document Key Identifiers on wiki Doug Schepers 2008-04-09
ACTION-271 CLOSED Send revised model to the mailing list Travis Leithead 2008-04-16
ACTION-272 OPEN Place keyboard use cases into the wiki Doug Schepers 2008-04-16
ACTION-273 OPEN Add keyboard use cases into the spec Doug Schepers 2008-04-16
ACTION-274 OPEN Start keyIdentifiers chart on the wiki for various charCode and keyCode values and browsers Doug Schepers 2008-04-16
ACTION-275 CLOSED Coordinate charcode/keycode testing on multiple OS and browsers Andrew Emmons 2008-04-23
ACTION-276 CLOSED Incorperate his feedback into Halvord Steen\\\\'s wiki proposal Olli Pettay 2008-05-21
ACTION-277 OPEN Send reminder to group to review legacy key events for next week Doug Schepers 2008-05-21
ACTION-278 OPEN Send e-mail regarding better telcon time request Doug Schepers 2008-05-21
ACTION-279 OPEN Edit spec to add mousewheel updates Doug Schepers 2008-05-21
ACTION-280 OPEN Incorporate info on mousewheel event in conjunction with Olli\\'s info. Doug Schepers 2008-06-04