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Web Services at W3C: Foundations, Extensions, Prospectives

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Web Services

Web Services in W3C Technologies

Web Services Challenges

Follow-up on work from ebXML, Corba...

… translating to an architecture

… justifying some choices:

XML-based messages
for platform-independent machine processing
Framework focused on extensibility
facilitating interoperability
Machine-processable descriptions
facilitating integration
Loose coupling
maximizing scalability

The Big Picture ?

Web Services Protocol

Web Services Work Items

Web Services Protocol

Web Services Protocol

Messaging Framework

SOAP 1.2:

W3C Recommendation since June 2003. Slow but steady transition.

SOAP Version 1.2

SOAP message

SOAP message

SOAP message path

SOAP message path

Example of a SOAP message

<?xml version='1.0' ?>
<env:Envelope xmlns:env=""> 
  <m:reservation xmlns:m="" 

Message exchange patterns

Underlying protocols binding

SOAP 1.2 HTTP Binding

Addressing information: Web Services Addressing 1.0

Addressing from and to endpoints

Addressing information: Web Services Addressing 1.0

Addressing from and to endpoints


Web Services Addressing 1.0:

W3C Recommendation (Core and SOAP Binding)

WSDL Binding interoperability ongoing

Handling non-XML data


W3C Recommendation since January 2005.

Resource Representation SOAP Header Block

RRSHB example

  <rep:Representation resource=''>
  <x:MyData xmlns:x=''>
   <x:name>John Q. Public</x:name>
   <x:img src=''/>

Doing something with this messaging framework


Describing Web services

Web Services Description

Web Services descriptions

WSDL 2.0 Structure

Description document:

<description targetNamespace="…">

Message formats (schema types):

  <types> … </types>

Abstract interface of the service:

    <operation> … </operation>*

Binding of these messages to a protocol:

  <binding> … </binding>

Location of the service:

    <endpoint> … </endpoint>*


New Features in WSDL 2.0

Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs)

WSDL 2.0

Candidate Recommendation

Interoperability events

At risk: feature/properties, 6 MEPs

WS-Policy 1.5

WS-Policy 1.5

  <mtom:OptimizedMimeSerialization wsp:Optional="true"/>
  <wsap:UsingAddressing />
            <sp:HttpsToken RequireClientCertificate="false" />


WS-CDL 1.0: Describe interaction among atomic Web Services

Candidate Recommendation phase

XML Schema Patterns for Databinding

Working Draft of XML Schema Patterns for Databinding

XML Schema Patterns example

<xs:complexType name="Collection">
    <xs:element name="name" type="xs:string"/>
    <xs:element name="shade" type="xs:string"/>
    <xs:element name="length" type="xs:int"/>
  <xs:attribute name="id" type="xs:string"/>
  <xs:attribute name="inStock" type="xs:int"/>

Describing Web services

Semantics: setting expectations

Semantic Web Services

Generic Semantic Annotation mechanism for WSDL

Semantic Annotations Usage

Semantic Annotations example

<xs:element name="CheckInventoryServiceRequest">
      <xs:element name="UPC" type="xsd:string"
      <wsdl:element name="DeliveryDate" type="xs:string"
      <wsdl:element name="numBundles" type="xs:float"
<SampleRetailOntology.owl#> rdf:type owl:Ontology  .
  :PartNumber rdf:type owl:Class;
     rdfs:subClassOf owl:Thing;
     owl:equivalentClass :UPC .
  :UPC rdf:type owl:Class;
     owl:equivalentClass :PartNumber .
  :NumBundles rdf:type owl:Class;
     owl:equivalentClass :Quantity .
  :Quantity rdf:type owl:Class;
     rdfs:subClassOf owl:Thing;
     owl:equivalentClass :NumBundles; .
  :DeliveryDate rdf:type owl:Class;
     rdfs:subClassOf owl:Thing;
     owl:equivalentClass owl:DueDate .
  :DueDate rdf:type owl:Class;
     owl:equivalentClass :DeliveryDate .


Research activities around WS at W3C

WS2 "SPDL Project" : SPARQL + WSDL Demonstrator

Adding WSDL annotations for SPARQL Queries

Ties RDF data to locations in a Web Services message.:

<xs:element name="Item" spat:SPAT='?book tns:doctitle xpath("aws:Title")'/>


PREFIX tnss: <>
SELECT ?asin ?title WHERE {
 ?X tnss:id "0FWYBWB91M5S26YBE382" ;
    tnss:keywords "cola" ;
    tnss:index "Books" ;

    tnss:asin ?asin ;
    tnss:doctitle ?title }
asin title
"0896584542""The Sparkling Story of Coca-Cola"
"0953984028""The World Stormrider Guide (Stormrider Guides)"
"0887307515""Secret Formula"
"0873493818""The Encyclopedia of Pepsi-Cola Collectibles (Encyclopedia of Pepsi-Cola Collectibles)"
"0896960528""The Cola Wars: The story of the global battle between the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, Inc."
"1887432930""Coca-Cola Collectible Santas (Collector's Guide to Coca Cola Items Series)"
"0977184307""Splenda® Is It Safe Or Not?"
"0873492412""Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide (Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide)"
"0553568914""Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola (Kinky Friedman Novels (Paperback))"
"0465054684""For God, Country, and Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It"


     <ldml:alias source="de_DE" type="phonebook"/>

What about the Grid?

W3C Standards and Grid

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