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Using Web services: from infrastructure to semantics

Hugo Haas,
W3C Web Services Activity Lead
WS2 Project Coordinator

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Agenda For Today

9h20-10h00 SOAP 1.2, MTOM and their applications Hervé Ruellan - Canon
10h00-10h30 Web services ubiquity in the Travel & Tourism industry Denis Lacroix - Director of Development, Amadeus
10h30-11h00 Coffee break
11h00-11h30 Web services: usage and challenges in mobile phones Timo Skytta - Director, Web Services, Nokia Technology Platforms
11h30-12h00 Web services in corporate semantic Webs Fabien Gandon - INRIA
12h00-12h30 Demonstrations (Web Services validators and demonstrators) Yves Lafon and Eric Prud'hommeaux; W3C Web Services technical staff
12h30-13h00 Open discussion Philippe Le Hégaret - W3C Architecture Domain leader - and all speakers
13h00-14h00 Closing and lunch buffet