Web Services Coordination Group
19 Dec 2006


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Philippe, Tony, Steve, Paul_Downey, Felix, Martin, Jonathan, Yves, Bob, Carine
Jacek, Chris, PaulC


Previous minutes

Previous minutes: http://www.w3.org/2006/11/21-ws-cg-minutes.html


Review of action items

<scribe> ACTION: [PENDING] Bob, Tony, jacek and Chris to check with their respective WGs on review of WS-Policy LC specs [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/11/21-ws-cg-minutes.html#action02]

Tony: the WSDL WG will look at it the first week of January. Hoping to get comments in by deadline in January

<scribe> ACTION: [PENDING] Yves to check with Choreography WG to see if they can/will review WS-Policy [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/11/21-ws-cg-minutes.html#action01]

Steve: will add this to the agenda tonight. It is important to understand that if the WS-CHOR WG does not react it will not hold up WS-Policy

Status reports


Jonathan: Close down issues by year end. Implementors getting complete test runs by end of year. Some problems with logging of messages.
... In January point of interest ... possible note for serialisation of component model and this may have utility elsewhere.
... Question for CG (next call), JM will email Michael and cc the CG list, on this note.


Paul: In last call. Have received a last call comment. Hoping to get some interest from implementors but not much interest thus far which is a bit of a worry.
... Have decided to change how we work by harvesting patterns at F2F (Nice/Feb).
... End of last call is 19th Jan 2007
... JM volunteered to take a closer look at the DataBindings stuff from the description WG.


Martin: Couple of issues based on implementaton. Will come back to this. Awaiting exit criteria samples from CB in the WG - still have not seen it.
... This evenings call we shall vote on the formal semantics paper.
... This will then become an html paper (not latex) sometime later.


Felix: Few last call issues - mainly editorial - concentrating on primer and guidelines.
... Guideline published 21st Dec. Primer first draft same date.


Philippe: Resolve CR issue 33. Aawaiting Tony to update draft and alas Tony had his laptop stolen (half-inched in cockney rhyming slang).
... This will have to go into last call again in January (probably) because of the changes that have had to be made.

Semantic Annotation

Going into CR in January

XML Protocol

Yves: We published PR SOAP 1.2. Announced few hours ago. First pub of part 3 still being worked on.

From chairs@w3.org

-> PER for XML Base

Philippe: I encourage WG's to look at XML Base.


Philippe: Upcoming face-to-face meetings: Policy in January, DataBinding 13/15 Feb, Policy f2f from 13 - 15 March 2007 (date tentative)


Yves: Core change is the addition of request optional response.

-> Four SOAP 1.2 Proposed Edited Recommendations (Call for Review)

Yves: The most notable change is the clarification of the Request-Response
... Message Exchange Pattern, in "SOAP Version 1.2 Part 2: Adjuncts."

Philippe: we might want to inform Description of the PER, I'll forward the announcement.

WSDL 1.1 Element Identifiers

-> RE: Comment on Fragment Identifiers

[bob joins]

Felix: the current issue is on wsdl.interfaceMessageReference(interface/operation/message)
... WSDL members such a change has opposition from some quarters. Paul will go to WSDL WG to try to resolve issue.

Jonathan: Design choice about being consistent with WSDL2.0 or brief as possible wrt WSDL1.1.
... Will add this to agenda for WSDL WG.
... WSDL1.1 by defn has message labels input output and WSDL2.0 is more general and this is at the heart of the problem because the message label might be needed for WSDL2.0
... Will ensure that the preference and feeling from the WG are communicated back

Addressing CR33 issue

Bob: Closed by extensive rework of WSDL binding document.
... Now renamed. Fundamental change is to provide language to describe capabilities of end points that support WSAddr and define what is possible rather than what is not possible. So by +ve description rather than -ve.

JM: Asks if they will change the namespace at all?

Bob: Decision that all new elts will appear in new namespace. Question has gone out about existing constraints. Discussion next meeting 8th January about this.
... So still to be finalised - based on collateral damage.
... For "collateral damage" read consequence of moving existing stuff into new namespace and then consequence of so doing.

WSDL 2.0: Follow-up from F&P and MTOM support

Philippe: In the past there was discussion about having a cabal inside the WG to look at this. This is not no longer on the agenda.
... Last XMLP position was "willing to do the work as a note" because [plh thinks] is to avoid the normal rec track.

Choreo issue - notification support

Martin: Raised as part of WS-CDL being able to support wider transports. Appears as one-way messages (notifications).
... aka "Request-only"
... Out main issue is how do we support this in Web services land without bindings.

Jonathan: we removed 5 of the MEPs, including the out-only.
... the MEP's are no longer in the rec track but will be in a note can be relied upon if one wishes to rely on a note.

HTTP status code (202,204, ...)

Philippe: Normally return a 202 because you dont care about the result out.
... 204 used for robust-in-only because you are concerned about response.
... Why isn't 204 supported in SOAP?

Yves: Because we wanted to send back errors ... not sure exactly why but it was a long discussion [presumably minuted]

What to expect in the first months of 2007?

Philippe: With Addressing should have a new last call draft in January with a min lc period and into CR
... CR coming up in March for Policy
... Description looking to push things (incl http bindings) sometime before March [we hope - JM].

Jonathan: Set more concrete schedule early January after report backs on impl.
... Looking to move to PR late Jan/Feb

Philippe: Protocol is still working on WG note and MTOM policy assertion in January.
... Choreo: Pending second impl. Formal semantics to be approved and then formatted in html.
... Minor changes to be made based on impl for January publication
... WSDL - also looking to update spec based on impl's but date unclear at this time
... DataBinding - LC. Work on advanced patterns looking at industry schema's hoping to patch up Feb and get a LC working draft soon after.

Steve: I suggest looking at FpML 4.3 as exemplar

Web of Services for Enterprise Computing

Philippe provide a reminder and a shameless advertising for the Web of Services for Enterprise Computing workshop.

Next call(s)

Next meeting 23rd january 2007

Summary of Action Items

[PENDING] ACTION: Bob, Tony, jacek and Chris to check with their respective WGs on review of WS-Policy LC specs [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/11/21-ws-cg-minutes.html#action02]
[PENDING] ACTION: Yves to check with Choreography WG to see if they can/will review WS-Policy [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/11/21-ws-cg-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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