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zakim, conferences?
13:22:42 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, Christophe.
13:22:46 [Christophe]
zakim, meetings?
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I don't understand your question, Christophe.
13:22:52 [Christophe]
zakim, what conferences?
13:22:52 [Zakim]
I see no active conferences
13:22:54 [Zakim]
scheduled at this time are ARCH_Team()8:00AM, WAI_TSDTF()8:30AM
13:23:03 [Christophe]
zakim, this will be WAI_TSDTF
13:23:03 [Zakim]
ok, Christophe; I see WAI_TSDTF()8:30AM scheduled to start in 7 minutes
13:23:09 [Christophe]
13:23:25 [Christophe]
Meeting: TSDTF
13:23:44 [Christophe]
Regrets: Shane, Vangelis, Shadi
13:23:58 [Christophe]
Chair: Carlos, Christophe
13:24:16 [Christophe]
Agenda+ Location and techniques in TCDL 2.0
13:24:31 [Christophe]
Agenda+ Evaluation process for test samples <>
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WAI_TSDTF()8:30AM has now started
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+ +43.732.246.8aaaa
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zakim, ??p2 is CarlosV
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+CarlosV; got it
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zakim, +43 is Daniela
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+Daniela; got it
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zakim, [CT is CarlosI
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zakim, ??P3 is ChrisR
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+ChrisR; got it
13:36:41 [ChrisR]
zakim, take up agendum 1
13:36:41 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Location and techniques in TCDL 2.0" taken up [from Christophe]
13:37:36 [Christophe]
13:43:29 [ChrisR]
(discussion of allowing only one technique per test sample)
13:45:22 [ChrisR]
CS: If more than one technique is required for a SC then it means there can be more than one test sample per SC.
13:50:12 [ChrisR]
CV: Might be rare cases where SC must repeat location of accessibility problem.
13:51:40 [ChrisR]
CS: Concern is that techniques and locations are not associated other than one following the other.
13:51:53 [ChrisR]
CS: We can likely live without it but may be helpful.
13:54:29 [ChrisR]
CS: Several ways to associate techniques and locations. Could be ID references or nesting.
13:56:20 [ChrisR]
Dan: If nesting then agree with Vangalis other could use ID references.
13:56:54 [ChrisR]
Dan: Has test sample where problem occurs.
13:57:56 [ChrisR]
Dan: Example is form with several labels.
13:58:30 [ChrisR]
13:58:52 [ChrisR]
Dan: Perhaps not a valid example. Could be dropped.
14:00:14 [ChrisR]
CV: Relationship between techs and locations is important. Current strategy is weak and should improve.
14:00:39 [ChrisR]
CV: If use nesting then like location inside techniques.
14:01:49 [ChrisR]
CV: Always like less verbose strategy. Slightly prefer ID reference.
14:02:46 [ChrisR]
CV: Not sure if we can follow ID reference model however.
14:03:34 [ChrisR]
CS: Can live with ID reference model.
14:04:10 [ChrisR]
CS: Asks for examples of each model be sent to list and we can discuss.
14:04:45 [ChrisR]
action: CS will create examples of each model and send to list.
14:05:14 [ChrisR]
zakim, take up agendum 2
14:05:14 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Evaluation process for test samples <>" taken up [from Christophe]
14:07:48 [ChrisR]
Dan: Good structure but in step 3 (intial evaluation) not sure who does assignment?
14:08:39 [ChrisR]
CS: People may take batches but not sure who assignes.
14:09:12 [ChrisR]
CS: Might be nice to have something in TCDL that states who has been assigned to test sample.
14:09:29 [ChrisR]
CS: Would require a change to TCDL.
14:10:36 [ChrisR]
CV: Not sure we should include who reviewed test sample in evaluation.
14:11:36 [ChrisR]
14:12:24 [ChrisR]
CS: Perhaps use a temporary element in file?
14:13:06 [Zakim]
14:14:21 [ChrisR]
Dan: Important that at least one person has overview of who is assigned to test samples.
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14:15:14 [ChrisR]
(use of Wiki discussed)
14:17:51 [ChrisR]
TB: Has checklist for metrics been created yet?
14:18:08 [ChrisR]
CS: No checklist yet.
14:18:51 [ChrisR]
TB: Need common set of metrics.
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zakim, mute me
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14:19:53 [ChrisR]
CS: If sample does not meet all requirements the returned to 'unconfirmed' status.
14:20:33 [ChrisR]
CS: Most of checks are quite clear but there is still some small interpretation needed.
14:20:58 [ChrisR]
TB: Could try out and see if works. Then modify if needed.
14:23:10 [ChrisR]
CS: Tried using test sample in CVS but did not have all data to move to next step.
14:23:46 [ChrisR]
CS: Until we have all data all test samples will be unconfirmed.
14:24:35 [ChrisR]
Dan: In step 4 - "checklist for structure reviews" should this be "checklist for content reviews"?
14:24:41 [ChrisR]
CS: Yes, should be.
14:25:25 [ChrisR]
CV: Questions if we need to seperate steps 3 and 4.
14:25:29 [Zakim]
14:28:24 [ChrisR]
CS: Don't see issue with strawpolls.
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14:29:25 [ChrisR]
Dan: Suggest we need timeouts for polls.
14:29:49 [ChrisR]
CS: Yes, can add timeouts and if insufficent responses then can be reopened.
14:30:06 [ChrisR]
(general agreement)
14:30:48 [CarlosI]
sorry, I've lost conection and now Zakim doesn't want me on the conference again
14:31:36 [CarlosI]
In brief, I think Steps 2 and 3 are the same as currently defined and could be merged in one
14:31:44 [ChrisR]
action: CS will write up summary of discussion and send to list for comments.
14:31:54 [Zakim]
14:31:59 [Zakim]
14:32:01 [Zakim]
14:32:02 [Zakim]
14:32:03 [CarlosI]
sorry, I mean steps 3 and 4
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Attendees were +43.732.246.8aaaa, Christophe_Strobbe, CarlosV, Daniela, [CTIC], CarlosI, ChrisR, Tim_Boland
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ACTION: CS will create examples of each model and send to list. [1]
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ACTION: CS will write up summary of discussion and send to list for comments. [2]
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