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zakim, list
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I see VB_VBWG()10:00AM, WAI_Team()10:45AM, DIG_TAMI()11:00AM, SW_HCLS()11:00AM, GA_WebCGM()11:00AM, XML_PMWG()11:00AM active
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also scheduled at this time are SYMM_TTWG()12:00PM, INC_MMSEM()12:00PM, SW_PAW(CWM)11:00AM, WS_DescWG()11:00AM
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raphael has changed the topic to: W3C Multimedia Semantics XG - Telecon 16-11-2006, 16:00 UTC
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Scribe: Jacco
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Topic: W3C Multimedia Semantics XG - Telecon 16-11-2006, 16:00 UTC
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zakim, this is INC_MMSEM
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raphael, I see INC_MMSEM()12:00PM in the schedule but not yet started. Perhaps you mean "this will be INC_MMSEM".
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zakim, this will be INC_MMSEM
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ok, raphael; I see INC_MMSEM()12:00PM scheduled to start in 8 minutes
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Topic: 1. ADMIN
16:58:34 [raphael]
Regrets: Ioannis, Stamatia, ThierryDeclerck, Pasquale, Roberto, Giovanni, Christian, ChrisHalashek, Melli
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zakim, who is here ?
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On the phone I see TobiasBuerger, raphael, Jacco
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hi there. today I just can join you via IRC
17:02:21 [isti]
hi all from Ovidio, Suzanne and Massimo
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see TobiasBuerger, raphael, Jacco, Thomas_Franz (muted), anadiotis, Paola_Hobson, +39.050.aadd, JeffP
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On IRC I see mhausenb, JeffP, isti, anadiotis, TobiasBuerger, ThomasFranz, Jacco, RRSAgent, Zakim, raphael
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Is it peradventure possible for anybody to transcribe the audio
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17:03:20 [Zakim]
17:03:25 [mhausenb]
or at least summarise, please?
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zakim, IVML is Vassilis
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present: Raphael, Jacco, Tobias, Vassilis, Paola, George
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zakim, who is here ?
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On the phone I see TobiasBuerger, raphael, Jacco, Thomas_Franz (muted), anadiotis, Paola_Hobson, +39.050.aadd, JeffP, Vassilis
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present+ Jeff
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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17:05:57 [Jacco]
Minutes previous meeting are accepted
17:06:22 [Jacco]
Minutes informal meeting @ISWC accepted as well
17:06:46 [Jacco]
Next meeting will be next week Nov, 23
17:07:13 [raphael]
Topic: 2. LINKS Pages
17:07:18 [ThomasFranz]
my regrets for the next telco on Nov, 23
17:07:29 [Jacco]
Topic: 2. LINKS Pages
17:07:31 [raphael]
Michael, report on vocabularies page ?
17:07:51 [mhausenb]
some progress indeed
17:08:02 [raphael]
something to report ?
17:08:07 [mhausenb]
still looking for some volunteers for some sections
17:08:20 [Jacco]
Meeting: MMSEM 16 November Telecon
17:08:32 [mhausenb]
promise to incoporate your comments till next week!
17:08:37 [TobiasBuerger]
17:08:39 [raphael]
my comments:
17:09:09 [Jacco]
Tobias volunteers to fill some section here
17:09:12 [raphael]
Tobias volunteers to maintain MPEG21 and MXF sections
17:09:19 [mhausenb]
17:09:21 [Jacco]
17:09:43 [raphael]
Topic: 3. XG UPDATES
17:10:03 [Jacco]
Image annotations deliverable: Raphael is editing, but didn't check in yet
17:10:29 [Jacco]
XML exampes still need to be converted to N3 and the graphs need to be redone
17:10:47 [mhausenb]
volunteer to convert ...
17:10:54 [Zakim]
17:11:26 [Jacco]
ACTION: Pasquale to maintain the Resources page: PENDING
17:11:38 [Jacco]
ACTION: Michael to maintain the Vocabularies page: PENDING
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zakim, +[IPcaller] is suzanne
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sorry, raphael, I do not recognize a party named '+[IPcaller]'
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\me Zakim, mute me
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ACTION: Giovanni and Christian to maintain the Tools page: PENDING
17:11:54 [raphael]
zakim, +IPcaller is suzanne
17:11:54 [Zakim]
sorry, raphael, I do not recognize a party named '+IPcaller'
17:12:05 [Jacco]
ACTION: Melli and Paul to do their wiki page: PENDING
17:12:07 [raphael]
zakim, +[IPcaller] is suzanne
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sorry, raphael, I do not recognize a party named '+[IPcaller]'
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17:12:38 [Jacco]
ACTION: Raphael addresses the comments on "Image Annotation on the Semantic Web document": PENDING
17:13:25 [Jacco]
Raphael: will have a final version on the f2f meeting, so people need to read it before
17:14:03 [raphael]
Interoperability issues: the key word of this XG !!!
17:15:01 [raphael]
All use cases should be written with this goal in mind
17:15:24 [raphael]
Later on, Vassilis will talk about how they will converge and be put together
17:15:44 [Jacco]
ACTION: Jeff to review all use cases: PENDING
17:16:08 [Jacco]
ACTION: Vassilis to review all use cases
17:16:30 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.1 Music Use case: (Giovanni, Oscar)
17:17:01 [Jacco]
Oscar will join this group but needs to teach on Thursdays
17:17:19 [Jacco]
Oscar will attend the f2f in Athens
17:17:52 [Jacco]
ACTION: Jacco to review the music use case: PENDING
17:18:29 [raphael]
Comments of Oscar:
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17:21:00 [mhausenb]
what is going on? topic?
17:21:03 [TobiasBuerger]
I think it is also important to distinguish this use case from "classical" information retrieval
17:21:20 [raphael]
Timeline: before the F2F, having a first draft of the Music Use case
17:22:04 [raphael]
ACTION: Oscar, Jacco and Giovanni to make a first draft of the use case by December 1st
17:22:15 [Jacco]
ACTION: Oscar and Jacco to draft more focussed use case before December 1st
17:22:29 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.2: News Use case: (Raphael, Chris)
17:23:32 [Jacco]
We updated the wiki, but made little progress on the solutions part
17:24:05 [Jacco]
Raphael: we are looking at financial information in this use case
17:24:20 [mhausenb]
how about IPTC?
17:25:03 [Jacco]
Raphael: we are still in the process of getting good example data
17:25:20 [mhausenb]
please define _good_
17:25:45 [Jacco]
Raphael: We will try to make the deadline of 1st november
17:25:58 [raphael]
17:26:38 [Jacco]
Action: Raphael, Chris, Thierry: finish news UC draft before Dec 1st.
17:27:28 [Jacco]
Vassilis: maybe we should focus on small single interoperability problems, not cover all of them
17:27:43 [raphael]
Michael, we are in the process of having more data for illustrating the problems (interoperability problems)
17:27:49 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.3 Bio-medical Image Use case: (Melliyal)
17:27:57 [Jacco]
Melli sent regrets
17:28:08 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.4: PEG-7 metadata interoperability Use case
17:28:16 [Jacco]
17:28:30 [raphael]
Comments of Suzanne:
17:28:42 [raphael]
Comments of Rapahel:
17:28:59 [Jacco]
Vassilis: Also little progress on solution, will focus on one of three types of solution
17:29:28 [mhausenb]
agree. still we should describe the problems in depth ...
17:29:36 [Jacco]
ACTION: Vassilis et al to provide 1st draft MPEG-7 UC before Dec 1.
17:30:39 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.5 Photo Use case: (Susanne)
17:31:20 [Jacco]
Susanne: in general this UC fits well with the interoperability focus of the XG
17:32:08 [Jacco]
Most remarks were clarifications, ask how to do multiple domain ontologies using Hunter's ABC framework
17:34:22 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.6 Semantic Multimedia Retrieval Use Case
17:34:47 [raphael]
zakim, unmute susanne
17:34:47 [Zakim]
sorry, raphael, I do not see a party named 'susanne'
17:34:49 [susanneBoll]
17:34:51 [raphael]
zakim, unmute suzanne
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17:34:52 [susanneBoll]
17:35:19 [Jacco]
zakim, suzanne is susanne
17:35:19 [Zakim]
+susanne; got it
17:36:40 [Jacco]
What about a general vocabulary for annotating photo's on the web
17:37:58 [Jacco]
Susanne: We are working with a large photo provider, they need both high and low level features
17:38:12 [Jacco]
And there is no common framework to do this on the web
17:38:59 [Jacco]
Raphael: Suggest how to solve this in say, the XMP way versus, say the PhotoRDF stuff.
17:39:07 [Jacco]
Raphael: Would this make sense?
17:40:05 [Jacco]
XMP=embedded, PhotoRDF=external
17:41:23 [raphael]
Centralized versus Distributed for the host of the photos and of the metadata
17:41:40 [raphael]
How to retrieve from a photo its metadata ?
17:41:53 [Jacco]
ACTION: Susanne extent draft Photo UC before Dec 1
17:42:18 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.6 Semantic Multimedia Retrieval Use Case
17:42:33 [Jacco]
Ionnis is not present
17:43:40 [Jacco]
Ioannis has troubles making the telephone confs
17:44:01 [Jacco]
ACTION: Vassilis to suggest skype to Ioannis
17:44:05 [JeffP]
W3C Zakim: +1.617.761.6200, + or +44.117.370.6152
17:44:48 [Jacco]
ACTION: Vassilis to contact Ioannis about future of this UC
17:45:41 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.7 Algorithm representation Use case
17:46:04 [Jacco]
Massimo: not much progress last weeks
17:47:24 [Jacco]
ACTION: Massimo & Suzanne to have draft ready for review before December 1
17:48:18 [raphael]
zakim, mute susanne
17:48:18 [Zakim]
susanne should now be muted
17:49:32 [Jacco]
ACTION: Tobias to send comments on Algorithm representation Use case
17:49:41 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.8 Tagging Use case
17:49:52 [raphael]
Draft tagging ontology
17:50:11 [raphael]
Problems: not possible to use DC and SKOS in OWL DL ... will be OWL Full
17:50:17 [Jacco]
George: facing some skoss related problems, mailed to relevant w3c lists
17:51:11 [Jacco]
Raphael: SWD WG will developp and OWL version of SKOS
17:51:26 [raphael]
OWL DL version !
17:51:44 [susanneBoll]
I would like to add the following link
17:51:52 [susanneBoll]
Inducing Ontology from Flickr Tags
17:51:53 [Jacco]
George: developing prototype to show interoperability across tagging sites
17:51:57 [susanneBoll]
17:52:12 [raphael]
thx susanne
17:52:44 [raphael]
we knew this paper ?
17:52:54 [raphael]
17:53:13 [Jacco]
s/knew/know about
17:54:19 [raphael]
Jeff and Vassilis will review it Michael
17:54:27 [mhausenb]
17:54:54 [Jacco]
ACTION: Jeff and Vassilis to review
17:55:01 [raphael]
Topic: 4. Interoperability Deliverable
17:55:20 [Jacco]
Topic: 4
17:56:14 [Jacco]
Semantic Web Activity lead Ivan Herman invited Raphael and Jeff to report back to the SW Coordination Group in January
17:56:45 [Jacco]
Vassilis: I've put a first draft of the interoperability deliverable on the wiki
17:57:15 [Jacco]
Raphael: The first point to discuss is the status of the Use Cases
17:57:25 [mhausenb]
looks sensible to me, vassilis
17:57:52 [ThomasFranz]
zakim, unmute me
17:57:52 [Zakim]
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17:57:54 [JeffP]
17:57:57 [Jacco]
(short version of) use cases should be integrated in the deliverable
17:58:19 [mhausenb]
opt for linking to tools/voc/resources NOT including them
17:58:53 [Jacco]
Tobias: We could also do it the other way around: first discuss the issues and than match those with relevant use cases
17:59:59 [TobiasBuerger]
Jacco: yes we could do that
17:59:59 [Jacco]
Vassilis: I think the issue should be the use cases issues
18:00:02 [mhausenb]
and I support Tobias proposal
18:01:08 [raphael]
Status of the Tools / Vocabularies / Resources
18:01:12 [Jacco]
Sorry all, I have to leave - see you next time
18:01:25 [raphael]
Raphael: good to publicize, good result of the XG
18:01:26 [Zakim]
18:01:39 [raphael]
... to include or not in the Deliverable ...
18:01:46 [raphael]
... most likely not
18:02:25 [Zakim]
18:02:26 [raphael]
... so section 7 might disapear
18:02:46 [mhausenb]
a pointer would do IMHO
18:04:01 [raphael]
Use Cases: core meat or not of the document ?
18:04:41 [mhausenb]
definitly, but summarized
18:05:01 [raphael]
Introduction of the document decomposed into 4 sub-sections
18:05:36 [raphael]
6.2 is the summary of all interoperability problems encountered during the vaious use cases
18:06:05 [raphael]
Raphael: are we able to do that from now ?
18:06:16 [raphael]
Vassilis: yes, it will help the authors of the use cases
18:06:32 [mhausenb]
IMO later (after stable UC)
18:09:41 [raphael]
ACTION: Vassilis to clarify the content of section 6 and 9 and ask to use case authors precised contributions, on the mailling list
18:12:47 [Zakim]
18:12:59 [mhausenb]
any news?
18:13:28 [Zakim]
18:13:30 [Zakim]
18:13:32 [Zakim]
18:13:33 [Zakim]
18:13:33 [Zakim]
18:13:34 [mhausenb]
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18:13:35 [Zakim]
18:13:41 [raphael]
Topic: 5. F2F meeting
18:13:50 [raphael]
please, all, fill the questionnaire !!!
18:14:13 [isti]
bye !
18:14:46 [raphael]
rrsagent, draft minutes
18:14:46 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate raphael
18:14:55 [mhausenb]
till next week, bye bye!
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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18:16:28 [Zakim]
18:16:29 [Zakim]
INC_MMSEM()12:00PM has ended
18:16:31 [Zakim]
Attendees were +43.662.228.aaaa, TobiasBuerger, +44.207.179.aabb, Jacco, raphael, Thomas_Franz, +31.20.665.aacc, Paola_Hobson, anadiotis, +39.050.aadd, JeffP, Vassilis, isti,
18:16:33 [Zakim]
... susanne
18:16:40 [raphael]
Title: W3C Multimedia Semantics XG - Telecon 16-11-2006, 16:00 UTC
18:16:43 [raphael]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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18:16:44 [raphael]
Title: W3C Multimedia Semantics XG - Telecon 16-11-2006, 16:00 UTC
18:16:46 [raphael]
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18:17:18 [raphael]
Chair: Jeff, Raphael
18:17:29 [raphael]
Title: W3C Multimedia Semantics XG - Telecon 16-11-2006, 16:00 UTC
18:17:33 [raphael]
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18:18:43 [raphael]
Chairq: Jeff, Raphael
18:18:47 [raphael]
Chairs: Jeff, Raphael
18:18:49 [raphael]
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18:18:51 [raphael]
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