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zakim, this will be INC_GEOXG
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ok, joshli; I see INC_GeoXG()12:30PM scheduled to start in 11 minutes
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Meeting: Geospatial XG Teleconference
17:20:20 [joshli]
Chair: Josh Lieberman
17:20:27 [joshli]
Scribe: Josh Lieberman
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scribenick: joshli
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Topic: Introduction
17:42:28 [stakagi]
zakim, whi is here?
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sorry, stakagi, I do not understand your question
17:42:33 [joshli]
3 deliverables, etc.
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see JohnGoodwin, Josh_Lieberman, Peisheng, CathyDolbear, ??P6, +1.617.642.aadd, +1.972.883.aaee
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On IRC I see stakagi, Zakim, RRSAgent, joshli
17:43:01 [joshli]
Topic: introductions:
17:43:43 [joshli]
Jonathon from SRI: interest primarily in ISO 18026
17:43:58 [joshli]
Bhavani and Alam from UT Dallas: Cybersecurity and GRDF
17:44:32 [joshli]
John Goodwin from OS: Ontologies from geospatial domain knowledge,e.g. topography.
17:45:21 [joshli]
Cathy Dolbear from OS: Team leader for linking geospatial holdings to ontologies, including hydrology
17:45:55 [joshli]
Peisheng from GMU, working on translating semantic representations of geospatial domain knowledge into workflows
17:50:33 [joshli]
Raj Singh from OGC: particular interest in making major government and scientific specifications available to a broader audience.
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Topic: GRDF presentation from Alam
17:54:05 [stakagi]
> The page cannot be found
17:55:15 [joshli]
17:55:49 [stakagi]
18:05:09 [joshli]
John Goodwin: how close is this to GML-RDF? (GML 1 serialization)? - Not yet examined.
18:09:45 [joshli]
Is this mainly RDFS entities, or are more OWL entities being envisioned?
18:10:07 [joshli]
For example, axioms?
18:11:50 [joshli]
Cathy: could open world assumption issue be addressed by axioms?
18:18:01 [joshli]
Josh: could open world problems be a result of representing a feature "as a geometry" rather than "with a geometry".
18:20:21 [joshli]
John Goodwin: might look into DOLCE as well in terms of a feature ontology
18:27:49 [joshli]
Topic: What should comprise a W3C geospatial ontology?
18:30:38 [stakagi]
18:31:04 [stakagi]
Minimum vocabulary for geographic information
18:31:29 [stakagi]
to reduce the overlap
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18:36:40 [joshli]
Action: JoshuaLieberman to reprise results of Terra Cognita workshop for teleconference the Monday after next (13 November)
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INC_GeoXG()12:30PM has ended
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Attendees were Josh_Lieberman, Peisheng, JohnGoodwin, +1.617.642.aadd, CathyDolbear, +1.972.883.aaee
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zakim, +1.617.642.aadd is RajSingh
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