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zakim, list
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I see DIG_TAMI()11:00AM, XML_PMWG()11:00AM, GA_WebCGM()11:00AM, WAI_Team()10:45AM, WS_DescWG()11:00AM active
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also scheduled at this time are VB_VBWG()10:00AM, SW_HCLS()11:00AM, I18N_Core_WG(WS-I18N)11:00AM
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15:49:11 [pasquale]
Hi Raphael, good morning
15:49:52 [raphael]
Thanks for updating the Resources page ! I have added some resources too
15:50:07 [pasquale]
yes ;-) thanks to you!
15:50:13 [pasquale]
unfortunately today i can only irc :-(
15:53:44 [raphael]
zakim, list
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I see DIG_TAMI()11:00AM, XML_PMWG()11:00AM, GA_WebCGM()11:00AM, WAI_Team()10:45AM, WS_DescWG()11:00AM active
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also scheduled at this time are VB_VBWG()10:00AM, SW_HCLS()11:00AM, I18N_Core_WG(WS-I18N)11:00AM, INC_MMSEM()12:00PM, SYMM_TTWG()12:00PM
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15:54:04 [chalaschek]
Hi Raphael, how are you
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15:54:29 [giovannit]
15:54:43 [giovannit]
conference in 5 minutes?
15:54:55 [giovannit]
hi raphael :-)
15:56:42 [giovannit]
well the tools wiki page has started.. its not in bad shape. it wil lbecome better as we all update it when we find a new tool
15:57:23 [giovannit]
about the music use case.. its a difficult UC! :-) i am now editing to write how lame ID3 specs are.
15:57:33 [raphael]
zakim, this is INC_MMSEM
15:57:33 [Zakim]
ok, raphael; that matches INC_MMSEM()12:00PM
15:57:38 [giovannit]
christian sends regrets
15:58:11 [raphael]
Giovanni, you can already take the big old list of the MM TF
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15:58:33 [raphael]
Will it not better to do DOAP file for each tool ? and generate automatically the web page ?
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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rrsagent, make logs public
15:59:43 [giovannit]
i have pointed at your list already (image annotations)
16:00:08 [raphael]
This should not point to, but replace !
16:00:17 [raphael]
the old page will disappear soon :-)
16:00:28 [Zakim]
16:00:31 [raphael]
Scribe: raphael
16:00:43 [raphael]
zakim, George_Anadiotis is Jacco
16:00:43 [Zakim]
+Jacco; got it
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16:02:29 [raphael]
Regrets: Thomas Franz, Susanne Boll, Paola Hobson, Ioannis Pratikakis, Michael Hausenblas, Stamatia, Melli, George, Patrizia
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zakim, UMD is Chris
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+Chris; got it
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zakim, Chris is chalaschek
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zakim, INRIA is Ovidio_Massimo_Suzanne
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zakim, ??P8 is Giovanni
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+Giovanni; got it
16:03:20 [Jacco]
present: Raphael, Jacco, Jeff, Chris, Giovanni
16:03:28 [raphael]
zakim Giovanni is giovannit
16:03:34 [Zakim]
16:03:35 [giovannit]
thanks raph
16:03:41 [giovannit]
zakim, mute me
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sorry, giovannit, I do not see a party named 'giovannit'
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zakim, giovanni is giovannit
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zakim, ??P9 is Yannis
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zakim, who is here ?
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On the phone I see [CWI], Jacco, Jeff_Pan, chalaschek, Ovidio_Massimo_Suzanne, giovannit (muted), Yannis
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On IRC I see alessio, JeffP, Jacco, OS, giovannit, chalaschek, pasquale, RRSAgent, Zakim, raphael
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zakim, [CWI] is raphael
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+raphael; got it
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zakim, who is making noise ?
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raphael, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: raphael (21%), Ovidio_Massimo_Suzanne (89%)
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zakim,voice me
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I don't understand 'voice me', giovannit
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zakim, mute Ovidio_Massimo_Suzanne
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16:06:25 [Jacco]
present+ Ovidio, Massimo, Suzanne
16:06:28 [raphael]
Chair: JeffP
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16:08:02 [raphael]
Topic: 1. ADMIN
16:08:10 [raphael]
zakim, who is here ?
16:08:10 [Zakim]
On the phone I see raphael, Jacco, Jeff_Pan, chalaschek, Ovidio_Massimo_Suzanne (muted), giovannit, Yannis
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On IRC I see iavr, alessio, JeffP, Jacco, OS, giovannit, chalaschek, pasquale, RRSAgent, Zakim, raphael
16:08:59 [Jacco]
topic: admin
16:09:02 [raphael]
PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 12 October 2006 telecon: ACCEPTED
16:09:23 [raphael]
PROPOSED next telecon 9 November 2006: ACCEPTED
16:09:38 [raphael]
Topic: 2. LINKS Pages
16:10:25 [Jacco]
Raphael: Vocabularies & resource wiki page start to look really good
16:10:48 [Jacco]
Others: if you have additions, do not send mail to list but edit these wiki pages
16:11:07 [Jacco]
Raphael: what about the tools pages?
16:11:24 [Jacco]
Giovanni, I've started working on it
16:11:54 [Jacco]
Used the old SWBPD page and added audio, video stuff
16:12:58 [Jacco]
Giovanni: I'm not sure DOAP files have added value...
16:13:18 [raphael]
16:13:28 [Jacco]
Giovanni: not sure how to generate html file from RDF
16:13:45 [Jacco]
Raphael: see link above for DOAP to HTML
16:15:26 [giovannit]
proposal: an informal meeting at ISWC?
16:15:30 [giovannit]
"informal" ?
16:15:38 [raphael]
PROPOSED next telecon 16 November 2006, and next one the 23rd November
16:16:16 [raphael]
16:16:31 [OS]
Raphael, for us the 23rd is a problem
16:16:36 [Jacco]
ACTION: raphael to add the NewsML entry on the vocabularies wiki page: DONE
16:18:11 [Jacco]
ACTION: Pasquale to maintain the Resources page: DONE
16:18:21 [Jacco]
ACTION: Michael to maintain the Vocabularies page: DONE
16:18:33 [Jacco]
ACTION: Giovanni and Christian to maintain the Tools page: DONE
16:19:00 [Jacco]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate Jacco
16:20:09 [raphael]
These actions are rather continuously pending until the end of this XG
16:21:25 [Jacco]
Giovanni: what about an informal meeting at ISWC?
16:21:50 [raphael]
ACTION: Jeff to arrange an informal F2F of the XG
16:22:49 [Jacco]
ACTION: Paul, Melli to do their wiki page: CONTINUED
16:23:03 [raphael]
Topic: 3. XG UPDATES
16:23:08 [Jacco]
ACTION: ACTION: Thierry to do his wiki page: DONE
16:23:20 [raphael]
Image Annotation on the Semantic Web
16:23:44 [Jacco]
ACTION: Raphael addresses the comments on "Image Annotation": CONTINUED
16:24:05 [raphael]
I'm still working on the formatting issues
16:24:33 [Jacco]
jeff: are we still using the swbpd website?
16:24:41 [Jacco]
raphael: that should be changed too
16:25:00 [raphael]
Use cases on Interoperability Problems:
16:25:03 [Jacco]
topic: 3.1 Music Use Case
16:25:44 [Jacco]
raphael: main issue for this teleconf is to assign reviewers to each use case
16:27:05 [Jacco]
Giovanni: I asked my reviewers to wait a while
16:27:42 [raphael]
Giovanni: my mind was to build a complete SW music application
16:27:58 [Jacco]
I've looked at ID3 version 1, version 2 seems like a mess
16:28:01 [raphael]
... now I have understood that we should focus on integrating musical vocabularies
16:28:26 [raphael]
Turn ID3 into RDF ?
16:28:42 [raphael]
but the values are still not controlled, a string and not a URI
16:28:50 [Jacco]
defining the semantics of the ID3 tags is easy, the values will be difficult
16:29:50 [Jacco]
some ID3 fields allow the use of controlled vocabularies
16:30:20 [Jacco]
giovanni: yes, you can, but what about existing metadata that doesn't
16:31:32 [raphael]
giovanni: call for more volunteers in this use case
16:31:45 [Jacco]
Meeting: W3C Multimedia Semantics XG - Telecon 26-10-2006, 16:00 UTC
16:32:01 [Jacco]
rrsagent, draft minutes
16:32:01 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate Jacco
16:32:46 [raphael]
Scribe: Jacco, Raphael
16:34:19 [Jacco]
Giovanni: we need to find a balance between converting everything to RDF and have no RDF at all
16:34:42 [Jacco]
Raphael: exactly, and the use case need to show that balance
16:35:07 [Jacco]
action: Jacco to review music use case
16:35:36 [alessio]
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16:35:43 [Jacco]
action: Raphael to ask UPF to review music use case
16:35:50 [raphael]
Topic: 3.2 News Use case
16:36:11 [giovannit]
zakim, mute me
16:36:11 [Zakim]
giovannit should now be muted
16:36:25 [Jacco]
Raphael: Thierry and Chris are also editing this use case now
16:36:42 [Jacco]
We will have more now that IPTC members have become members too
16:37:20 [Jacco]
We have presented a use case and shown how it can be represented in NewsML and a boradcast format
16:37:45 [Jacco]
and show how this can be better represented in OWL, with example DL reasoning
16:38:04 [JeffP]
16:39:08 [Jacco]
Jeff: what about News At Seven project, see link above?
16:39:32 [Jacco]
Raphael: we mentioned it in the wiki page
16:40:22 [Jacco]
anyone on IRC that likes to review the news use case?
16:40:45 [Jacco]
action: Jeff to review use case
16:41:11 [giovannit]
zakim, unmute me
16:41:11 [Zakim]
giovannit should no longer be muted
16:41:22 [OS]
which one?
16:41:35 [JeffP]
the News
16:41:38 [giovannit]
zakim,mute me
16:41:38 [Zakim]
giovannit should now be muted
16:41:51 [OS]
we are more interested in the MPEG-7 one
16:41:59 [Jacco]
topic: 3.3 Medical use case
16:42:16 [Jacco]
Melli is not here...
16:42:20 [OS]
Zakim, unmute me
16:42:21 [Zakim]
sorry, OS, I do not see a party named 'OS'
16:42:23 [raphael]
Topic: 3.4 MPEG-7 metadata interoperability Use case
16:42:43 [Jacco]
present+ Yiannis
16:42:57 [raphael]
zakim, unmute Ovidio_Massimo_Suzanne
16:42:57 [Zakim]
Ovidio_Massimo_Suzanne should no longer be muted
16:43:52 [Jacco]
Raphael: I provided comments already, it seems to be a mature use case
16:44:09 [Jacco]
action: Suzanne to review MPEG7 use case by next teleconf
16:44:28 [Jacco]
topic: 3.5 Photo Use case: (Susanne)
16:44:35 [Jacco]
Suzanne Boll is not here
16:44:45 [Jacco]
topic: 3.6 Semantic Multimedia Retrieval Use case: (Ioannis)
16:45:03 [Jacco]
Ioannis is not here, Raphael sent in comment by the mail list today
16:45:22 [Jacco]
topic: 3.7 Algorithm representation Use case: (Massimo, Patrizia, Ovidio)
16:45:52 [Jacco]
Massimo: thanks for the comments Raphael
16:46:33 [raphael]
I proposed a possible collaboration with Melli
16:47:17 [Jacco]
Could even become a single use case?
16:47:31 [Jacco]
topic: 3.8 Tagging Use case: (George, Susanne, Thomas)
16:47:54 [Jacco]
George is not here but sent a status update to the list
16:48:16 [Jacco]
Jeff: should we have a key aspect the reviewers of all use cases should focus on?
16:48:27 [Jacco]
16:49:38 [giovannit]
zakim,unmute me
16:49:38 [Zakim]
giovannit should no longer be muted
16:49:45 [Jacco]
Like identify common problems or interoperability issues across use cases
16:49:58 [Jacco]
We need to be able to draw some conclusions at the end
16:50:31 [Jacco]
having these issues explcicit would make the life of use case authors and reviewers easier
16:51:41 [Jacco]
giovanni: one could review how much effort the use case requires and how realistic it is
16:52:27 [Jacco]
... and how existing "legacy" metadata fits into the scenario
16:52:38 [Jacco]
Jeff: we could start discussing this on the mailing list
16:52:59 [Jacco]
Raphael: yes, but Vassilis needs to take the lead in this
16:53:03 [Ovidio_Massimo_Su]
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16:53:08 [raphael]
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16:53:18 [JeffP]
16:53:35 [Jacco]
action: Vassilis to lead discussion on organizing common aspects of all use cases
16:54:13 [raphael]
Topic: 4. Future Metings
16:54:25 [Jacco]
16:54:53 [JeffP]
16:55:02 [Jacco]
action: Jacco, CNR, others to fill in the f2f form
16:55:23 [Jacco]
Giovanni: I cannot make the f2f
16:56:03 [Jacco]
Jacco: I like to attend via teleconf too
16:56:28 [Jacco]
Yannis: there are two days, Friday there is a room at the SAMT venue
16:56:36 [raphael]
ACTION: Raphael to send the details of the F2F
16:56:56 [raphael]
Meeting Venue
16:57:22 [raphael]
Friday: SAMT conference hotel,
16:57:29 [raphael]
Saturday: NTUA campus
16:57:30 [Jacco]
There will be wireless connection at the conf hotel
16:57:50 [raphael]
Book your flight tickets and hotel now, since the Divanis hotel will be full
16:57:50 [Jacco]
On Saturday their will be a room at the campus
16:59:10 [Jacco]
Yannis: there is a special rate for conf. participants
16:59:22 [raphael]
there is a reduced price of 100 euros, single or double room precising SAMT
16:59:23 [Jacco]
see samt website
16:59:33 [raphael]
before November 6th for the Hotel registration
16:59:46 [Jacco]
17:00:03 [Jacco]
topic: 5 AOB
17:00:26 [Jacco]
17:00:38 [giovannit]
bye bye
17:00:41 [Zakim]
17:00:44 [Zakim]
17:00:45 [Zakim]
17:00:48 [Zakim]
17:00:50 [Zakim]
17:00:53 [Zakim]
17:00:55 [Zakim]
INC_MMSEM()12:00PM has ended
17:00:56 [Zakim]
Attendees were Jacco, Jeff_Pan, chalaschek, Ovidio_Massimo_Suzanne, giovannit, Yannis, raphael
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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Scribe: Raphael, Jacco
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