IRC log of hcls on 2006-10-17

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ok, vipul; that matches SW_HCLS(Bio-Ont WG)11:00AM
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rrsagent, make logs world-visible
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Zakim, who's there?
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I don't understand your question, vipul.
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Zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Don_Doherty, John_Barkley, +1.781.416.aaaa
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On IRC I see RRSAgent, Zakim, vipul
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Zakim, +1.781.416.aaaa is VIpul
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+VIpul; got it
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15:08:35 [vipul]
Don: Who does the annotations on each of these database?
15:08:57 [vipul]
Vipul: Identify task owners based on the data source
15:09:20 [vipul]
Matthias: take charge of PubChem
15:09:27 [vipul]
Kei: Sense Lab Databases
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15:10:10 [vipul]
Vipul: Who will annotate the KI database?
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+ +1.774.261.aabb
15:14:35 [vipul]
15:17:05 [vipul]
Don gave an overview of the Neuroscience meeting
15:24:41 [Zakim]
15:27:35 [vipul]
Expand the current use case to incorporate clinical and drug safety
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- +1.774.261.aabb
15:36:44 [vipul]
Xiaoshu: How would we convert the data into RDF?
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Zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see John_Barkley, VIpul, Xiaoshu_Wang
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On IRC I see Xiaoshu, Marja, RRSAgent, Zakim, vipul
15:41:55 [vipul]
Need to show the advantage of the
15:42:08 [vipul]
Need to show the advantages of the semantic web
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+ +1.203.737.aacc
15:53:07 [vipul]
End of November is a hard deadline
15:56:24 [vipul]
Face to Face for BMC Bioinformatics paper at ISWC...
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- +1.203.737.aacc
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SW_HCLS(Bio-Ont WG)11:00AM has ended
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Attendees were Don_Doherty, John_Barkley, VIpul, Xiaoshu_Wang, +1.774.261.aabb, +1.203.737.aacc