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zakim, list
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I see Team_(arch)15:06Z, MM_MMI()11:00AM active
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also scheduled at this time are SYMM_WG()11:00AM, SW_HCLS(BioRDF)11:00AM, XML_QueryWG()11:00AM
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Meeting: W3C Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group: 2 October Telecon; 1600 UTC
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Regrets+ Giovanni, Chris, Stamatia, Ioannis, Raphael, Jeff, Patrizia, Ovidio
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Zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see mhausenblas
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Zakim, [CWI] is GeorgeAnadiotis
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+GeorgeAnadiotis; got it
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+ +30210772aaaa
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Zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see mhausenblas, Jacco, GeorgeAnadiotis, +30210772aaaa
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On IRC I see vassilis, anadiotis, mhausenblas, Jacco, Zakim, RRSAgent
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Present+ Michael, Vassilis, George
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do we actually expect much more participants, today?
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Chair: Vassilis
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Topic: ADMIN
16:07:23 [Jacco]
PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 14 September 2006 telecon: Accepted
16:08:22 [Jacco]
PROPOSED next telecon 13 October 2006; This should be Thursday 12 October: Accepted
16:08:35 [Jacco]
16:09:34 [Jacco]
ACTION: Yannis to report back to the group about the outcome of the MPEG7 liason attempts after a visit of ITI in Austria [recorded in] Done:
16:10:05 [Jacco]
ACTION: Chairs to contact UPF [recorded in]: Continued
16:11:12 [Jacco]
ACTION: Michael to take care of the vocabularies pages
16:11:25 [Jacco]
Resources pages is still looking for a volunteer
16:11:39 [Jacco]
16:12:22 [mhausenblas]
look at
16:12:49 [Jacco]
ACTION: All to make sure you have your homepage on the XG wiki (preferably in RDF) [recorded in]: CONTINUED
16:12:50 [Jacco]
action: Vassilis to send mail to the list requesting people to make a homepage on the wiki
16:13:30 [Jacco]
ACTION: Ovidio, Stamatia to review beforemid October teleconf: Continued
16:14:32 [mhausenblas]
16:14:32 [Jacco]
Michael: Propose to agree upon one format, like N3 or TURTLE, but not RDF/XML
16:14:55 [Jacco]
Converting is easy, see url posted by Michael above
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16:16:35 [Jacco]
We could also use Isaviz or something like this as the standard graph drawing
16:16:59 [Jacco]
PROPOSED: Use N3 as the standard format in all use cases: ACCEPTED
16:17:22 [Jacco]
PROPOSED: Use Isaviz as the standard format in all use cases: ACCEPTED
16:17:28 [alessio]
hi all, im'm in IRC bypassing a firewall by bluetooth connection
16:18:02 [Jacco]
No other comments on structure proposed by Vassilis
16:18:29 [Jacco]
See maillist at
16:18:47 [Jacco]
ACTION: Vassilis to prepare structure for all use cases by next Monday, DONE
16:19:11 [Jacco]
ACTION: Vassilis et al to inform group by mail about the time table for this use case (Discussed later)
16:19:28 [Jacco]
ACTION: Patrizia and Massimo: report on similarities among use cases: CONTINUED
16:19:56 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.1 Music Use case: (Giovanni, Christian, Thierry)
16:19:58 [Jacco]
Postponed to next meeting
16:20:18 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.2 Bio-medical Image Use case: (Melliyal)
16:20:22 [Jacco]
Postponed to next meeting
16:20:49 [Jacco]
ACTION: Melli to set up a web demo for 28 September teleconf: Continued
16:21:11 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.3 MPEG-7 metadata interoperability Use case
16:22:03 [Jacco]
Vassilis: we need to solve interoperability problems caused by different MPEG-7 OWL version
16:22:27 [Jacco]
Michael and Vassilis plan to have a interoperable solution for next teleconf
16:22:43 [Jacco]
Authors should be Vassilis, Michael and Stamatia
16:22:57 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.4 Low level feature extraction Use case:
16:23:02 [Jacco]
Postponed to next meeting
16:23:24 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.5 Semantics from Multimedia Authoring Use Case
16:23:27 [Jacco]
3.5 Semantics from Multimedia Authoring Use case:
16:23:41 [Jacco]
Tagging use case
16:24:03 [Jacco]
George: we received our first review, this could be an example for other reviews
16:24:28 [Jacco]
We discussed the review and decided to work on the internal interoperability, work on a SKOS-based solution
16:24:49 [Jacco]
Reviews received by Stamatia and Michael
16:25:12 [Jacco]
ACTION: Michael and Stamatia to review tagging use case for next teleconf: DONE
16:25:27 [Jacco]
Topic: 3.7 Algorithm representation Use case: (Massimo, Patrizia, Ovidio)
16:25:35 [Jacco]
Postponed to next meeting
16:25:45 [Jacco]
Topic 4. Future Meetings
16:26:08 [Jacco]
ACTION: chairs to set up questionnaire before next teleconf: Continued
16:26:29 [Jacco]
Topic: AOB
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Attendees were mhausenblas, george, Jacco, GeorgeAnadiotis, Vassilis
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